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Returning player

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#1 amelio88


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Posted 01 February 2023 - 04:07 AM

The last time I played this game was around 2010. Needless to say, the item game has changed. I need a bit of guidance if low level items are still valuable if upgraded to +10. A common example would be a x3 slot stilleto. Back in my day *har har har* a thief type character wanted the 3 slots for cards to be slotted into. While leveling I noticed that you can receive eden training gear with base damage that is greater than what you can find - however no slots, can't upgrade. Have these low level items now become obsolete? I'm trying to plan out whether or not to save these items.

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#2 pimpineasy


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Posted 01 February 2023 - 06:31 PM

Your New go to would be >+10 Crimson weapons [holy]


i returned 3 weeks ago and aggressively started buying  1-99 gear & 1-120 rebirth gears it ended up being a very expensive science experiment to min/max my leveling process. To be honest, I've only sold Cash shop costumes and 10 day VIP. Most stuff is fodder at this point and just sits on my vendor even most of the headgear is worthless; basically, unless your max level and don't need meta leveling gear like Kathern von blood most stuff is just Fashionrock or nogistala with a slow profit rate of return.


I recommend watching prontera for like 3 weeks before buying anything! I'd say the only thing worth saving is meta leveling gear, Cash Shop items like VIP, OCP, Costumes, and Upgrade Materials like enriched or enchants.

Right now you can get a very good helm from the Overseas Care Package  referred to as OCP.


Meta-ish items - Raydric card, deviling card, hordemiln card, gaster card, alice card, Elemental armor  & Cards, Cathern von blood, +9 HBP, +10 hero manteau, Flat >+20 p.atk/m.atk, class specific min/max accessories, armors, weapons, Crimson weapons [holy], phen or bloody butterfly card, and exp costumes, armors, cards.



The games actually less balanced then ever the vets are all using the same cash shop only items, the new player markets is rather slow, and all the cards are just for clout since most are considered broken


Ragnarok TCG please Crossplatform play.

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#3 Nagaame


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Posted 01 February 2023 - 09:00 PM

So for reference my tenure was 2006-2011 and then 2021-now, so I very much remember the triple carded Gladius days. "Around 2010" is kinda around the end days of pre-Renewal to early Renewal, and things have definitely changed a lot since then. The tl;dr is that the damage formula got changed a lot where higher level/higher base ATK weapons are now decently better than having a weak weapon with more card slots. Some of the better weapons to work towards end up being level 4 weapons with 2 slots although there are a hefty number of exceptions (Valkyrie Hammer, Valkyrie Knife, Twin Edge of Naght Sieger, Crimson weapons, Vicious Mind Weapons and other such weapons with enchants).


So the answer to your question is that those weapons have been fairly obsoleted now since they roughly occupy the same niche as the Eden gear. With some investment in cards and upgrades, they can certainly outperform Eden weapons, but by the time you accumulate enough zeny to do so you're generally in a position where you can just buy a better weapon that will scale for much longer (ex: Ancient Hero weapons for third class or Crimson weapons for 70+). If you feel guilty selling them to NPCs you can do what I do and yolo upgrade them to see how far you get and maybe you'll get far enough to meaningfully outperform the Eden gear.


That said, I can't say I've poured as much passion and energy into the 1-99 leveling meta as the person above me. Coming from the pre-renewal days even leveling to 185 hasn't been as rough as getting to 99 trans by killing hundreds of thousands of ice titans

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#4 pimpineasy


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Posted 02 February 2023 - 10:49 AM

I def yolo upgrade destroy like 20 get 1-3 lol but its not worth it! nvm all the zeny & materials in game and money & energy outside of the game wasted but uhh.. as a f2p user

When you yolo upgrade you spend like 3 hours smithing that is like $10 usd @ minimum wage in California for labor; the later p2w method only takes like 10 mins worth of work @ roughly $1 usd for labor.


so unless your a frog or a whale

The enriched event gives you usd like $.30 cent orid/elu upgrades. 6x.3=$1.80? soo $3.50-$5 per +10 upgrade roughly.

the +10 is almost guarantied with 40% success chance meaning you wont break anything can save 1000 of stilleto[3] or w/e gear. basically when you do the math to it is more beneficial to use p2w for Personal Usage, but not profit except a select few meta items.  

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#5 MaryOwens


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Posted 23 March 2023 - 01:06 AM

Hi i am new here.

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