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[solved]Mercenary AI help

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Posted 10 June 2023 - 09:18 PM

I downloaded AzzyAI and messed with the settings but my merc isn't still autoattacking.

Searched old posts after the submarine AI patches (aka the patch that killed homun AI), some people claim merc AI still works.


What am I missing, are people just bluffing or doing some weird hack workaround to make this work?



nvm I got it working thanks to an old post from 2012 which redirects to a random post when clicked from google so im going to quote the whole thing



That's because you set AggroHP to 100 - that means it will be aggressive only when it has more than 100% hp. That will never happen, and so it will never attack unless the monster attacks you or merc, or you attack the monster.

Set AggroHP to a lower value, and it should attack automatically.

This still will not attack monsters that it hasn't seen move/attack (this is an issue with geographers or a few other plant monsters) - If you're fighting immobile monsters, you need to turn off AutoDetectPlant (or AutoDetectPlants - forget which spelling I used. Purpose of the option is to keep it from wasting time killing herbs/mushrooms)

Also, note that behavior towards monsters summoned by players or other monsters is governed by Default Summon tactic, which is not aggressive (so as not to kill alchemists floras or pick fights with DB'ed monsters).

If that doesn't apply, and it still doesn't attack things:
First, open your RO folder and check for a file called AAIStartM.txt - that file is created every time you summon a merc (or teleport/mapchange with a merc out) using AzzyAI - if it's not there, the AI isn't installed correctly.

If that's OK, change the Default Summon tactic to attack. If that fixes it, there's a problem with magic numbers used to identify unnatural monsters (we don't attack unnatural/summoned monsters by default); In that case, please type /traceai while on the map, fight a few monsters, then type /traceai again, and send me the TraceAI.txt file from your RO folder, so I can examine it and fix the magic numbers for the next release.


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Posted 29 October 2023 - 01:16 PM

I only got to use Dali (Bowman), Orizaro and Thyla both (Spearmen) merc. because monster mercs. got no LP.
Contracts are also difficult to obtain if LP runs out specially if -LP
occurs after merc. expires.
Exp. gathered is a positive dev. from merc. use while the AI derived from
Homunculus is a WIP.
Pet food or upkeep is no requirement or burden yet contract duration is
at a constant of 30 minutes.

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