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Double Attack & Abyss Square - Does it work?

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#1 L1var1s


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Posted 18 September 2023 - 09:23 PM

I remember back when I was playing a Shadow Chaser, the general rule of thumb if going for a Shadow Spell build was to job change at job level 40-42 so that you don't need to put points into Double Attack as it doesn't proc Shadow Spell. Given that the new Abyss Chaser spells function very similarly, I can't help but wonder if they also can't proc from Double Attack, namely Abyss Square since this is a primary source of damage.


The main difference worth noting is the use of the term "Basic" compared to "Normal" when referring to the attacks that can proc each spell. Is this just a wording choice or does it actually change the formula?  :huh:


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#2 Argetlahm


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Posted 25 October 2023 - 04:23 PM

Ever since the double attack critical stacking fix (double attack now stacks with crits - once double attack executes that also triggers a crit the crit damage is added to the double attack), I think it works now, as I've been leveling my shadowchaser from 150 to 200+ the past week with a melee autocast build with no problems whatsoever.
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#3 FishDeity


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Posted 25 October 2023 - 10:24 PM

i agree with what Argetlahm said. An easy way to test it is to go smack eggs slowly. You will eventually notice a double attack and autocast spell both activating at the same time. 


And regards to the basic vs normal word choice, they are the same thing. Most mmorpgs refer to that as an autoattack by the way

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#4 Ashuckel


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Posted 29 October 2023 - 04:31 AM

DA procs always activated autocasts/SC spells(a single time, DA procs is still a single attack). The caveat to skipping on DA back then was if you wanted to get high crit rate as a means to bypass accuracy checks against enemies, as DAs would take priority over crits and would nulify the Flee ignoring property of crits whenever it procd.

It's just extra free damage for you to take, not a significant amount for spell based builds but extra damage nonetheless.

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