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Newbie Guide for Sin

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#1 ykee


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Posted 21 September 2023 - 06:38 PM

Hi! Can anyone give me an updated guide for MA stats/build for a F2P beginner friendly. Also, is MA build is the current meta today? Im not sure if the one that are posted are still applicable until todays meta. I would like to know where should I focus on getting in terms of equips to prepare for mid to end game equips.


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#2 parotonon


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Posted 23 September 2023 - 07:03 AM

Hello, I asked this question months ago. No one answered, the forum is quite dead. I am MA user and MA is the meta for casual/F2P players. RC is more expensive but still better as it can be used with EDP and combo-ed with SX skills  The guides here are still working. What you just need to remember is that you need Enforcer Shoes, and this require a lot of skill points to get the full potential. I reduced Cloaking to level 3 on one of my SXs just to get the required skills for the shoes and my 4th job skills. However you can improvise depending on your playstyle. Secondly, MA has a casting delay. Most people would get delay reductions via costume garments. The later part of leveling is boring and slow, but I was able to survive without. What I use now is a +7 Lunar Eclipse Armor which is very cheap. I also do not think it's worth getting a casting delay reduction garment because most of SX skills do not have casting delay.

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