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I'm returning and I want a good RG to up [ENG] [BR]

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#1 xenawgame


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Posted 02 December 2023 - 03:55 AM


good morning guys!

After 11 years, I decided to return to the game and saw that a lot had changed!

I'm completely lost when it comes to equipment. I'm BR and my English isn't very good, so I'll leave the topic in both languages, ok?

I saw that the level increased and now we have another class available.

I want to level up again with my RG, I left a print of it here with the equipment, which at the time was very good.

Please give me tips on good equipment for up and solo instances. Thanks!



bom dia, galera!
depois de 11 anos, resolvi retornar ao game e vi que muita coisa mudou! estou completamente perdida em relação aos equipamentos.

Sou BR e meu inglês não é muito bom, por isso deixarei o tópico nos dois idiomas,ok? 


Vi que o level aumentou e agora temos mais uma classe disponível.

Quero voltar a subir de level com a minha RG, deixei um print dela aqui com os equipamentos, que naquela época, eram muito bons. Por favor, me deem dicas de equipamentos bons para up e para instancias solo.



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#2 vividort


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Posted 02 December 2023 - 08:42 AM

Some newer stuff that can improve your build would be 17.2 update card sets and automatic armor, and OCP Platinum Arbitrator set, that increase Cannon Spear dmg and reduce Cooldown, this one might be quite expensive to get tho. I don't play much RG but i think these are what you could go for without having to change all your gear, gluck ;)

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#3 Jefuu


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Posted 04 December 2023 - 05:50 AM

It kind of depends on what your budget is to determine what would work best for you. Your gear is solid enough to make it to 200, I'd bet, but I am still running a brain-dead Earth Drive lv209 Imperial Guard so take my suggestions with a gain of salt since I am aiming to go Overbrand/Cannon Spear some day but haven't actually made it yet:


If on a modest budget, I agree with vividort above. the 17.2 card set for Royal Guard is pretty solid and inexpensive right now: Greater Research Assistant Bot Card (weapon), Verporta Card (shoes), Broken Security Beta Card (accessories) -- note that the the set bonus won't stack twice with two BS Beta Cards but you'll still get the 10% HP+10% damage bonus from the second card. Cannon Spear can crit now so maybe switching some stats to get 125 LUK and getting Crit+Crit Damage upping gears to replace some of the Imperial Gear would be good. I will list the expensive items below but Ring of Silver Claw with Ominous Heater Card is an affordable accessory and a good start as you begin moving in that direction. For weapon, I would probably wait for the f2p new Edda weapon coming out on December 5th (forget the name), or pick up a +11 Awakened Aquatic Spear as the current best. Your FAW is probably fine for raw damage but I might suggest a Skin of Ladon Menblatt Card for extra ATK and SP leech but I don't know which will be better for your current build. The +10 Circlet of Phoenix upper headgear would give you 100% DEF bypass (if not going for Perverse Demon Mask) as well as Overbrand bonuses. Slotted +9/+12 Temporal DEX/LUK Boots might be cheap or pricey with enchants and Temporal Ring will add corresponding bonuses.


If money is no issue, the Platinum Arbitrator armor + Arbitrator Shawl lower headgear are the new OCP items that are expensive-ish and good for this build. Note that you will lose the Imperial Feather set bonus, which might be fine if you go LUK and then you can switch it for another item called Little Garden middle headgear. Not sure what's enchanted on your Casket but switching to "Acute Lv. 5" would be for the new crit build, or +9 Faith of Yggdrasil has some nice damage bonuses. A +11 Arabian ManteauGalensis Card will be a must with the crit build, period, but maybe a Temporal STR/DEX Manteau + Temporal STR/DEX Boots with 120 STR/DEX instead. Either a +12 Excelion Shield or +12 Feather Shield (if you need ACD) are always good choices, and many run a +10 God Eater Dragon Spear for the infinite health regen. Ring of Jupiter or Perverse Demon Mask would be good options for accessories (but make sure to get 126 LUK for PDM for DEF bypass) but I'd still run at least one Ring of Silver Claw if going crit. You could also look at the "Striking" Set: Striking Hat, Striking Mail, Striking Armguard, Striking Mikoshi, Striking Shoes... lots of HP, ATK, and Ranged bonuses and you can pick and choose which to use (the Mail and Hat and low + Shoes are pretty cheap right now too). The Vanishing Cannon Shadow Gear Set will be a nice boost as well. Finally, look up the combinations of the Royal Guard Stone + Paladin Stone costume enchant stone combos but note that there is a good chance the enchants will fail so this should be the last thing to buy (unless they are very cheap someday).




For leveling, since you are 175 I would hit Nogg Dungeon 3 for 5 levels, then hop to Einbech Dungeon 3 at 180. I found staying there until 200 is quite easy (do the daily EXP quest every day) but you can also go to Ancient Odin Temple 4 (bring Cursed Water to enchant weapon with Shadow) for those dailies as well. At 190 you can add Abyss Lake 4 to that rotation too (dailies are in Hugel) and you'll be 200 in no time! Google those dungeons if you need more info as the irowiki has great pages about them.




...Well, I was just going to do a quick post to answer your question but I went way overboard with this response so hopefully it helps, haha!

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