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is there an updated leveling guide?

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#1 drakthor


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Posted 07 January 2024 - 09:01 PM

So a little background....


Level 155 AxeNado mechanic. 


seemingly cant do bio 4  (2nd classes seem to own me good enough to make it super innefficient)


Illusion dungeons super bad xp.


lasagna getting to be super bad xp. 


Gramps area cut off at 150. 


So right now i am dumbfounded on how to actually level other then find a map with decent level monsters with decent xp and run thru. over and over like a grind. 



Please correct me or suggest what actually i should be doing. 



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#2 EdwardEG


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Posted 07 January 2024 - 11:27 PM

Wiki actually has updated levelling guide:


In my opinion for Level 155


You may start to do bounty board levelling on

- Big Bell (Everyone's favourite place: Nightmare Clock Tower which you can talk to NPC just before Clock Tower 02 entrance)

The mobs have 166k HP so it shouldn't be hard

- Robot Turbo + Smelly Zombie/ghoul (Under Bunker dungeon which requires Phantasmagorica quest. The map provide some areas that have small spaces which are good for mobbing especially in Nurse Lapplad and Grapes Vineyard sector)


Mobs have range of 135k - 318k HP




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#3 Nagaame


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Posted 08 January 2024 - 08:23 AM

In addition to what EdwardEG mentioned:

  • Daily Verus quests give a bunch of exp
  • Faceworm Nest Hard Mode
  • Illusion of Abyss (Illusion turtles)
  • Weekend Instance 160 mode

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#4 Jefuu


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Posted 09 January 2024 - 04:58 AM

Can confirm, with my AxeNado Mech I got from 150-160 at Nightmare Clock Tower and then 160-175 at Illusion of Abyss 1 + 2 (Illusion Turtles). I switched to Arm Cannon MadoMech due to free Santa reset but you can stay in Turtles 2 til 180 and then move to Einbech3 at 180! 

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#5 ClickClickClick


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Posted 11 January 2024 - 12:27 PM

Been building an army of Cardinals to solo ET with, as well as an SS Chaser, Sorc, Super Novice, GX, and Royal Guard. Here's my leveling strategy, keep in mind it's gear intensive, a newbie is going to be struggling at 68+.


3 - 15: Spores

15-28: Ant Eggs

28-68: Orcs (Don't forget Bounty Boards in Geffen)

 - The sheer number of orcs you can mob and kill make this viable after you're out of their leveling range, you actually lose EPH (exp per hour) trying to move to monsters in level range as they don't mob as well, and you lose time traveling.

68-91: Harpies (Bounty Board in Juno)

91-105: Nogg 2 (Bounty Board in Juno)

*Depending on Mid TI sets, and your gear/class, it may become more viable to farm straight from 100 to 130 there.

105-130: Juperos (Bounty Board in Juno)

130-140: Bath House

140-150: Dragon's Nest 2 (Bounty Boards in Lasagna)

150-161: Pitayas

161-171: Storage 1

171-175: Storage 2

175-180: Nogg 3

180+: Mines 3 (Don't forget Mines and Odin's 4 Dailies)

190+: Abyss Lake 4 (Dailies in Hugel, don't forget previous dailies)

200+: Niff Banquet Hall (Don't forget previous dailies)

Grinding past 220 is a slog, just remember to do your dailies each day and turn in on a BMX3, you'll be 250 before you know it.


Bonus EXP, VIP, Anniversary Costumes, and BMX3s, I can trans in 90 mins, hit 99/70 in another 2 hours, then hit 130 in about an hour after that. The speed bump comes from the quests required to access 17.2 content, which take about 2 hours to complete, usually longer, as I get bored and call it a day. If I was able to focus, and not get bored, Novice to 185 is entirely possible in a 10-12 hour span on BMX3s during all these stacked EXP events.


Oh, and before you ask, here's the quest list, in order.

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#6 grandetbug


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Posted 02 April 2024 - 04:04 AM

super addict player hehehe i hope i can do that too every day long play nonstop
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