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Give Snowysnow a Christmas to Remember!

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#1 ZeroTigress


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Posted 09 August 2010 - 10:38 PM

Give Snowysnow a Christmas to Remember!

Travel to Lutie to speak to the snowman underneath the Christmas tree. Snowysnow will remark how he longs to see the world and wants to leave Lutie, perhaps for good. The player will go see Santaâ??s helper (NPC Cookie) located in Santaâ??s house to ask about what can be done to help Snowysnow. The helper, named Max, speaks of a magical snowglobe that could shrink anything big to portable size. He suggests traveling to the city of Geffen where a mage by the name of Maggie may know more about the magical snowglobe.

Located on the third floor of the Geffen Tower, Maggie is hard at work studying for the upcoming mage exam at the Mage Academy. When the player asks her about the magical snowglobe, she is irked that the player interrupted her studies but becomes quiet as soon as she realizes what the player was talking about. She says that such an item exists, but she needs some ingredients to create it and wonâ??t divulge any more about it.

3 Crystal Blues
5 Iron
10 Feather
3 Piece of Cake
2 White Potion

As soon as the player gives her the items, she starts saying some magic words from a nondescript notebook of hers. Once done, she then explains how to use the item and that the itemâ??s magic will only work for one night and tells the player to choose wisely what to do with it. Afterwards she gives you the Magical Snowglobe and thanks you for the sweet snack.

The player then rushes back to Lutie and shows the Magical Snowglobe to Snowysnow. As soon as Snowysnow touches the Magical Snowglobe, a bright white light engulfs the area. When the light fades, the player is surprised to see Snowysnow in the Magical Snowglobe itself, all nice and small. At first the player and Snowysnow are surprised, but the player tells Snowysnow that this was the perfect opportunity for Snowysnow to see the world. The snowman agrees and the player takes Snowysnow on a world tour.

The player must now travel to any 5 locations and interact with a sign at each location to illicit a response from Snowysnow about the locale. The locations may be visited in any order. Each location will award a certain amount of points that will determine the EXP reward at the end of the quest.

Prontera +1
Payon +1
Morroc +1
Alberta +1
Al de Baran +1
Juno +1
Louyang +3
Ayothaya +3
Amatsu +3
Umbala +2
Hugel +2
Comodo +2
Kunlun +3
Glast Heim +3
Rachel +4
Lighthalzen +3
Einbroch +3
Niflheim +4

Snowysnow is so enthralled by all that heâ??s seen that he decides he wants to stay in the Magical Snowglobe forever if it meant he would be able to travel around with the player. The player explains to the snowman that it was not possible because the power of the Magical Snowglobe is only temporary and that he would not be able to survive outside Lutie without the itemâ??s power. Saddened by the reality of it all, Snowysnow agrees to return to Lutie.

Once back in Lutie, the Magical Snowglobe shatters and Snowysnow is returned back to his original size. The player tries to cheer up the snowman, but to no avail. Suddenly, Maggie appears and explains that though she had created the Magical Snowglobe to take Snowysnow out of Lutie, but was unable to make the itemâ??s effect last any longer. Maggie hopes that one day Snowysnow would be able to leave Lutie for good and thanks the player for having such a big of heart to take Snowysnow on a world tour in her place.


Snowysnow's Beanie
Snowysnow wants to show his appreciation by giving you his special hat.
Def: 24
Small chance of casting Lv. 1 Aspersio
Allows the user to gain 3% more EXP for the whole month of December. This effect will expire Jan 1.

5 points = 1% EXP reward
6-9 points = 3% EXP reward
10+ points = 5% EXP reward

Santa Poring Invasion

Christmas has arrived and so have the Santa Porings, lead by the one and only Antonio. Prontera, Juno, Payon, Geffen, and Al de Baran have been targeted by the invaders and itâ??s up to players to clear them out. Who knows, there might be something special being held hostage by one of the Santa Porings.

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#2 Babbles


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Posted 12 August 2010 - 05:15 PM

I like the overall idea, and I like the concept of having the more difficult to visit places give a larger reward. The only problem with that is lower level characters will be sort of "left out" from gaining high EXP, especially if the reward is a percentage of EXP required for the next level. Good Lord, get 5% from 98 to 99...

How about modifying the EXP reward to be a fixed amount plus a bonus:
30-40: 10,000/10,000 plus 10,000/10,000 for every point (incremental)
40-50: 30,000/30,000 plus 30,000/30,000 for every point "
50-60: 50,000
60-70: 80,000
70-80: 110,000
80-90: 150,000
90-99: 200,000 (maximum: 200,000 + 3*3*200,000 + 2*4*200,000 = 3,600,000)

So the low levels can get a real boost, and the high levels aren't totally left out. For trans, their real bonus will be the reward item.

As for the beanie, I don't think Aspersio would be a good choice for something that is supposed to increase EXP. Increase EXP = wear all the time. Aspersio = not while endowed. Now, it could be a middle or lower gear, like a Carrot Nose or Charcoal Eyes, that would give a chance of Aspersio 3 while attacking, a chance of Blessing 10 while attacking, a chance of Assumptio 1 when damaged, and 5% more EXP from Demon and Undead. But this is something a soloer would want.
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#3 ZeroTigress


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Posted 12 August 2010 - 06:55 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't too sure how to award EXP so I just put percentages.

As for the headgear, I didn't want to do anything insanely good. It's just your typical useless headgear that looks cute. The EXP increase is only temporary so I don't expect people to have it as an all-around headgear after the event is over.
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#4 Shanden


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Posted 13 August 2010 - 02:33 PM

I'm not trying to be a downer in any way, or any shape, I just think that Christmas event should be one that doesn't award EXP, theres been so many EXP turn in events that maybe we should take a break from it.

All in all, good idea though, and good luck to you.
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#5 ZeroTigress


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Posted 17 August 2010 - 10:49 AM

Love for Snowysnow, please!

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