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Spawn Pro

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Posted 10 August 2010 - 04:25 AM

Whoops didn't do my homework and see that there is a topic for this already. Sorry - please deltete.

Spawn Pro does not really seem to work the way it should. I was under the impression spawn pro would protect you once you spawn so that you can buff up and get ready to fight. As it is now it is easy to take advantage of. Why not make it so that you get the protection that you need but as soon as you use a skill or attack it goes away. Yes, I know people will still be able to drive to middle crystal and get off one skill but they are easily targeted on their way there. So once they use that skill they are without buffs and should be able to be killed easily. It would also fix the problem of mages abusing it to run around and debuff people, but not be killed.

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