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iRO Summative Christmas Event

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Posted 10 August 2010 - 07:45 AM

Who can participate, class/lvl: All class, level 30-99, rewards and questline depend on previous quests/lvl
Cost to user: no item requirement
Reward: experience and items
Quest requirment: Give Snowysnow a Christmas to Remember!http://forums.warppo...08-a-few-ideas/
What new items/NPC map stuff need to be made/found to make this work: using in game items
What actually happens during your event: Players will investigate the cause of global warming in Midgard while bringing a memorable NPC around the world to make some final memories before he melts. Also to tie in several out of game events like server merge, breaking god items, etc, into the storyline of RO.

Hello! This event is designed to cohesively make sense of some of the recent game changes via NPC storyline while also providing a fun, lengthy, engaging quest for players. Ideas on NPC dialogue, reference, rewards acceptable. This first post will contain the final version of the submitted quest. Not perfect copy, please offer suggestions on storyline, in game references, references to breaking god items, etc etc so I can incorporate them!

iRO Christmas Event 2010: Midgard Warming

[Stage #1: Beginning]
The snowman in Lutii is melting away due to the warming climate of the Midgard kingdom. Go speak to him. Snowy: "Boy with all this global warming I'm not sure I'll make it to Christmas 2011! But, I'm a happy ole ball of snow, and I've had a good life. I think I have enough of Ymir in my chilly old heart for one more adventure though, and finding the source of our warming world would put me at ease before I melt away! I should also love to add a few more pictures to my photo album. Can you help me with this [char name]? I shall reward you handsomely with a precious gift I've carried in my frozen noggin these last 8 years."

"Oh thank you! I have some personal checkpoints in our quest around the world, but first let's visit some of the hot spots of the Midgart kingdom. I hear there are lands to the south that swim in a sticky, desert heat, and the melting ice caps in the New World and the lands of Lutii must surely be affected by those deserts!"

"Well, you might as well put on your AFK hat and watch me die miserably!" /sob emote

[Stage #2: Morroc Pyramids]
"Phew! Oh don't worry, it's not tears, I'm simply baking out here! Brisingamen's snow crystal buried deep in my body will keep me cold until our adventure is over. Let's go deeper, to the hall of Amon Ra and see if that old fiend is up to no good!" [Get picture on MVP level moc_pryd06] "Sadly, it seems there is nothing out of the ordinary here. Just the lair of an old mummie :unsure: Let's continue, and this time we'll really crank up the heat! Do you know of a place called Nogg Road? My great-great grandfather once traveled there with the help of a Cat Tread from Gleipnir, but never to returned..."

[Stage #3: Magma Dungeon mag_dun01]
Man encased in ice (same graphic as Ice Dungeon NPC for convenience): "Oh, goodness is that Snowy?? My great-great grandson?! You've come to release me from this horrible pain, and return my soul to Lutii, haven't you?"
Snowy: "Grandfather! I don't believe it could be you, I haven't seen you since Juno was discovered!"
Man encased in ice: The fire demons cast a wicked spell on me, and stole Gleipnir's Cat Tread from my tired old hands. It was the mini-demons! You must find them if you wish to help me!"
[kill 50 mini demons]
Man encased in ice:
"You have done well nephew....I feel...some hot burning in these old, frozen limbs...I must sleep...for I hear the voice of Gleipnir calling me home once again...."
Snowy: "Thank you [char name]. My grandfather can rest now. His soul may have returned home...but his body remains trapped here..."
[Optional: unlocks Magma Dungeon Lvl 2 repeatable exp quest. Upon talking to the NPC it will say "Chilly voice: Thank you for helping me...but it would take thousands of their offspring to release the curse which befell me. Please help other adventurers kill the hoards of mini-demons. Sets of 50/100/200]
Snowy: "Well...sorry that we had to sidetrack, let me give you a small token of my appreciation for helping my long lost kin." [exp reward based on level. "It's blisteringly hot down here, wouldn't you agree? Grandfather said something about going back home...could that be Lutii or...somewhere colder. I remember my first year of the caverns of Ktullux. I would certainly love to see him again before I die! And I even have a cousin down there! Let's get a picture with grandfather...I know it's morbid but...." [get picture taken mag_dun01, proceed to Ice Caverns lvl 3].

[Stage #4: Ice Dungeons ice_dun03]
Snowman's Cousin: "Cousin Snowy, is it really you? You've come all the way here to say hello?"
Snowy: "Oh dear, I wish it were only so. You must not notice the warming world around us way down in this icy cavern, but Lutii is melting by the day! I've brought a friend to help me investigate this before I melt away too!"
Snowman's Cousin: "That's terrible, but you won't find out anything down here. Let me take a look at your friend...Oh! I remember you! You're [char name]. You helped me a little while back to slay a few of my overly zesty girlfriends! Unfortunately they've all returned, and now they brought their friends! I need your help to take care of my ill-mannered harem. Please, help me to banish [50] gazeti/snowier before Ktullanux returns! She wouldn't be too happy to see all this competition!"
After killing 50 gazeti/snowier:
Snowman's Cousin: "Oh thank you so very much! Come back any time! Those pesky ice titans are back again and Ktullanax is quite tired of them! While you're still here though, let's get a picture of us for old time's sake." [get picture on ice_dun03 and proceed].
[Optional: unlocks Ice Titans Lvl 2 and Lvl 3 repeatable exp quest. Upon talking to the NPC it will rely on the previous exp event dialogue and offer sets of 50/100/200 enemies]
Snowman: "Thank you again adventurer. The world down here is definitely cold enough for me live, should we never uncover the truth behind the melting glaciers of Midgard. For that I thank you, and here is a small token of my appreciation [gives obb/opb and experience based on level]. Now, let us continue on! I think I heard one of the adventurers down here talking about an endless maze where a strange old goat holds domain. Perhaps his mysterious spells have something to do with our quest...."

[Stage #5 Prontera Maze prt_maze03]:
Snowman: "Well, this certainly was a dizzying trip. But there's nothing here that would indicate Baphomet has anything to do with my plight. Let's return to Lutii to regroup. I think there is a man there who can help us. But first can we get a picture on that lovely bridge we just passed?" [take picture back at prt_maze02].

[Stage #6 Santa Claus in Lutii]:
Santa: "ho ho ...oh!? Snowmy what are you doing here? Aren't you working the graveyard shift today?"
Snowman: "I have some holidays saved up, and what better time to use them than now? Here's the thing, [char name] is helping me on a special journey and we're running late. The world is continuing to get hotter, and at this rate you'll be living a green Christmas from now on!"
Santa: "That's dreadful a thought and such a silly story. Ho ho ho, if this is what you do with your time off I suppose I have nothing to say. Hmm...where could you look next...perhaps you aught to be looking somewhere far more dangerous. I think Ifrit could be the culprit here...such a naughty boy he's been. Only coal for him! Remember, if you need there is a hidden entrance to the safe levels of Thors Volcano through Nogg Road. You think I bring my reindeer in from the entrance?? Oh, that's funny...ho ho ho."
Snowman: "Thank you Santa! Let's take a picture together in case it's my last!" [take picture with Santa]. Well [char name] you heard the man, to Thors Volcano!"

[Stage #7: Thors Volcano thor_v02]
Rudolf (Stormy Knight NPC): Snowy! Blast you fool what are you doing here? I told that jolly red slave driver I'd never come back! I swear if you've come to bring me home-"
Snowy: "Whoah! Calm down Rudolf, I've come here on my own adventure! I have to say I sure missed you, since you ran away in 2006! Your friend Comet never got over it...lives in the basement of the Toy Factory now...poor fool...with a temper too!"
Rudolf: "Well, nevermind that. What can I help you with?"
Snowy: "Our world has changed since you left Rudolf. Mystical forces have broken the godly powers of human alliances, and reduced their once-powerful hammers and armor to pieces. On top of all this, Lutii and the great snow caps of Mount Munak have begun to melt! [char name] has been so gracious as to bring me around the world on this quest to discover who or what is causing our world to heat up."
Rudolf: "A noble quest...but I don't believe the alliances of man have become so weak. I think I can guide you in the right direction. First, I need a token of your trust, for you are still allied to...I loath the name...Santa Claus! I'm running a private mining company down here now, but some pesky imps have teamed up with Knockers United and are wreaking chaos. Slay 15 Knockers to send a message that Rudolf will not give in to bullying!
[Kill 15 knockers].
Rudolf: "Okay, you may join my company. First, allow me to provide you with some rumours that have been floating around in Ifrit's lair. I heard that an old dwarf, far greater in strength, was commanded to break the godly powers of the humans to weaken the world of Midgard. Last I heard, he was in the treetop city of Gonryun. Some terrible event is coming adventurer...and now I will say no more or Ifrit will have my head!"
Snowy: "This surely will be my only visit to this fiery pit. Let's take a picture, and then be off!" [take picture back at thor_v02].
Rudolf: "Before you leave here, you aught to investigate our fragment of Ymir's Heart. Head to the center of the map, and go down the stairs. You may find some more answers there."
[Optional: unlocks Thors Volcano Lvl 1 repeatable exp quest. Upon talking to Rudolf he will say "I need your help adventurer! Knockers United threatens my mining operation even as we speak. Slay 100 knockers or 25 imp enemies and I shall reward you greatly!]

[Thors Machine NPC on Lvl 2]
Snowy: "Oh yes, it's definitely too hot down here. If this isn't the source for the melting Lutii glaciers, then my bubbling brain must be sending us on wild goose chase!"
Worker: "Hey! Don't touch that! It's working perfectly right."
Snowman: "Sir! Open your eyes, this machine is pumping the heat from Thors Volcano up to the max! The world outside is melting away!"
Worker: "That doesn't make sense...this humidifier keeps the temperature of the lava at an even 36, must be mistaken."
Snowman: "Well, this is going nowhere fast! We've tried the desert, two volcanos, and even the weird maze of Baphomet. We must confer with a truely wise man; the same dwarf who planted a snow crystal in my head and a bestowed a Cat Tread to my great-great grandfather. We must seek out Heimdallr! His whereabouts are unknown to me, but something tells me that Rudolf's old hermit may be able to tell us more. Let's head to Gonryun."

[Stage #8 Gonryun]
Calanor the Wise: "Hello, old Mr. Snow! Funny you should stop by, and even stranger that you knew where to find me, but it just so happens another old face turned up today. I had a dream of your great-great...great? something was a nice dream and I'm sure he's happy now, even though he was lost so long ago. Anyway, what brings you here?"
Snowman: "Great Calanor, it is rumored you caused the recent misery which has befallen the humans. They say you destroyed the godly weapons of man, and have some terrible plot in mind....Please tell me there is no truth to this!"
Calanor: "I cannot give you an answer to that Mr. Snow. The dwarfs are sworn to secrecy, and to answer you now would be my undoing. There is one who may be able to help you...both on your quest for peril we now face and in discovering the truth behind the terrible pain suffered by the human alliances. All I will tell you is that the dwarfs are helping the humans as much as possible...Gleipnir, Brynhild, Brisingamen...those names shall once again become known to man."
Snowy: "Who can help us, wise Calanor?"
Calanor: "You must seek out the first dwarf, Heimdallr. Should answers be available to your mortal ears, he would be the one to give them. But Heimdallr is no longer in this world. It seems he traveled through the Dimensional Gorge in search of the origins of our world. Undoubtedly he would have your answers, but you are not fit for such a journey as this. I'm sorry Mr. Snow, but I think this is the end of your adventure. You have found a new home in the Ice Caves, and can live there quite happily."
Snowman: "Awe...what a sham! The Dimensional Gorge? Seriously!?? Doesn't Satan Morroc live there...pfff...I knew this journey was risky, but I never said it was suicide. Well Calanor, thank you and bless you, I shall your regards to Ktullanax."
Snowman: "I don't even feel like a picture this time...but let's do one anyway." [takes picture] "Thank you so much [char name]. I couldn't have done this without you, and I have a parting gift for you as well. [grants experience/item reward.] I would surely have given you the snow crystal that still remains in my head, but it would be the end of me! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! Come see me in Ice Caves some time, and I can tell you what I know of Heimdallr the Great."

Quest Ends. Continuation to Part 2 if character has completed New World entrance quests. Part 2 can be a permanently implemented quest.

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