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Feb Headgear

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#1 CheddarJack


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Posted 02 February 2011 - 07:37 AM

Well i dont have any drawings yes but i see alot of valentines stuff. But how about we try somthing different. Somthing for the people who dont celebrate valentines day. Somthing like:

Single's Army Headband (top headgear)

This headband was givin to you by the singles army. It shows that you dont care to be in a relationship and wan2 stay single forever. Whearing this headband gives you the strength of all the Single Army. Wearing this headband also decreases your chances of finding true love. +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Luck

Broken Heart Card (lower headgear)

This card was given to those who have had their hearts broken on Valentines Day. This card reminds the person of that past memory. Because it reminds them, it drives them to make up for it and try to win back the heart of the one he/she lost. -1 str, -1 int, +1 agi, +1 dex

Piece of Chocolate (lower headgear)

Whether you got this for valentines day or just like chocolate it give you a pep in your step. Chocolate is just good! +2 Agi

This next one doesnt have to do anything for valentines day, but its somthing i think would be cool:

Pencil in ear (mid headgear)

Well you finally took the pencil out of your mouth and put it behind your ear. This position of the pencil help a person not only think but makes them look not only cool but smart as well. +3int, -1 str. When combined with Well Chewed Pencil increases Int and Dex +5 and also increase sp by 50.
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#2 Rory


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Posted 04 February 2011 - 10:39 AM

The broken heart card sounds like it could be an interesting look for a lower head gear~, I personally wouldn't want the lowered strength or int though.
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