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Posted 10 August 2010 - 11:08 AM

Here's a (1 time per character) quest that I think would be fun to add to whatever this year's event will be.

Who can participate, class/lvl: Any class/level that doesn't mind possibly grouping up for a kill quest.
Cost to user: See item collection quest.
Reward: EXP/ accessory to last the event.
What new items/NPC map stuff need to be made/found to make this work?: Couple NPCs at most, 1 new item.
And most importantly what actually happens during your event?: Players will complete quests, earn exp, and get a little inside info on one of our favorite NPCS.

The quest starts at Santa in Lutie
Santa: "Hello there [name], Merry Christmas!"
(50% chance) Recieve 1 gift box.
(50% chance) Recieve 1 coal.

Talk to Santa again.

Santa: "Well since your still here, how about a little adventure?"
Santa: "Great!"
Santa: "A very special person is long overdue for his present. I could use some help gathering ingredients so I can get to work."
Santa: "Please return to me when you have collected:"
50 Jellopies
10 Steel
10 Iron
1 Used Iron Plate
4 Rusty Screws
1 Shield[0]

After collecting the items.
Santa: "Very Good! Thank you. Please give me just a moment."
Reward: 10,000 base/job exp per level.
Reward: 1 x OBB.
Santa: "Alright, all finished. Say, would you mind delivering it too?"
Santa: "Excellent, thank you [name]." (if you got coal) "And, sorry about the coal" /swt.
You receive: "Antonio's Giftbox".
Santa: "That's right, I want you to give this to Antonio."
Santa: "You can probably find him just outside Lutie planning something ominous.

Antonio is standing outside Lutie with 2 christmas goblins.
Approach Antonio.
Goblin1: "Hold it! Nobody talks to the Italian without our permission"
Goblin2: "That means you have to prove yourself to us first.

Goblin1: "Still here huh?"
Goblin2: "Alright, let's see what you're worth."
Goblin1: "A little test should do just fine."

lvls 1-30:
Goblin2: "If you can kill 100 Savages, then maybe you are bad enough"
lvls 31-50:
Goblin2: "If you can kill 100 Ghouls, then maybe you are bad enough"
lvls 51-70:
Goblin2: "If you can kill 100 Marduk, then maybe you are bad enough"
lvls 71-90:
Goblin2: "If you can kill 100 Mermen, then maybe you are bad enough"
lvls 91+:
Goblin2: "If you can kill 100 Echio, then maybe you are bad enough"

Reward: 10,000 base/job exp per level.
Reward: 5 x Coal.

Talk to Antonio NPC outside Lutie.
Antonio: "Yeah? What do you want?"
[name]: "I have this gift..."
*Antonio grabs the gift and begins tearing it open*
*Antonio looks inside and pauses*
Antonio: "It.....It can't be.....I've always......."
Antonio: "For him to......."
Antonio: "This is......."
Antonio: "This is so embarrassing! Get out of here, and take that with you!"

You recieve: "Toy Cop Badge"
"A toy police officer's badge. The favorite toy for little boys who play cops and robbers"
Acessory[0], DEF 1, Vit + 1.
150% Exp, 150% Drops during the 2010 Christmas event.

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