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The Wish of the Lovers

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Posted 10 August 2010 - 02:45 PM

I created this quest together with my wife.
It's a bit long but we love quests with complex stories.
There could be some errors in the text since English is not our main language.
In the remote case this quest will be used, my wife can provide as well concept arts and/or illustrations for the NPCs.


Who can participate, class/lvl: base lvl 30+
Cost to user: 1 Diamond Ring, 3 Piece of Cake
Reward: Valkyrie Feather Band, Gift Box, Exp
What new items/NPC map stuff need to be made/found to make this work.: 1 map, 2 custom npcs.

The player needs to go in Hugel to start this quest.
In the second floor of the Grocery
Posted Image
inside the kitchen you find the first NPC(if is possible we would like to have her customized, otherwise, please use this NPC: Posted Image )
She is a nice girl with long black hair. Talk with her.

Etoille: Hello, If you are here for the grocery, itâ??s on the ground floor. Even if I live in this house, Iâ??m not a merchant. If Iâ??m here itâ??s just for the kindness of the people of this place, that gave to me and my boyfriend a cheap house, since we are so poor now.

Player: I see, I know that this isnâ??t my business but it seem that you are in pain for something, so if you need help, feel free to ask me.

Etoille: you are really kind, I think that you are a Rune-Midgarts Adventurer, I heard many stories about you when I lived in Lighthalzen.

Player: so you arenâ??t from this place?

Etoille: no, I and my boyfriend arrived here around a month ago. Anyway I donâ??t know if you can really help me, but Iâ??ll try to explain why Iâ??m so sad.

Here Etoille tells you her story.

Etoille: A month ago, I and my boyfriend decided to marry, and he knows that my biggest dream was to have a marriage in Lutie, under the white snow and with the blessing of Santa.
So my boyfriend Ludwig, that worked as clerk at Rekenber Headquarter, tried to have 2 weeks of vacation during the Xmas time, but he saw it refused. I was really sad, so he went directly to the secretary of the Rekenber boss to resign. All seemed fine, he still had a week of work before leaving, but an evening he had an accident. He fell down the stair, it was late and the lights were off, so he didnâ??t understand how this happened. But after that accident he asked me to leave Lighthalzen with him and come here to Hugel quickly leaving everything there, even if his health condition wasnâ??t good.

Player: ah, an accidentâ?¦

Etoille: that accident unluckily ruined our dream to marry in Lutie, since he canâ??t move his legs anymore, and a long travel to Lutie, could worsen his condition.
There are some rumors that in the Xmas period a Valkyrie, called Xmas Angel, appears in Odin Temple, and you have a possibility to have one of her feathers; with this you can heal every illness.
Unluckily I canâ??t go there, cause Ludwig needs my support.

Player: I could go there for you.

Etoille: really? Would you be so kind to get that feather for me? This would make our dream comes true.
Anyway before go to the bedroom and speak with my boyfriend.

Here the Player goes to the bedroom near the kitchen. Here he finds a young man with gray-green hair that is sitting on the bed. (I would like to have a customized NPC, since that of the Einbroch Murder isnâ??t so nice, so to have an NPC sitting could be nice, otherwise put this NPC standing near the bed.Posted Image )

Narrator: You find a young man with gray-green hair sitting on the bed, his legs are paralyzed, and he seems to be in sorrow as Etoille.

Player: Hi, Iâ??m >name player<, a Rune-Midgarts adventurer, Etoille told me about your story and your dream to marry in Lutie, I could help you. For me itâ??s a joke to go in Odin and look for the Valkyrie.

Ludwig: wow, I knew that you adventurers were really courageous, but why do you want to help us?

Player: maybe cause now is Xmas, and in this time all persons are more generousâ?¦no, Iâ??m joking, listening to your story I supposed that you accident wasnâ??t a case, and since I dislike Rekenber and I love help the people, I decided to assist you.

Ludwig: Thanks a lot, but unluckily only a feather isnâ??t enough, you know to make a wedding you need a dress and a ring, and now we are so poor that we canâ??t afford this, and I would never ask you money to buy them.

Player: â?¦

Ludwig: maybe there is a solution, you must know that I had already bought a ring for my girlfriend, but I left it on my desk at Rekenber Headquarter, and then I had the accident, so it must still be there, I guess.
Maybe you could go there and talk with my colleague Isaac, surely he saw it.
And about the dress, my grandmother had a friend that was a sewer in the free time, she said that you can find her in Prontera, maybe she could make a free dress for us. Her name is Vira. (yep that Vira of Brando Family) Go to her and say that Ludwig needs of 2 dresses and that she will be invited at our wedding in Lutie. She is a nice old lady; surely she will help us.

Player: Donâ??t worry I will do that!

Ludwig: really thanks.

At this point the player must go to the Rekenber Headquarter. He will find Isaac near a desk of the office. (That with the mushroom on the chair). About Isaac NPC, please use thisPosted Image (we know that he has the KH academy uniform, but since it seems an office dress also in the concept art itâ??s fine for this character).
The player talk with Isaac

Player: Good Morning, are you the colleague of Ludwig?

Isaac: of course! But who are you and what is your business here?

Player: Iâ??m here on behalf of Ludwig, I need to ask you a thing.

Isaac: Poor Ludwig, I hope that he is fine, I remember that bad accident last month.

Player: He survives at the moment, however he could stay better if he would have the ring that he bought for his fiancée, but unluckily he left it here, maybe you saw it. It should be on his desk.

Isaac: /OMG Ehmâ?¦yes, I saw itâ?¦butâ?¦

Player: butâ?¦?

Isaac: really sorry, I had to buy a Xmas gift for my girlfriend, but I was so busy with the work, that I couldn't get itâ?¦so I found that ring on Ludwigâ??s desk and I gave it to her.

Player: Damn! And now! Ludwig and Etoille canâ??t marry!

Isaac: I didnâ??t know that ring was so important for Ludwig, anyway you have a chance to have it from my girlfriend Amelie.
If you go from the jeweler here in Lighthalzen and buy and ring for me you can try to make a trade with her.
But remember that she is really a strange person, so I have an advice, bring to her some pieces of cake, since she is really gluttonous, you can find them dropped from Myst Case in Toy Factory, 3 pieces will be enough!
Then go to her, at the moment she went in Juno to pray on the grave on her relative.
Good Luck, you will need it!

At this point the player must have a diamond ring(you can buy it in Lighthalzen or Morroc, or kill the monsters that drop it) and 3 pieces of cake.
When you have all items go in Juno, behind the Rosimier House, there are some grave, there you find Amelie (please use the sprite of Allysia, this is a tribute to her Posted Image).

Amelie is praying on the gravePosted Image.

Player: Are you Amelie?

Amelie: Yep, but how do you know my name?

Player: Iâ??m here for a request.

Narrator: you tell her your story about the ring. She is in the beginning a bit angry cause Isaac preferred his work to her, but she understand the sorrow of the couple in Hugel.

Amelie: ok, that is fine, we can make this deal, anyway when I will come back in Lighthalzen I will give a good lessons to Isaac!
Here you make the deal. The item you receive is called Etoilleâ??s ring and can have the same illustration of Allysiaâ??s ring.

Player: Thanks a lot! Ludwig and Etoille will be happy of this.

Amelie: Sure they will! Now sorry but I have to pray for my deceased relative that never saw her love dream realized.

At this point the player must go in Prontera, he will find Vira praying inside the church for a function.

Narrator: you tell her your story, she is surprised to know that finally the grandson of her friend will marry.

Vira: Sure, I will sew the dress for them, come in a while and they will be ready.

Player: thanks a lot, I will come back when I will have the Valkyrieâ??s Feather.

Here the Player must go to Odin Temple, the Valkyrie NPC will be near the entrance of the map (since Odin isnâ??t a place for everybody). Please use the sprite of Valkyrie Sandra(Sign Quest) the common Valkyrie Sprite, that of the Trans questPosted Image, but donâ??t use the Wish maiden, the Valkyrie in this quest is the Xmas Angel, so she must have blonde hair and white wingsâ?¦and also Randgris isnâ??t good, since she has black wings.

The player needs to talk with the Valkyrie called Xmas Angel.

Xmas Angel: Why do you come to me in this time mortal being?

Player: Beautiful Lady I come here to ask you a favor.

Xmas Angel: Which request could have a petty human as you?

Player: Iâ??m here to have one of your feathers, it could realize the dream of two lovers.

Xmas Angel: Why a corrupted person like you, always with the weapon in your hand, ready to kill would help 2 lovers, that you just met?

Player: I feel in my heart that itâ??s my duty help them, I understand their pain, so Iâ??m ready to make everything to help them.

Xmas Angel: Really? Are you sure of your words?

Player: yes, Iâ??m sure!

Xmas Angel: Very Well! I will grant your wish, but at a condition. You will have to show me if your feelings are really so strong. I will set a trial for you. It will be divided in three parts, the first you will have to fight for the love! I will materialize the spirits of those that for some reasons failed to reach their happiness.
If you defeat all them, I will summon the incarnation of the greed that wants to spoil the Xmas.
And in the end you will have to show me your generosity, renouncing at treasures for the wish of another humans.

Player: Yes, I will face this trial!

Here the player will be brought in a room (if is a possible similar to Toy Room in KH quest, but without beds, cos it remember a bit the toy factory or otherwise a room without anything is fine anyway).

The trial is divided in three parts, the first depends from the player level, here the list of the monsters to fight:

Lvl 30-50
2 Peco Peco and 2 Picky
2 Male Thief Bugs, 2 Female Thief bugs and 2 Thief Bugs.

Lvl 50-85
4 Bogun e 4 Munak
2 Orc Warrior, 2 Orc Lady and 2 Orc Baby.

Lvlv 85-99
2 Succubus and 2 Incubus
2 Aliot and 2 Alicel

This part of the quest has a 5 minutes time out.
You will be able to enter alone or together with another player of the same level range.

Second part will then be summoned:
An Antonio, you will have to defeat it, and here you have a 3 minutes time out.

The Third part, the Valkyrie will summon 10 Crystals, but you must not hit them, you will have to wait 1 min and then you will warped out.
If you hit the Crystal, you fail the quest and you will be warped in Hugel, and you will have to speak again with the Xmas Angel and make again the trial. This is to avoid a quest abuse.

If you succeeds in this trial the Xmas Angel will appear in the Room saying:

Xmas Angel: Oh Common Mortal, your heart is pure, and your strength is on the side of good. You show me that your feeling are sincere so I will grant your wishâ?¦take one of mine feathers, you will be blessed, human.

The player receives the feather, the sprite of Soft Feather could be used but with written Xmas Angel Valkyrie Feather.
At this point the player will be warped in Hugel but before to go to Etoille he needs to go in Prontera to Vira.

Vira: Here the Dresses for Ludwig and his future wife
Player: they are beautiful, they will fit perfectly on them.
Vira: I hope that. Finally I can see married the grandson of my best friend. See you at the wedding adventurer.

Here you must go in Hugel inside the grocery to talk with Etoille.

Etoille: Oh really thanks, may the gods bless you. Now we will be able to marry in Lutie, excuse me I have still a request for you. Could you go in Aldebaran and talk with wedding organizer and then in Lutie with Santa and ask to prepare our wedding? This will really help us. In the while we will prepare and will reach you in Lutie for the celebration.

Here the player must go in Aldebaran, near door for Lutie there is a NPC, the young girl with the red coat:Posted Image

Player: Hello, I come here for a couple, could you prepare the wedding in Lutie for them?

Wedding Organizer: yes, sure, just write here their names

The player has to write the correct names of the lovers.

Wedding Organizer: Perfect! I will prepare all in Lutie, see you there!

Then the player must go in Lutie inside Santaâ??s House and talk with Santa.

Player: Good morning, Iâ??m here to ask for your blessing in a wedding that soon will be celebrated in Lutie.

Santa: Sure! The wedding makes me always happy, I would like that all persons could be happy in the Xmas Days.

At this point the player must go in the altar of Lutie and there you will find Ludwig and Etoille(if is possible with wedding dress, otherwise are fine also with normal sprite).
Before talk with Ludwig.

Ludwig: Thanks again >player name< thanks to you I could be cured and make the wish of my girlfriend comes true. Really thanks from my heart.
Here you receive a gift box.

Talk with Etoille.

Etoille: Thank you very much, finally our dream is a reality, never I will finish to thank you.
Here a sign of our friendship, I made it with the feather that you brought me, after that I cured Ludwig.
Please accept it. This will be the happiest Xmas of our lives. Thanks again for everything and Merry Xmas.
Here the player receive the Valkyrie Feather Band Posted Image and 1000000 Base Exp and 800000 Job Exp.

Edit: fixed headgear name as Valkyrie Feather Band

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 02:36 PM

All in all, good idea, however very long, but I like the fact that you added NPC's to the dialog.

Now, not to be a downer, but I think we should avoid EXP for Christmas, we have so many exp turn ins through the year that during Christmas it would be bland.

On another note, what does the Valkyrian Feather Band do? Do you have art work for it? It's very interesting.

Good job, and Good Luck :]

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#3 Kiehl


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Posted 13 August 2010 - 04:13 PM

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
I agree with you about the experience, we added it more as an incentive to complete the quest (since it's a bit long) than a real necessity, so it can also be removed.

Here is a screenshot of the Valkyrie Feather Band (it's my wife character on fRO):
Posted Image
The text roughly translates as:

An hat created from the Valkyrie's feathers.
The power of the Valkyrie flows in the person who wears it.
INT +1
1% chance of casting automatically the skill Heal on the user when receiving physical attacks.
Type: Headgear
Position: High
Weight: 10
Level Required: 20
Jobs: All


This is an official kRO headgear already implemented on a lot of servers.

Edited by Kiehl, 13 August 2010 - 04:14 PM.

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 08:31 PM

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
I agree with you about the experience, we added it more as an incentive to complete the quest (since it's a bit long) than a real necessity, so it can also be removed.

Here is a screenshot of the Valkyrie Feather Band (it's my wife character on fRO):
Posted Image
The text roughly translates as:

An hat created from the Valkyrie's feathers.
The power of the Valkyrie flows in the person who wears it.
INT +1
1% chance of casting automatically the skill Heal on the user when receiving physical attacks.
Type: Headgear
Position: High
Weight: 10
Level Required: 20
Jobs: All


This is an official kRO headgear already implemented on a lot of servers.

Thats pretty cool, I have to admit, Good job on it! :] 3*'s ;)
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