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Kafra Corporation: Operation Save Christmas

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Posted 10 August 2010 - 11:36 PM

August 15: Added a Quiz Mini-Event at the bottom.

~Kafra Corporation: Operation Save Christmas~

Event Notice:
Christmas is fast approaching and we still haven't received word on Santa's progress. It seems that Santa has been too busy using his powers in helping Renew the world that he's now behind on his Christmas schedule! In order to preserve the happiness of children all around the world, the Kafra Corporation is requesting assistance from adventurers to help with this matter. It also seems that one of Kafra Corporations greatest treasures is involved. Kafra Girl Snow will be waiting outside the Kafra Corporation Headquarters for details.

Event Requirements
Required level: 60+
Required items: 1m zeny
Rewards: Santa Hat, Honorary Santa's Helper Badge (see below for description), Santa's Magic Bag (see below for description)

Quest: Help Santa Out
In-game quest:
Snow (found outside Kafra HQ in Alde)
Snow: Hey, you're an adventurer right? Santa's having trouble at his workshop and he needs all the help he can get. Here, let me warp you to his house right away.
Player: Oh hey, wai-. . .

*Player is transported to Santa inside his house.

Santa (found inside Santa's house, right infront of where Snow warps the player)
Santa: Ho ho ho, merry Christmas. Did Snow send you here to help?
Player: Actually, she just suddenly war-
Santa: Excellent! As you may have noticed, the land of Rune-Midgard has been going through major changes recently, with my assistance. Naturally, I left my most trusted helpers in charge to continue with the Christmas production. Unfortunately, Antonio took advantage of my absence and caused more mayhem than ever before! Sadly, I don't have time to give you all the details as I have to get back to Renewing the world. My head helper, Sparks, can tell you what to do. Santa suddenly vanishes in a shroud of bright light.

Sparks (found beside Santa)
Player: Hey there. Santa said you needed my help?
Sparks: Oh good, you're here. Last night, Santa's factory was sabotaged, and three important items were stolen. The items are: Godly Giant Belt, PetsCare Coupon, and Kafra License. We discovered an Antonio Spy lurking amongst our helpers and have managed to corner him inside the Toy Factory. Go track him down and get him to talk.

Evil Helper (found somewhere in TF2)
Evil Helper: Mwahaha. I have successfully sabotaged Santa's factory. Master Antonio will be pleased with this. Wait, who's ther-
Player: AHA! So you're the spy that wrecked Santa's factory. You better start talking before I feed you to the giant doggy outside Lutie.
Evil Helper: Eek~ I swear, it wasn't my idea. I was just following their orders!
Player: "Their" orders? Who sent you! Talk!
Evil Helper: *Sobs* P-please, d-don't hurt me. I-I don't even know who they are.
Player: Okay, I won't hurt you. (Some "Evil" Helper you are.)
Fle: A-actually, m-my name is Fle. I-I'm just one of Antonio's lowly minions. Anyways, they just told me that on their signal, I turn off the factory lights.
Player: Well? Anything else?
Evil Helper: Oh yeah. They gave me this letter and told me to give it to Santa. Here, take it. Just please, don't hurt me ><
Player: Gosh, what a crybaby. Okay, okay, we'll go to Sparks and you tell him you're sorry. I'll let him decide what to do with you.

Player: Hey Sparks. I found the culprit for you. He said he was told to give this letter to Santa. You hand over the letter to Sparks.
Sparks: Hmm, it looks like a message from Antonio's co-conspirators, though I can't figure out what this message means. Here, maybe you can figure it out.

Written in the letter is a mysterious message. Upon further investigation, you realize that there are two distinct hand writings.
1)Bah Christmas! It's bad enough seeing so many lovey-dovey couples walking around. But those Christmas weddings going on at Lutie drives us crazy! Marriage ceremonies are up 1000% during this time on year and it's unacceptable! We have taken your precious Godly Giant Belt to show our utter contempt towards Christmas. The power of this belt shall make us Invincible!
2)Curse you Santa! Every year, your holiday goodness ruins our sales. Well not anymore! We have stolen your precious PetsCare Coupon. This will surely cripple your production! Mwahahahaha~

*At this point, two additional quests are added in the quest log. It doesn't matter which of the 2 quests are done first. Part of the quest is solving the message above, so I will not disclose the NPC location for the next steps. Anything that could spoil answer to the message will be [censored]. They're still pretty easy to figure out though :)

Quest: Finding the Godly Giant Belt
Quest Log Entry: Whoever stole Santa's Godly Giant Belt seems to hate weddings alot. Maybe you should look around Prontera for more clues.

When approaching a certain wall (found somewhere around Prontera)
Wall: You hear suspicious voices on the other side
Player: Listen in on the conversation
Suspicious Voice: Finally, we have Santa's Godly Giant's Belt. With this, we shall have the strength of over 9000 Megingjards. Now we can destroy this Church and ruin THEIR lives forever!
Player: Bust in!

Invincible Single Army Leader (found in [other side of the wall])
Invincible Single Army Leader: You!? Who are you!? You're one of Santa's lackeys aren't you? No matter, you already heard our plan. Invincible Single Army get him!
Player: It'll take more than a few thugs to beat me~!

*The player then engages in an RPS style battle. I'll work on the details later.

Player: Whaaaat, they're all knocked out already? What a bummer. So much for having over 9000 Megingjards. You notice a piece of paper on the leader's shirt pocket. Hmm, this note is torn straight down in half, but the bottom is signed by "Evil Santa". This must be a note from Antonio! I better hold on to this for now.

*Player receives the Godly Giant's Belt and Torn Note 1.

Quest log update - Finding the Godly Giant Belt: You found a torn up note from Antonio. Perhaps you could find the other half to see what Antonio's message was.

Quest: Finding the PetsCare Coupon
Quest Log Entry: Whoever stole Santa's PetsCare Coupon seems to be really mad about losing their business. Maybe you should ask around some merchants for more clues.

Gossiping Merchants (found in Alberta)
Melchior: So guys, what gifts do you think we should get?
Balthasar: Well, He is an important person. Maybe something flashy and expensive?
Melchior: Oh I know. We should give him some gold. I think I saw some being vended around.
Caspar: Gold!? Those things are crazy expensive now. That good-for-nothing Corporate Alberta jacked up the prices on gold. I swear, all they care about is zeny. It's Christmas season and they're still being greedy.
Balthasar: Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if they attacked Santa. They always bicker about how Santa ruins their business.
Player: Excuse me.
Melchior: Hey there, anything I can interest you in?
Player: I overheard about you guys talking about Corporate Alberta possibly attacking Santa.
Melchior: Well, I was exaggerating a bit, but they do really hate Christmas.
Player: I see. Do you know where I can find them?
Caspas: Bah, they're probably scamming some people at the docks.
Melchior: You're probably asking for trouble aren't you?
Player: What made you say that?
Melchior: Well, you got that "good-adventurer" look on you. Anyways, if you are, please straighten those thugs for us.
Player: Will do~

Moe (found in same the town as the gossiping merchants)
*As the player approaches this npc, a dialog gets triggered.
Moe: Well, well, well. I've been expecting you.
Player: Huh, me?
Moe: Don't act dumb. I already expected that that good-for-nothing Fle would rat us out. Look, I personally don't want any trouble. But give me a break, business has been terrible thanks to Santa.
Player: Good gosh, it's Christmas! Can't you stop thinking about zeny for once.
Moe: You try living off of goodwill and see where that takes you. You try to intimidate Moe with an angry stare. A-all right already. You want the PetsCare Coupon right? I'm not the type to sell out my own kind. . . without a price.
Player: Still about zeny! Fine, what do you want?
Moe: 250,000 zeny should about cover my deficit. So, do we have a deal?
Player: Fine, here's your cash. *Player loses 250k.
Moe: Okay, my ID number is "1". You need to find the other 2 executives and get their ID numbers so you can access our vault. The coupon should be in there. Noe and Poe should be bullying on the stores at town and I don't know where Lee is. Out of nowhere, Moe pulls out a Butterfly wing and vanishes.
Player: Hey wait~ where's the PetsCare Coupon! Sigh, guess I have no other choice.

Poe and Noe (found in one of the stores in the same town as above)
Poe: Look here, Weapon Merchant, either you give us 70% of your profits, or we shut you down!
Noe: Hey bro, someone's here.
Poe: Moe told us you'd be coming. Can't believe that rat got 250,000 zeny from you and just sent you here to die. Poe and Noe draw out their swords.
Player: You guys sure are in a hurry. You draw out your own weapon. If we chased out Satan Morroc beyond the Dimensional Gorge, I'm sure I can chase you guys out of this store.
Poe: W-we're just kidding man. I-I just wanted to try out one of these swords, ya know? H-here, you can have our IDs, just please don't hurt us. Poe and Noe both pull out Butterfly wings and vanish
Player: Gosh, they're even worse than Fle. So much for their big talk. Hmm, they left a piece of paper. It says "4" and "3". I guess this is their IDs.
Armor Merchant: Thank goodness you came when you did. Those two practically ruined my business. If you've been to Moe as they said, then that means Lee is the last executive remaining. I hear that he's been smuggling in goods and hiding it among the crates inside the Merchant Guild. You might want to check there.
Player: Thanks.

Lee (found inside some building in the same town as above)
Player: Mr. Lee, I assume?
Lee: I see you've gotten Moe's, Noe's and Poe's IDs. I take you want access to this vault behind me?
Player: If you've got the PetsCare Coupon in there, then heck yeah I do.
Lee: Look, I'm a reasonable business man. Just pay me 750,000 zeny, and I'll open the primary security lock on the vault; and that's my final offer.
Player: You sure get to the point. Fine, here's your 750,000, now can I please go on and save Christmas? *Player loses 750k.
Lee: Pleasure doing business with you. Rest assured, we won't be bother Santa anymore. . . for now. The first lock onthe vault opens. Then, Lee pulls out a Butterfly wing and vanishes.

Corporate Alberta Vault (found behind where Lee was)
Player: Hmm, there's a numpad on the vault. Maybe I should put in their IDs in order?
*A chat prompt opens up. The player then has to enter, the three numbers, one at a time.
Player: The vault door swings open There it is, Santa's PetsCare Coupon! Hmm, there seems to be a note in here that's been torn in half.

*Player receives the PetsCare Coupon and Torn Note 2.

Quest log update - Finding the PetsCare Coupon: You found out a torn note inside the Corporate Corporate Alberta's vault. Perhaps this is a clue of some sort.

Sparks (found inside Santa's house)
Sparks: So, have you found out anything?
Player: Here, I've retrieved both the Godly Giant Belt and the PetsCare Coupon. I also found these two torn up notes from the bad guys.
Sparks: Torn up notes? Let me see those. Ah, these two should go together like this, and viola! Now, let's read the message: Well, dear Santa. It appears that you have defeated both groups I hired to ruin Christmas. It's just so hard to find good help these days. But no worries; I have taken your Kafra License, the secret to your magical bag. But to make things fair, I'll be nice and give you a clue to finding it. I have hidden your Kafra License deep below the ruins of a long forgotten city. Just don't let the ghosts spook you.

-Evil Santa.

Sparks: Woah, it looks like there's a hidden message that formed when both notes were combined. P.S. - I shall enjoy watching you suffer in your futile attempt at retrieving your precious Kafra License. Damn that Antonio! Toying with us like that! I know you've already done a lot, but you def-
Player: Watch me suffer huh! I'll show that Antonio just who exactly he's messing with. I'll get that Kafra License back and watch HIM suffer. Mwahahahah~
Sparks: (I think he's gone over the deep end).

Quest log update: The Finding the Godly Giant Belt and the Finding the PetsCare Coupon are removed. A quest, Showing Antonio Who's Boss is added.

Quest: Showing Antonio Who's Boss
Quest Log Entry: Antonio has hidden Santa's Kafra License in the ruins of a long forgotten city. Find it so you can finally save Christmas and move on with your life.

Odd Looking Debris (found in Geffenia)
Player: This seems to be an oddly arranged pile of debris. I wonder. . . You search under the pile. Aha! So this is where that Antonio hid the Kafra License. For all that "watching me suffer" nonsense, he sure made this easy. Now to get this back to Santa and bring joy to boys and girls everywhere.

*Player receives Kafra License.

Sparks (found inside Santa's house)
Sparks: Oh, you look like you have great news.
Player: Here's the Kafra License. Antonio didn't really do a good job at hiding it.
Sparks: Excellent!
Player: I've been meaning to ask, what exactly are these items for?
Sparks: Oh that. It's simple. We use the Godly Giant Belt as a conveyor belt.
Player: (/Swt. All that strength, used for a conveyor belt?)
Sparks: The PetsCare Coupon gives us a special offer on hamsters which we use to power up the factory
Player: (What the heck? Hamster power!?)
Sparks: And the Kafra Licen- All of sudden, Santa magically appears

Santa: Ho ho ho, the Kafra License - the single greatest and most important invention of the Kafra Corporation. Haven't you ever wondered how I can fit all those gifts inside my bag? This Kafra License is like a super Kafra Card, letting my bag connect to the Kafra Super Storage. I couldn't bring Christmas cheer without this.
Player: Wow, who would have thought that the Kafra Corporation has been working behind the Christmas scenes.
Santa: Well, enough chit-chat. I've got a Christmas schedule to keep up with! And by the way, don't be surprised if the world is Renewed~ Santa disappeared again.

Sparks: Anyways, thank you for your valuable service. Christmas most definitely would have been ruined without your help. Here, Santa would like to give these to you as a reward.
*Player obtains Honorary Santa's Helper Badge and Santa Hat.
Snow suddenly warps in beside Sparks

Snow: Oh hey there, I finally caught up with you.
Player: Oh hey Sno-
Snow: Anyways, I'm sorry for warping you all so suddenly. I was just really stressed out you know. The thing is, Christmas is in big trouble this year and-
Sparks: Man are you behind. He has already saved Christmas for crying out loud! Where have YOU been?
Snow: Oh, wha- he did what now? Oh gosh, I'm really, really, reeeaaaaaally sorry for bothering you. Really, I'm so very sor-
Player: Relax, Christmas has been saved and all is well. It's no big deal.
Snow: But it is! I have to at least reward you, on behalf of Kafra Corporation. Hey Sparks, do you have any extra Santa Bags lying around?
Sparks: Sure, we got plenty in the back. Let me get one for you.
Snow: Thanks~ I'm sure you already know the secret behind Santa's magical bag.
Player: Yeah, he told me that the Kafra Corporation is to thank for all this.
Snow: Yup, thats right~ So, as thanks, let me give you this. Snow waves her hands over the bag, followed by bright flashes of light. Here you go~ You're very own Santa's Magic Bag!
Player: My own Santa Bag?
Snow: Well, yes and no. It's not as powerful as Santa's original magic bag that is connected to the Kafra Super Storage. But this one lets you connect to your own Kafra storage, allowing you easy access to it anytime.
Player: Wow, thanks Snow! This sure would help with my adventures.
Snow: Sure thing~ It's the least I can do for someone who saved Christmas and saved one of Kafra Corporation's greatest treasures.

Event End

Christmas Event Related Items:
  • Torn Note 1
    • A torn out note. It reads:
      Well, dear Santa. It appears that you have defea
      so hard to find good help these days. But no wor
      your magical bag. But to make things fair, I'll be
      your Kafra License deep below the ruins of a lon

      -Evil Santa
  • Torn Note 2
    • A torn out note. It reads:
      ted both groups I hired to ruin Christmas. It's just
      ries; I have taken your Kafra License, the secret to
      nice and give you a clue to finding it. I have hidden
      g forgotten city. Just don't let the ghosts spook
  • Godly Giant Belt
    • The main conveyor belt used in Santa's factory. It has the power of over 9000 Megingjards.
  • PetsCare Coupon
    • A coupon issued by PetsCare - Rune-Midgards largest pet store franchise. This is a coupon that guarantees a lifetime supply of hamsters. Why Santa needs hamsters for his workshop, we'll never know.
  • Kafra License
    • A VIP Kafra Card, specially made for Santa.
  • Santa's Magic Bag
    • Usable item, account bound, weight 0. A lesser version of Santa's own magic bag. It opens the user's Kafra storage when used. This item's effect will only last during the event. *Note: I was hoping if it was possible to make the item be usable, but not be consumed. ] Kinda like how TKs can spam Earth Spike scrolls without consuming it when Happy Break is on. If that's not possible, then change the item to the 2nd effect below.
    • Accessory, weight 0, def 0, account bound. A lesser version of Santa's own magic bag. When equipped, it allows the player to use "Magic Bag" skill which opens the Kafra storage.This item's effect will only last during the event.
  • Honorary Santa's Helper Badge
    • Acessory, weight 0, def 0, account bound. A badge proving that you're one of Santa's official honorary helpers! Increases atk and matk by +5%. Increases exp received from monsters by 25%. When worn together with Santa Hat, it magically transforms the wearer's costume into a Santa costume. The extra damage and exp will last only during the event.


~Kafra Corporation: Santa Delivery Mini-Event~

Event Notice:
Thanks to Antonio's little mess, Santa is way behind his Christmas schedule and needs help. Santa still hasn't made his list of where to deliver the gifts to, and it doesn't help that none of the letters to Santa have any address on them. The Kafra Corporation volunteered assist Santa in sorting this out, with the help of adventurers from Rune-Midgard. Kafra Representative Raphael will be waiting by the Prontera Christmas tree, waiting for kind adventurers to come help.

Event Requirements
Required level: n/a
Quest Prerequisites: Must have completed the main Christmas event (the one above, or w/e Christmas event gets chosen)
Required Items: 25,000 zeny per try.

*tl:dr version, this will be like the raffle event. However, it requires a little bit more than enter spamming, but with a little mix-up.

Raphael (found around middle Prontera, near the big tree)
Raphael (first time talking with Raphael): Hey there, merry Christmas~! I'd like to chat, but we've got work to do. Santa got these letters from children, and they tried their best in describing what they want, but we can't really understand it. Maybe you could help us out.

*The next time you talk to Raphael, she'll randomly select a question from the list below. The players would then be prompted via chat box to type in the correct answer.

Raphael: Oh, here's one, and while you're at it, we need a small donation of 25,000 zeny to help with the gifts. *Zeny amount would vary and serve as a zeny sink as needed.
  • Dear Santa, I want this card for Christmas. *A random card image pops up, and the players would have to type the name of the monster.
  • Dear Santa, Lunatics look so soft and fluffy. I want a fur coat for this cold Christmas. *This refers to Mink Coat's description.
  • Dear Santa, I've been scribbling my innermost thoughts on scraps piece of paper. I wish I had something nicer to write on. *Girl's Diary, obviously.
*You guys get the idea. I'll need to think up more questions later.
Raphael: Oh, that's what this child was asking! Great thinking. Here, take this Holiday Token as a reward.

For each correct answer, the player gets an account bound Holiday Token which can be traded in for the following:
  • Hugel Medal
  • +10 Stat Food Box - 10 tokens (of your choice)
  • Old Card Album - 180 tokens
  • Sunglasses [1] - 320 tokens
*The conversion rate of Holiday Tokens to the rewards is still up for debate. I know that if you look at the total zeny cost of the rewards, S.Sunnies only add up to 8m, but I was thinking, it would be very tedious to get to 320. First of all, we simply cannot spam enter thanks to the answer required. Second, I was thinking of a longer list of questions - the random card alone should be a lot, and take that into account, it would be impossible or very hard to memorize all the answers for quick inputting. Overall, this should serve as a zeny sink, while making it impossible to just easily farm like the raffle event. I'm hoping that being forced to answer the riddles would actually require dedication and not just mindless enter spamming.

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 05:49 PM

Bump~ I finally finished this. Hope you all enjoy reading through it ;)
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Posted 12 August 2010 - 06:03 PM

Yeah i like it some stuff gotta be smoothed out but hey your ideas are great
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Posted 12 August 2010 - 06:10 PM

Ooooh. This sounds fun. A minor zeny sink, easy but long questing with a funny story line (I love the hamsters! :3) and awesome rewards. +1 vote for this idea!
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Posted 12 August 2010 - 06:16 PM

I tried to make the dialog as enjoyable as possible. I'm still having issues though, with giving the NPCs some more unique personalities.

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:00 AM

Bump, I added a Quiz Mini-Event at the bottom, for a chance at some extra awesome rewards :lol:
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Posted 18 August 2010 - 01:38 PM

Shanden Approved, and 4 stars, -1 for the zeny sink >:[

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