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Let's Party!

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 11:37 AM

Taken from my old post in iRO forums. No one made a comment on it, so I'm not sure what people think about this idea.


I want to propose a fun event in the hopes of raising camaraderie and teamwork among parties. I'm thinking it might take a while to develop something with this scale of an event, but to heck with it, I want it to be at least reviewed and commented on if its a good idea or if a seriously bad one.

The Ice Dungeon event was good and all, it gets everyone involved and try to work hard for it, I find this a good inspiration, but what I don't like is the fact that this event ran for more then 2 weeks straight, it was, for a fact, exhausting, repetitive and monotonous. I want a quest where you can go anywhere, and still gain extra exp.

The Event Proper

Lets Party!

An Adventurer in Juno finds out that lately, the other Adventurers from different Cities he visits don't have the drive to party with other classes even though they are in party level range and capable to battle. Menthe wants to change all that, so she has talked to all the First Job Class guilds to participate in encouraging to work with other job classes.

Players will then be instructed back to their First Class Job Guilds to learn more about the participating in the project. In order to join, Players must provide materials for Hats to be made to prove that they are willing and interested.

Materials Needed:

1 jewel representing the job Class ( i.e. sapphire for acolyte classes, emerald for swordsman classes, ruby for mage classes, topaz for archer classes, zicorn for merchant classes, red gemstone for gunslinger, blue gemstone for taekwon kid, yellow gemstone for super novice and 1 shadow orb for ninjas)
1 weapon representing the job class ( i.e. sword for swordsman, bow for archer...etc, or if its too difficult a random basic weapon)
10 iron ores
5 star crumbs

After providing the materials, they are given a headgear. I'm thinking of different colored ones to distinctly identify different classes and they will have special effects if worn within a party. Unless there is enough time developing better-looking headgears representing each job class, I guess one design with different colors will save time.

Hat Description:
_______ Hat, when worn by one Player, has 2 def and no slots. Mediocre huh? No one likes a bland hat that only provides 2 def, who wouldn't right?

However this Hat has a hidden ability activated when the quest is concluded. When 5 or more players wearing this hat is in a party, additional bonuses is added. What could it be..? Of course, its supposed to be for partying, what better bonuses are there to help parties with? Bonuses are as follows:

5% increase in acquiring base experience and job experience
5% increase in hp/sp regeneration
5% increase in drop rate
Additional +2 Def and +1 MDef
Every Player has a 5% chance of getting casted Assumptio level 5 when hit with physical damage.

To end the quest, return to Menthe to prove that you are a team player (by wearing the hat and showing it to her) , and once the quest ends, the hidden/additional bonuses are activated. Menthe will also indicate that there are other Adventurers waiting to have a party with the Player behind her. Behind her is a spacious area, Players can sit down and setup a chat requesting for parties.

Hats will lose its bonus effects once event ends (or keep it as a permanent item for further fun parties :)) Cannot be dropped or Traded.

This is my suggestion. It open for adjustments/improvements. If I'm given the chance to design the hat, I'd love to do it :(
And this is RAW so far, If I get more additions to this quest, I'll edit this post

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