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Requiem: Memento Mori Reinforcement System

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Posted 22 July 2010 - 05:08 PM

Requiem: Memento Mori Reinforcement System

Many changes came with the Season 2 update for Requiem: Memento Mori, including a change in the weapon and armor upgrading system.

Compounding will slowly be phased out of the game and all items can be upgraded through this new Reinforcement System.

All weapons, armors, and accessories now have a +0 in front of the name, this represents the stage of reinforcement that the item is at. An item can be upgraded to a maximum of +30 and your chances of succeeding grow slimmer the higher you go.
Here is the Reinforcement window which can be accessed through the Reinforcement Manager NPC:

Posted Image

A list of values are shown on the lower part of the window, there are 4 different values.

1. Success Rate â?? This is the % chance that you have of successfully Reinforcing an item. The higher the level of reinforcing, the lower the success rate.
2. Deterioration Rate â?? This is the % chance that you have that an itemâ??s reinforcement level will drop down to a lower number in the case that you donâ??t succeed.
3. Deterioration Limits â?? This is the max number of reinforcement levels that an item can be lowered in the case that your item deteriorates after a failure.
4. Break Rate â?? This is the % chance that an item can be destroyed in the case of a failed reinforcement.

Once you place the item you would like to Reinforce into the first slot, the window will show the number of Basic Xeons required to upgrade the item along with the chance values and the cost to upgrade:

Posted Image

You then drag the Basic Xeons into the 2nd slot where the correct number of xeons will automatically be placed in the slot. Once the correct xeons are placed in the slot, the image of a successful upgrade will show to the left of the window:

Posted Image

The altered values from the successful upgrade will show in parentheses next to the default base values of the item.
Once you click OK, some cards will appear to let you choose in this game of chance, the higher levels will have more cards for an even lesser chance of succeeding:

Posted Image
Posted Image

If successful or if the item deteriorated, it will become available in your bag. If the item was failed and was destroyed, the item will be deleted.

Item Mall Items

In the Item Mall, there are some new items that can be used to improve your chances at reinforcing by placing these items in one of the last 3 slots.

Reinforcement Success Rate Increase Coupon â?? Increases the rate of success by 10%.

Reinforcement Insurance â?? Prevents an item from breaking from a reinforcement failure.

Posted Image
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Posted 27 September 2010 - 06:29 AM

Thanks for the post. Does anyone know what the next Reinforcement Events take place. Is there a schedule for this or is it a random event. Please any information would be helpful.
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