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For people that have trouble logging on

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 05:03 AM

I saw a lot of people having this problem on the forums. Here's the information I seem to have gathered from the forum posting. There was ip range being blocked.
Here's some step or information to see what kind of problem(s) you have and the step to fix it hopefully.

1) If you can NOT access warpportal website through your normal internet connection. If you are reading this with your normal connection then this is not the case. On top of that, you are able to access then you are in the ip range that is blocked. Not sure if this is completely true but this is what I got from heim posting.

Solution: Send in a ticket via, this is the only way if your ip is blocked.

2) If you are getting a un-packing error or your RO client crashed during patching, then you have a patching problem.

Solution: Look here on this page. http://www.playragna...s/newslist.aspx
Here's a Video of the manual patch as well. Thanks to Lorderagon
Notice you should try running every .exe(renewal.exe, ragnarok.exe, raganrokFree.exe) file just in case one will update.
If that still do not work, try deleting the "PatchClient" folder in your RO folder.

3) If you are fully patched and able to get to the server select screen but when you try to select a server you "fail to connect to server" or just "fail to connect to server".

Solution: Make sure you are running "ragnarok.exe" NOT "renewal.exe" or "ragnarokFree.exe".
If this does not work, please run a tracert to see your connection to the server.

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