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Patch Notes v.333

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#26 Sathanas


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Posted 15 April 2011 - 08:02 PM

Depending on your class there are ways to improve that result. A Bourgeois for example, with max Stockpile would certainly help with the quantity when picked up. Using the Medal of Fortune from the Item Mall will essentially double your chances, per hour, per use. Partying with a large/larger group of people will help increase the kill/drop rate per hour. Of course, trying a different monster, such as the Orpe Lukete or Krawfy Swordsman may help.

Then again, other issues could arise, 1) 1 hour may not be sufficient amount of time to gauge the true availability as luck does play a part. 2) The more people that eventually fight those monsters, will increase its availability. 3) The drop rate is deemed too low and needs to be increased. 4) The drop rate is deemed acceptable, yet the availability of monsters who drop it may need to be increased.

Hope this helps!

TBH i think stockpile needs to get looked at...Ive tested my borgs vs my other chars on the same mobs...(back when drops werent garbage in orlo) my scouts average lisent drop would be about (4), but ranging from about (6) or (7) to (1) borgs? a flat, steady, consistent...(2)....mabe a (3) with a powder....
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Posted 15 April 2011 - 09:08 PM

I understand it can be frustrating and believe me, I appreciate the fact that you've provided as much information as you have already. The more the users provide their true honest reports, emotions aside the easier it will be for me to document the issues and report them to the Development Team. I will continue to gather data until the start of next week and submit my report to the Development Team for review once again.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and assistance during this time, it is greatly appreciated.

4 hours of Grand Fiery Snapper spawn and the best drop out of like 11ty million monsters was 1 low enthiric. Got a 6 purple powder, some ether, essence(not many of the chem) but that was pretty much it. If I didn't need the xp on that char I would have given up after 2. :(
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#28 xrazy


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Posted 16 April 2011 - 08:31 AM

i think its annoying that majority of the drops are crappy gear. inventory fills up too fast and its bothersome filtering, dropping, and choosing between which crappy gear i want to leave in my inventory until i find something slightly less crappy to take its spot. id rather mobs drop less EQ with better stats.

lisents still arent dropping enough. its nice that lower lvl characters can get them now. should increase the drop rates for higher lvl players becuase theyll need it more. killed 15 bosses around junon, didnt get anything worthwhile. wasnt really expecting much anyway.

nice work on the drop tables for the compendium tho ;o
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Posted 18 April 2011 - 04:54 AM

So, I just checked the "new and improved" ROSE Online Compendium,(The drop table) and all I have to say is I'm about to quit my crafter. I like the drop system, you made lisents drop fairly, but that and complete crap is all that drops. I agree with most crafters here, the drop system SUCKS for crafters, like no MATS drop for anything anymore >.< I personaly am trying cart crafting, it'd be nice, IF, the mats actually dropped. Like I said before, I was just on the compendium minutes ago, and it says for all the steam and mana drops, "This item does not drop," what'd you guys do, completely replace drops for armor and catalysts?? like I said, personally I like the drop system, catalyst wise, but for anything else, it sucks. Nothing else drops, craftings become hell =/ You guys should just take out the worthless drops, the crap people sell to npcs for like 200 zulie, go back to the old drops(like item wise, what dropped) and replace the gap(from the crap drops gone)with catalysts, obviously dont let them drop half as fast as the crap drops, but at least more than now, and bring the old good mats back, we need 'em!!

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