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ROSE Drop Information

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#101 bujjimanas


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 04:10 AM

The following table shows the relationship of what monster class has access to items in terms of categories of drop rarity.

The following table shows the relationship of what kind of items can be expected from within each drop category of rarity.

This is a more detailed view displaying what chemical can be expected, based on level range and rarity category along with what monster class has access to it.

This is a more detailed view displaying what catalysts can be expected, based on level range and rarity category along with what monster class has access to it.

this chat is not helping me D:
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Posted 23 July 2012 - 03:04 PM

Just want to chime in and say thank you for all of the feedback so far. I'm building a report that I'm sending to the Development Team early next week, so the more information you can provide (such as the information already listed in this thread), is appreciated.

@Phish, great video. I appreciate the light-hearted approach, but your sentiments definitely come across.

Why do always ppl in charge always talk but never do anything?

I'm new here, just realized how much the farming opportunity's suck here. And found this post where the entire rose community complains about it, the admin agrees and promis to solve it and yet more than 1 year after it still sucks.

Tell me befoure I logg in next time why the hell I should play a game like this where the Devs are working as hard as they can to kill a small community game? :S
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Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:06 AM

Because they don't just work on one thing at a time? It was also a small team back then, recently they hired more people so hopefully there is something that will change.
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Posted 13 December 2012 - 01:14 AM

to be honest, this game sucks these days. why cant we just go back to the old system where high lvls like 220 ++ have something to do farming in scavengers or high lvl mobs and get good drops. farming kings which spawn every 30 minutes is totally a failed idea. think about how many players are farming for the same king which only spawn so long and drops craps items , and all what is implemented is how to spend more item mall to make zulie or to play in the game. i really think item mall should be selling something unique like costumes or any items which not so crucial in the game and make a player super power . because there is no point of playing , farming , and become strong toward the end all the players need itemms in the item mall............. i love playing this game and this is the nly game i played since i starting game online, the dev can check my account, i started playing from the very very beginning of rose .. but now i barely play this game anymore .. the admin should pay attention about the future of the players...or other wise the all will just quit the game
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