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Commie shenannigans

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#1 fricfrac


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Posted 14 August 2010 - 01:27 PM

Hey Gang,

Just wanted to see anyone could give me a few tips for a Commie PVE I want to start.

Thanks Gang ^^
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#2 Ninnghizhidda


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Posted 31 August 2010 - 02:02 AM

Tips? Well, I would suggest you have a look at Floor Matt's guide, although it is concerned with PvP, it still has a great deal of useful information.

A PvE Commander should concentrate more on def and CON / HPs. You really dont have to try to be over the top damage-wise. You should expect to lose some damage capacity by going for CON and HPs, but this isnt so terribly important. A solid defence and high HPs means you survive very well against any mob and can also handle dungeons and raids. There is no point trying to be a dps freak, because a PvE Commander is both tank and dps at the same time. Also, the 3 nice aoe skills will help a Commander deal with multiple mobs while receiving little punishment.

Depending on the particular level, I would suggest certain choices about armour. Before 65, probably the only real choice is a lvl 55 FoC Gordium set. At 65 you should get your Seamless (S2) set. At 67/68 you have a choice. You could aim for a RH set. It is good one but hard to get all 5 pieces. You could aim for Biskra sets. Since they are only 3-piece sets, it is somewhat easier to acquire. The Seismic set... I dont like that one. STR as the main stat, that means a bit more damage and a lot less health. The Sea Protector set is my personal choice. A very solid set, and can be mixed with a variety of other pieces. After these levels... I really dont know, it is a personal choice. At 72 there is the new Glorious set. Not too bad, but not so glorious like the S1 obviously. And getting all 6 pieces is a real pain. And it is carus. Finally, at 75 there is the top set, currently, in the game. The Conqueror one. Pretty nice and solid. Again, quite a pain to get all 6 pieces, but is probably worth it much more than the 72 one.

All the above assuming you are not one of the very lucky souls that already have or can acquire S1 armour. If you do, then 66 Seamless and 70 Glorious pieces are unbeatable and should be used without second thought.

As for a shield... Not much choice until level 65, where you can get your S2 Egis. This isnt anything spectacular but will do a decent job. At 67/68 there are S2 RH and Biskra shields. I would opt for the RH one, it gives more HPs overall when upgraded. After that, I would just wait until 75 for a Soul Reposing shield.

Weapons? The usual unattractive S2 ones all the way to 65, where you can get slightly better from DS bosses. Again at 67/68 a choice of RH and Biskra one handers. Again I prefer the RH ones, just slightly less powerful but overall better HP providers. After that, there is a variety of carus weapons, also from LW and DC. Probably best idea is to forget about all the intermediate and head straight for 75 soul reposing, why waste carus basics on something you will replace fairly soon? There are of course the TB ultimate VI weapons, which you can buy with enough TB points. But although they are not bad, I would not recommend them since they are primarily suited for PvP purposes. Of course, as with armour, if you happen to have some S1 weapon, by all means use that one, until you are ready for a 75 one.

There is another question, what type of weapon? I will not even spend a sentence about 2-handers: FORGET THEM. I am also against bludgeons. Sure they have the highest damage, but... No real contribution to your health. You could choose between sword or axe. My personal fave is always the axe. Better damage and also ups your critical value, which is always welcome.

Ornaments? A set of the appropriate reinforced ones is pretty cool, will add nice physical damage and stats as well. If you really need to, you could have an MC set too, purely for tanking purposes in difficult situations.

What to enchant gear with? I have inserted def xeons (RH scales, IM short def or normnal ones) into armour and shields, physical attack xeons (high ranks, S1 3-3s or in any case the best you can find) in weapons, and a mix of HP xeons (S1 20s, IM ones, or even RH or Biskra if you are lucky to get any) and some critical ones (the 0.30% to both physical and skill) in ornaments. This results in: ultra high def, quite good physical damage, high health and also some acceptable values for physical and skill critical rate. Of course a variety of other xeons are possible to use, the short def down ones being a prime candidate for the weapon.

Needless to say, the higher you can reinforce all the gear the better the results. I mostly rely on rare gear because in S2 rare basics are plentiful and cheap and you can achieve really high levels of upgrading. Eximius or rare ornaments will work great too. With the curent status of availability for carus basics, I have limited the use of carus gear to an axe + shield, but this obviously depends on how many basics one can aquire.

Finally, about skills... You will need the obvious ones, I mean you probably already know about them. Def ones at max, skin of stone and survival instinct, probably accompanied by the relevant DNAs. 1-h mastery at max, together with as many DNA points possible. All 3 aoe skills are cool, boomerang is an absolute must, then moonlight, then some in chain slash too. Adamant at max, obviously. Works always, everywhere, in PvE and PvP. Well, striclty speaking will not prevent stuns from raid bosses. Face strike is very useful too, so try max this one. Shield strike up to lvl 5 or 6 max. Promise of Victory at lvl ONE, just for the hell of it. Chain of restraint is not terribly useful in PvE, but I have it anyway. Rush has minimal use too, but lvl 1 might prove useful sometimes. What is REALLY important, is Taunting Cry at lvl 5 or 6. You need this to be able to tank in parties and raids. Otherwise you will keep losing aggro, especially at 70+. Beam slash is very nice even in PvE, but I only use it at lvl 1. Thats about the skills, more or less.

I have been using all the above for many months now, and they work wonders in PvE, in solo, party or raid mode. I can tank for myself, my party and also handle a raid. In the same time damage capacity is pretty cool, so overall a nice experience fighting against the many mobs of Requiem. :blink:
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#3 Laner


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Posted 31 August 2010 - 07:25 PM

It depends what you think a pve commander is. For example if you are thinking of it as a soloing class that can dps but has more defense, or if you have tanking big raids in mind. If you want to tank and dps at the same time, yea it won't be much different from pvp build. And would suggest as above health, and defense. But obtain fair damage as well.
If you don't think you ever want to get involved in tanking, I would say you can focus almost entirely on dps. And add lots of crit in ornaments. And get crit based gears. You will still be a good meatshield in pve, while making yourself uber damage.

For PVE DNA, I would recommend putting more points in the defenses, Skin of Stone and Survival Instinct (so you can focus on putting damage and crit in gears) And aim toward maxing 1h weapon mastery of course. 10 points will be needed there (at end game). 5 points can go into beamslash, as it useful for dps in raids. That will leave you with 10 points that you can add (maybe all) into the defenses or leave some left over for rush dna (continous shooting) because shooting all around the map is very helpful in pve. Only about 5 points is needed in there. But this is optional. Then rest can go into defenses. You will need to aim for about 2000-2700 defense.

I agree with the guy above, my guide is good for pve as well, I think there isn't much difference between pve and pvp build for comm.
I think the skills can be left exactly the same as my guide.
If planning to tank , definitely have at least 6 points into Taunting Cry.
The only thing to consider is that chain slash (2nd job) when added more points can increase the amount of targets it hits. However there is not much you can drop points for to take it. Adamant mind (maybe) or face strike. But honestly adamant mind is needed in pve too, and you will one day be thankful you have it. I think any commander without adamant mind isn't a commander at all. I think you can make due without any face strike in pve, so if you want to take more points into chain slash, you could dump face strike. (Face strike can be used stragetically sometimes in pve, but I'm sure people won't care if you don't have it)

If there is no tanking plan at all, Onslaught is a good skill to have too, so drop points in Taunts for maxing that skill. If you want to tank, you can make due without this skill, and will definitely need points in Taunting Cry.

EDIT: Oh you also won't need 5 points in chain of restraint. But you can take at least lvl 1, and use it as a 2nd pulling skill.

Hope that helps some. And sorry for being confusing XD
Look at my guide first, and then look at the suggestion I have made here.

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#4 fricfrac


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Posted 19 September 2010 - 01:06 PM

Oh man, thanks a bunch you two...Very helpful stuff, I'm going to get on that right away...Bee's knees.
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