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The Problem with RO

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#76 HotZhot


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Posted 07 December 2010 - 10:03 PM

im a newb... went throught the part where they teach you how to use the key board and the stuff in the screen, selected a city, thats all, there is no more help after that, there is only a bunch of bots and useless NPCs after one leaves the training grounds, i wouldnt be the swordman lvl 6 job lvl 5 that im today if there werent fansites.

seems like they dont care about how RO will entertain us, but how RO will make them rich.

i would like to see efforts on making the game a little bit more playable for new people.
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#77 morphine


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Posted 08 December 2010 - 12:17 AM

1) If you needed more help with starting the game, you really should have tried to complete the training grounds if you are that unfamiliar with the game. That would have taken you to your first class job changer, let you try other class skills, made available a few quests for fast exp, etc.

2) The Eden quests added with renewal, though still in need of tweaking, help with potions and pretty good gear for new players.

3) You are practicing a bit of thread necromancy here.
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#78 JimKipo


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Posted 08 December 2010 - 08:39 AM

I hate this with a passion.
It's the primary reason I haven't seriously made an alchemist or blacksmith.

Lets take alchemists.
You can raise your stats for fighting and your acid and bombs will do more damage, besides that you can go cart revo spam and double team with your homunculus.
Ironically the stats needed to make potions, bombs and whatever else is almost the complete opposite of a build that can actually fight, barring the ice falchion and fireblend, making it a huge pain in the ass and a waste of materials to make your bombs and potions.
(and if you're on Valkyrie, it costs even more...)

As for blacksmiths...
Would you call someone who can't smith things a blacksmith?

No, you call them Hollgrehenn

LOL Sera,brilliant answer!!Can't stop laughing!! :D
(I have spent 3/4 of my zeny in failed attempts so u get how i feel...)
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#79 ZeroTigress


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Posted 08 December 2010 - 08:41 AM

3) You are practicing a bit of thread necromancy here.

I wouldn't put a link to this thread if people reviving it from time to time bothered me.
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#80 Maka


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Posted 26 March 2011 - 01:56 AM

That was a quick readd.
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