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Level 1-20 (WARRIOR)

-From about level 1-20, leveling is basically about doing your quests; just do all the quests you can and you�??ll level up quickly. Also, don�??t be shy about partying with other people and run some mission maps with them.
-Try not to join any random guild at this level. Chances are that it will die out eventually.

LEVEL 20 JOB CHANGE (See other guide for this)

Level 20-24 (KNIGHT)

-More of the same thing basically; quests are still your friend, but you might need to grind a few mission maps to push your character to level up.

Level 24-33

-You still do the same, quests and mission maps, but at level 24, you now have access to your Daily HunterG Quests (Located first at Port of Winds Center). This is a BIG boost of EXP since at this level it can almost level you up entirely.

Level 33-40

-Probably the most �??grinding�?? you will have in the game. Quests and Daily HunterG�??s are still very good EXP. Also, early to mid 30s are great levels to grind at Wrath Of Nautilus Hidden Map. This is very effective to do with a Knight since u can kill mobs with 1 skill (with low cooldown too).

LEVEL 40 JOB CHANGE (See other guide for this)

Level 40-42 (PALADIN)

-Quests won�??t get you too far at these levels, so your best option is F6 defense mode. It can be tiring but don�??t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel :P

Level 42-60

-F7 tower defense mode is the overwhelming choice of leveling because it doesn�??t damage you, leechable (word check?), and good drops (Weapon/Armor Enchant Dusts, Gold, Rare monster drop). Also, guilds can be helpful during these times for party, help, and chat to keep sane

LEVEL 60 JOB CHANGE (See other guide for this)

Level 60-70 (DRAGOON)

-F7 is still a great leveling path, but it will get old real fast. Even though F7 is getting old, you don�??t need to do it non stop or you WILL get crazy, I suggest working on your gear simultaneously with leveling.

GEARS: In general, Health and Agility are the premier stats for our class. Aim is a must for all classes.

Level 1-42

-Since leveling isn�??t that hard, plus PVE in this game is easymode, I suggest saving up for later gears (save gold, weapon/armor enchant dusts, gada coins, souls) and just go with the equips that drop for you. Try unsealing some for a defense boost and extra options, but do not soul craft anything at these level.
-As for accessories, just random rings, earring, belt, and shield are fine. Later on you will find out that aim is the best stat, but you won�??t need that much aim until late levels. As for necklace, just use the Sign of Dragon Fellowship that is awarded from the Farrell quest.
-For weapons, starting out, just use whatever u get since I believe a weapon is awarded from quests at level 5-20 or 25 (not sure which one but it really won�??t matter much). At level 28, you can get the Aqua spiritual sword from the temple of water quests that can last you until level 37. I know that level 34-36 weapons may be a bit stronger, but the repair cost is a big difference. At 37, I suggest getting a dark soul sword. If you cannot afford this, then try to keep the aqua weapon until level 40. At the job change you will get a weapon to replace it anyways. Either way, you will keep the weapon, whichever you used, to get to level 42.

Level 42-60

-Equips still don�??t matter as much since F7 does not damage you, however, the casual PVP can be attractive for a Paladin so I suggest getting gears that can be somewhat competitive.
-If PVPing, try getting a 5 piece set of chaotic set (from chaos maps: see other guides) since it gives an aim boost. Aim accessories if possible, but don�??t spend everything you have on them since they are still temporary anyways.
-Weapons are debatable for these levels. If you�??re planning to PVP along the way, then try to get the Magma Lord Sword with a decent enchant level. The Magichenge weapon, in my opinion, is over kill and only for people who stays at level 55. At level 60, Undead Bone Sword is the way to go since it�??s a great weapon in terms of attack and you will need that to last until level 70.

Level 60-68

-For your regular equips, I suggest a 5 piece chaotic level 54 set (Chaotic Signus Set) without the top piece, and use [Hero]Undead Bone Top. This top can be an endgame equip so u can soulcraft/enchant your heart out on this. The 5 piece set should be a bit decent since it has to last you until level 68
-For accessories, I suggest Premium Agnes Necklace(50 health), [Hero]Bone Dragon Earring (with aim at least), Ryvius Belt of Purity (27 agility, 5% aim), and rings with aim options. Shield can be either Skeleton Bandage, or the very rare [Hero]Undead Bone Shield.
-Weapon: Stick with Undead Bone Blade with competitive stats.

Level 68-70

-I suggest to get Premium Kryos Boots(50 agility), Premium Gloves of Alexander(50 agility, 3%aim), Keep the [Hero]Undead Bone Top, and a 3 piece set of Chaotic Octavia set (level 67). The 3 piece set of glorious Octavia(level70) will be better but it is not currently available. Even though the requirements for these equips are level 67, you have to be level 68 to farm for the gloves and boots, unless you can buy them.
-There are alternative builds and set combos like full [Hero]Undead Bone set, or 3/3 64/67 set, but i believe that the build i suggested is the most balanced one since it has Crit, Health, Agility, and Defense all in one.
-Accessories: keep the ones you have and maybe try to get rings with 8% aim on it.
-Weapon: keep Undead Bone Blade until you get your Zauharant Weapon at level 70 and enchant/soulcraft your heart out for that.

SKILL BUILD: For PVP, since PVE is easy and so the PVP build will more than suffice for it.


-Blow---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Cutdown---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Air Combo Launch---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Re-launch---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Storm Blade---- lv.3-5 depending on your skill points
-Sword Dance---- lv.5 great long distance catcher, cancellable.
-Hammer Crush---- lv.5 high chance of stuns, also can be an effective tool in F7


-Aerial Smackdown---- lv.1 great launcher and no need to level it up for more enemy launch.
-Shoulder Tackle---- lv.1 a decent launcher, but only lv.1 because there are better launchers.
-Spear Jab---- lv.2-5 depending on skill points. Already hits a lot, damage is the only real increase.
-Pressure---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Spin It Bear!---- lv5 great launcher, catcher, and damage. One of the best skills we have.
-Shield Mastery---- lv5-10 Block rate is important for us so just get it as high as you can.
-Parry---- lv.5-10 Block rate buff that is basically spammable. Cooldown=duration.
-Increased Defense--- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Giant Growth---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Body Activation---- lv.5 extra 24% HP is always good.
-Aerial Blow---- NO!
-Impervion---- lv.0-5 depending on user, but badly nerfed so I suggest not getting it.
-Revenge---- lv.0-5 depending on user, I find it as a waste of points since it�??s frowned upon in PVP


-Armor Mastery---- lv.1-5 I like it at 5 because it increases �??current�?? defense
-Armor Break---- lv.1 good debuff but skill points are the issue. Still effective though
-Joint Break---- lv.1 good debuff but skill points are the issue. Still effective though
-Weapon Suspension---- lv.1 good debuff but skill points are the issue. Still effective though
-Weapon Crasher---- lv.2 good debuff but skill points are the issue. Still effective though
-Cross Cut---- lv.5 Probably the best skill in our tree. Great catcher, stuns, has range, good damage.
-Iron Skin----lv.1-5 a prerequisite but I like it at level 5 for the +430 in physical defense
-Barricade---- lv.1 our healing skill, but mostly only used in Battle Square.
-C0ckroach Life---- lv.1-5 a good healing skill, but a bit cheap in PVP so I suggest lv.1 for emergencies.
-Aura Initiation---- lv.1 (prerequisite)
-Time Reverse---- lv.5 great toggle skill that reduces skill cooldown by 1.8 secs. Great for Battle Square, Emporia, and for your party, since they get the effect when they are near you.


-Rolling Ground---- lv.5 Great damage, can be used in a good combo.
-Awakening---- lv.1 (only if you are getting awakening skills)
-Dragon Scale---- DO NOT GET
-Ascension Dragon---- lv.0-1 not that great, but lv.1 just as a prerequisite.
-Dragon Dive---- lv.0-5 can be used with a good combo, but not a necessity.
-[Ultimate] Dragon Rush---- NO! can�??t be used in PVP. Rarely needed in PVE. If anything, people get it just for the looks.
-Awakening Charge---- lv.0-3 once again, not needed for PVP, but good to have to stop the awakening bar drain after the use of an awakening skill.

PVP GUIDE: basics

-Paladin/Dragoon PVP techniques revolve around catching your opponents. We have great skills for it like Sword Dance, Cross Cut, and even Spin It Bear!
-We are also a defense oriented class so a good Dragoon has good defense :o
-We are the most frowned upon class in PVP because of block, lock, and sometimes even damage.
-Fair rules for Paladins/Dragoons set up by basically the community is no infinite locking of any sorts because it is very cheap and takes away the fun of PVP. Another is no Revenge, especially on a 1v1 match. To stay away from this and not be called a �??locker�??, �??cheap�??, or whatever else they it might be, just try not to use the same skill twice in one combo.
-Combo Samples:
Sword dance>Cross Cut>Spear Jab, Spin It Bear!>Storm Blade
Sword dance>Cross Cut>Spear Jab>Aerial Smackdown>Spin It Bear!>Storm Blade
Cross Cut>Sword dance>Spear Jab>Weapon Suspension>Rolling Ground

-These are basic combos you can use, but you can always make it better, by inserting some debuffs in between, or even launching with Joint Break. Once you get the hang of a Dragoon, you�??ll see that a lot of our skills are interchangeable within our combos, so...


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