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Best class that suits for me (more inside)

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Posted 18 May 2011 - 01:23 AM


one month ago I came to Iro. Back in the days I was playing in Euro, but the server moved to fro and I don't want to play there for personal reason. I tested a lot of chars till now, but I'm still unsure what class I should stick to (I have made a bit of everything into the 90s^^).

I have about 20m zeny at the moment and what I want to do is the following: Most of the time I play solo, but the char should also be able to party some of the time. I am not that much interested in PVP/WOE at the moment (no zeny, no level 150 ;p), but the char should be able to take part (that probably kills some).
I have the option to make a second account and built some support chars if needed. And I prefer to not play Ctrl + Click ;p so dagger rogue should be no option ;p

So what would you say which class fits me the best?
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#2 DrAzzy


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Posted 19 May 2011 - 11:14 AM

Genetic/RK/Sura/Sorc* are all solid choices. They kill real good, and can solo decently as third job. RG* can be pretty good too.

Shadow Chaser would be okay - most people don't build them like a dagger rogue (most of the ones i've seen level with copied firetrap), but they're more of a WoE class. Annoying as all hell in WoE.

Rangers are a little sub-par in terms of overall performance. You want to solo, so priest is out. Mechanic is underpowered. So is Warlock and GX. Wanderer/Maestro... more of a party class is my understanding, not the easiest thing to level without a TI event either; they usually aren't durable enough to solo well.

* - these classes need a married linker for Kahii and a moonie dagger to keep the SP full.
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