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Posted 26 August 2010 - 02:44 PM

There's really no point in developing a database...I really don't have any access to anything that I would need and plus I foresee the quashing of hopes and dreams if I did complete it. I thought the instance thing would be a pretty easy way to do this all...
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#27 Poko4Sho


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Posted 05 September 2010 - 05:11 PM

Best idea ever. Nobody could hop your MVP warps, hand out your lot number to your guild and warp from your house, or just your friends to AFK lol.
I think it'd be good with a rental fee, like 1m a week for mortgage lol, somethin like that. 25m a year seems a little low. 100m a year? It needs to be a good amount, while not being so high you won't buy one.
Plus, that would make for a zeny sink and maybe(maybe) lower inflation eventually.

The wardrobe thing, while a good idea, might be a little extreme. Everything else should be pretty simple.

It could give you like, a "House Key" account bound item. While you have this, you can't buy a new house. The item would disappear if you failed to pay your mortgage and your house ID number would delete. Or something like that. Maybe like, you need to have item "House key" to access the Apartment/House chat, and if you did pay mortgage and get another key, you could re-use your old number. Just some thoughts.

EDIT: It'd be really cool if you could have a giant storage anybody in the house could use, it would make it really easy to supply for WoE. I dunno if that would be possible, though.

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