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NPC equipment + Item Mal Xeon

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#1 Thaylar


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Posted 29 May 2011 - 09:23 AM

Had a random thought yesterday:

The developers could make two item mall xeons that would function on NPC shop equipment. One xeon could work through the enchantment blacksmith to make the weapon/armor +0 reinforcable. The second xeon could work through the compound blacksmith to copy and replace the stat values of another piece of weapon/armor to the desired NPC item.

Basically, I like to play around and I bought all the Armageddon pieces of armor for my protector so that I could see what she looked like. And I liked it. But, the armor without stat bonuses is pretty worthless so I just thought about how neat it would be if I could "copy" the stats from something elese to each piece of the Armageddon set.

Essentially, it would just be a way to add variation to the game (as you can run around and see everyone wearing the same sets of armor) while making the company money.

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#2 Nadesh


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Posted 29 May 2011 - 10:41 AM

The npc items at sale should always be able to be reinforced. What i would suggest is that were able to be reinforced and should have grade (ordinary, supernus, eximius, etc) but shouldnt be able to be reduced.

About the second one, i think that should be the other way around, when one have an item, could be a mall item, that let the player change the skin of that item to make it look like other (of the same kind, ofc).

And a second mall item could let the player pick new skins that any dropped item have. For example, one could pick the Dusgusted Hunter's Rifle skin for a launcher.
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