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Start a knight

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#1 molkomkillen


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 05:44 AM

how should i upgrade skill and stats to become a good knight?? i try to find on the forum but diden't find any topig that giva a good guide about knight...

i did find about champ but wan't a knight =) so that's why i create this.
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#2 Zurn


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Posted 11 July 2011 - 12:43 PM

get the defense passives , hp restore passives, weapon mastery, one handed mastery fatal thrust, maybe shield stuff if your doing a normal knight (not xbow) after that idk dont have anything more yet
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#3 iRon


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Posted 11 July 2011 - 01:03 PM

crossbow knight is more fun btw
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#4 shokwavez


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Posted 14 July 2011 - 06:13 PM

I'll give you a hint. Since Knights have a lot of defense, you'll need to equip your character with AP gear (for starters) to get you going through leveling faster (if you're soloing of course). Don't worry about not having enough defense when tanking bosses and other monsters. Sword/shield soldiers will hold out just fine with basic equip.

As for Skills you can check the R.O.S.E Online Compendium Site:

That particular section I linked up there gives you the skill tree's of every kind of soldier. Just surf through the tabs to preview what you need :)

Now beginning with Common Tab of soldiers:
Repose,Physical Training, Refreshment and Staminal Training - Max all of those.
Weapon Mastery - Max
Double Attack - Max
Soul Wreck - Max
Battle Alertness - Leave at just level one. (PVP purposes against hawkers that stealth/cloak)
Taunt - I don't really use this skill. But for leveling in groups it would be necessary to use to tank a boss.
Power Overflow - Max. Your attack buff.
Defense Training - Max
Staminal Assist - Max

One-Hand Tab
One-Handed Mastery - Max
Fatal Thrust - Max (Required for future knight skills)
Shield mastery - Max
Shield Stun - Max. can't go wrong with stun!
Durability Assist - A skill that mildly buffs defense of a target (you're party or friends)I don't use this skill either. Usually if you're in a party, you'll have a FS Muse with you (sometimes) and they'll take care of the other buffs.

Knight Tab
Advanced Defense Training - Max
Safe Guard - Max. This skill especially YOU NEED to become the tank that you will be! :)
Protection - The same as Durability Assist; targets a player for the M-def buff. Not Necessary.
Advanced Shield Mastery - Max. Thats right! more defense!
Shield Reflect - Now depending if you wan't to pvp this skill is a necesity. Shield Reflect helps quite a bit in pvp grounds, as for against monster mobs? Well doesn't seem like it would help too much.
Advanced One Hand Mastery - Max
Actual Battle training - Max
Lightening Crasher - Max. This is a stun skill that's too my one of the priorities to survival in pvp and leveling.
Sword Force - Max. A range skill that inflicts a decent amount of damage.
AOES: Area Of Effect's
Impact Wave - Max. Once again highly necessary in pvp's and also mobs. It decreases AP and MSpeed. Sounds good to me =]
Swords of Divinity - Now this skill has no real special effects to it. Just one big AOE. But since knight's don't have much damage skills I'd definitely get it.

As for STATS Once again depends if your going PVP or just to FARM
If you want to go pvp
STR: Enough to hold Shield and weapon. Aurum Shield Req. 312 Str. But to be balance: Go for 350STR
CON: Now it really depends upon the gear you use. CON is really geared to Raiders/Scouts with 4-5k DR. You will need at least 3k Accuracy. Now this is serious because knight skills are just mostly Weapon/Physical skills. It's not like reliable magic skills such as for Mages that still hit with low Accuracy. If you try with knight skills such as Lightening Crasher. Most-Likely it'l miss but still stun (I think). Leave your CON around 250
DEX: Dex gives approx. 0.35 AP. Everything else into this. Dex acts like a secondary AP other than STR. Now you wonder why DEX when you can just max in to STR? More hp, defense, doesn't benefit too much.

If you want to go PVM (Farming)
STR: Max
CON: 220
DEX: Everything else goes here


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#5 molkomkillen


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Posted 17 July 2011 - 01:57 PM

thx =)) it helps a lot :thumb:
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#6 shokwavez


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Posted 17 July 2011 - 03:26 PM

What a relief ! You read it haha =]. Glad to help :thumb:
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