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Sens Crafter

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#1 Dhaos13


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Posted 18 July 2011 - 06:03 AM


After making a Con Crafter(CronoDeal) , i wish to go on a Sens Crafter(JeanJaques),i think i need to up my sen's crafter at max and the rest in Con.
But what about equipment, i'm searching everywhere on Web wich equipment are the best for, but i don't realy find a good topic or guide.

I fonnd on player's shop:Uniform Guard,Lifeguards whistle,4 leaf clover,but not realy sure that's the best, coz for exemple, with uniform guard i loose Con SP or maybe is not so important to loose Con.

I think,im going on that:

Head: Royal Crown +30 Con +20 sens
Face: 4 leaf clover +45 sens(i fond one with +5 Sens substat)
Body: Legendary Mercenary vest +20 Con with E7 or Uniform Guard +30 Sens with E7
Arms: Legendary Mercenary gloves +14 Con +11 Sens(or maybe higher with Re-Roll Hammer)
Foot: Legendary Mercenary Shoes +18 Con +11 Sens(same as Gloves)
Weapon: Crafting Block Hammer +260 Con with E7
Tools :Asper Charm +30 Sens
Back:Any BackShield or Wings givin +20 Sens
Luxury Ring +20 Con with E7
Lifeguard Whistle +30 Sens with E7
Luxury Earing +20 Con with E7

Do i realy need Luxury?same question about the Unfiform guard?

Am i on truth?tell me if they are better choice
And please forgive me if i made mistake , im not a pro with shakespeare language :thumb:
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#2 Laprion


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Posted 18 July 2011 - 06:15 AM

i'd recommend uniform over legendeny my sen craft has

mask i have 35 sense cart goggles
crafting hammer 260con with 10/5%con and 10/5% sense
asper charm
wings 20 sense
IM gloves 20 sense
Crown 20 sense and 30 con
life guard uniform with e7
whistle with e7
as i have a con crafter and luxury set with the con 10/5% and sen 10/5% in the ring and earring i use them i get around 817 sen which seams anoth to craft anything
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#3 DestinyDeoxys


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Posted 18 July 2011 - 07:26 AM

Don't know if it's my luck or what, with 710CON 644SEN I was unable to craft any 40mspeed 60dodge stat after that I decide to change from max CON rest SEN to max SEN rest CON, and I got to 510CON 868SEN and crafted a couple thing and finally got a 40 mspeed 60 dodge. :thumb:

The luxury ruby set is going to cost a lot, since it gives you CON only, and from the transition 710CON to 510CON, I don't really see a lot more failures, the failures are still pretty much the same. The lifeguard uniform is easy to get now, just head to sunshine coast, there are massive trash spawn once for awhile.
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#4 Dhaos13


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Posted 19 July 2011 - 09:57 AM

Thanx for your help!i just need to level max my sens crafter now B),
Destiny u answer lot of question im asking about Con.
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#5 DrunkinMonkey


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Posted 11 January 2012 - 04:37 PM

ok with 900 sen and almost 500 con at lvl202 i get constant good stats but only have 70% chance success makeing lvl 200 eq altho i dont fail ofeten everynow n they ii hit a fail streak i also get max stat pretty regularen crafting u really need to be mass crafting 20+ to really get what u want
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