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Turning in Quests once transcended

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#1 adamsst


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Posted 24 July 2011 - 10:56 AM

So today as a level 5/1 high merchant I turned in some leftover quests from the 70-85 eden range. The 4 quests (raydric archer, etc.) were worth 72000 base exp each and I went from level 5-9. How is this possible?
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#2 EvilLoynis


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Posted 24 July 2011 - 03:34 PM

Because of how experience packages work.
You CANNOT get more than 1 level (Base and Job) out of each package of exp.

I gave a friend some info regarding the Mothers day quest a while back that should help explain things

The Problem is that you job lvl was probably to low to take full advantage of the exp. You see each time you get a "bucket" or "pack" of exp you can only go up 1 Lvl/JLbl max.

Link to the irowiki's job exp chart.

This is why when you read quest info it's good to know how the exp is given, as one great lump of exp (not great till really high) or several times spread out (ideal at lower lvls).

An example why lump would be bad. The Mothers Day quest gives in total 1,250,000 Base/Job exp. If you were to get this as a lvl 1/1 Swordie (just go with it) you might think you would be lvl 57/50 practically. This is because to get to lvl 57 takes 1,244,800 Base and Job 50 as First class takes 1,251,530 (not including Novice job lvls). However this is NOT the case. If you were that lvl 1/1 Swordie and got the exp in one lump you would actually only be lvl 2/2 and 99.9% to lvl 3/3. Really sucks doesn't it?

Even the way the exp quest is done now divides the exp up into 10 parts, using the 1/1 Swordie example, you would still only be a lvl 11/11 Swordie if you did it right away.

Ideally I would not start doing this quest until around Level 75/35 (2nd Class), so that your not wasting big chunks of the exp. This is because at lvl 75 it takes 180,000 exp to reach 76 and 157,500 to reach Job 36. This means that those huge pots full of exp will take you most of the way but not be wasted.

Hope that helps

This is exactly what I did when I made my 2 newest characters. ~CragHack~ my new Knight and ~EvilLoynis~ my new Rogue. I followed really the same exact lvling for both of them. Ounce I hit lvl 12 I did stainers till around level 16 when I started on the Ant Monsters (Deniro, Pierre and Andre). I did them till lvl 30 then did the VIP Water Dungeon quests. I waited until I had actually completed all 5 of the quests before turning them in for the exp. This is because I was already lvl 75 by the time I completed them really and when I turned them in then I got to lvl about lvl 80 or 81 ( just had to make sure not to leave after I hit lvl 76 before turning them ALL in.). Then I did the MDay quests with one of the Lucky Box 3XBM's (Triple exp) and now they are both lvl 91/50 :D only took 2 days each. Now their Grind really begins.

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#3 adamsst


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Posted 26 July 2011 - 06:27 PM

Thanks, I actually had a friend in-game explain the same thing to me, I just wasnt aware of the situation, live and learn.
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