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Biri's Guide To: Esma & Woe Soul Linkers

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Posted 23 July 2010 - 09:41 AM

Biri's Guide To: Esma & WoE Soul Linkers

Section 0: Contents

Section 0: Contents
Section I: Updates
Section II: Warning
Section III: Builds
Section IV: Skills
Section V: Tricks Of The Trade
Section VI: Stats
Section VII: Equips
Section VIII: WoE Strategies
Section IX: Leveling Locations
Section X: Bad Places to Level
Section XI: The BEST Leveling Method(s)
Section XII: The Alternative Leveling Guide
Section XIII: Credits and Copyright

Section I: Updates

08/22/06 Began this guide.
02/21/07: Published this guide to SI forums.
04/04/07: Added a little bit more information to the guide. Have yet to write this neatly and make it all nice but plan to someday.
05/03/07: Added some information about matk and sp regen in the leveling guide.
06/03/07: Updated the guild with more information on leveling and moved sections around to make it easier to read.
06/30/07: Posted this guide onto the iRO Forums under the Expanded Class section. This guide is now considered public.
07/05/07: Clarified monster racing, exp/hr statement.
10/02/07: Removed information on how to kill a Soul Linker due to a large demand to remove it. I have mixed feelings on this, however, I don't really think the information I provided was all that helpful anyways. It was intended to teach people about surviving but didn't really teach that anyways in the end since I did not provide any helpful information to overcome the weaknesses, personally I believe each person should learn their build and learn how to overcome such obstacles such as dying due to a weakness in WoE on their own.
10/03/07: Included a bit more information on Kaina and Eswoo. And updated my leveling guide a bit.
10/08/07: Updated a few things here and there, nothing major really. Mostly spelling, formatting and updated a few outdated things.

Section II: Warning

Soul Linker is bit of a thankless job (outside of woe), it is primarily a support job... and mostly support while at WoE more so than anywhere else. Don't expect the party invites to fly... unless the community begins to understand Soul Linkers a little better.

As an Esma Soul Linker, expect to spend 90% of your time sitting, doing nothing, slowly waiting for your sp to regenerate... if you decide to level solo it with Esma. I'd highly suggest being prepared for this before hand or else you may end up wasting your time.

Section III: Builds

Pure Esma - Esma, Es and Ka skills high leveled.
Pure Linker - High level links, no real investment into anything else - especially not Esma.
Hybrid (Esma & WoE Build) - Up to you to decide the perfect balance that's right for you. Usually a combination of Esma and pure linker build... good luck!
Melee Build - I may consider making a guide for one some day but for now I'm happy with Esma.

Section IV: Skills

Skills: http://ro.doddlercon...soullinker.html
More Skill Details: http://ro.doddlercon.../linkskill.html
Credit to: Doddler ( )

Ka- and es- skill explanation: Ka skills work on yourself, other Soul Linkers, your child, or spouse unless you are linked by another linker. Es skills work ONLY on monsters... PS Guardians count as monsters! Emperium does not.

How To Use Kaahi: While leveling gauge yourself based by the damage a monster does to YOU personally. If a monster does 3xx dmg, use Kaahi level 2, if the monster does 401 dmg or something highly consider using Kaahi 3. If you don't understand why now, you will in time. Also, if you're VERY low on HP, do NOT expect Kaahi 7 or something to heal you right up if a monster would do pretend 200 dmg normally and you have 300hp so no worries right? WRONG! A good trick is to use Kaupe on yourself AND kaahi 7 (or some high level of Kaahi at least - doesn't have to be 7) and it'll neglect dmg taken BUT heal you with Kaahi! So no worry of dying if the monster uses a skill on their first attack that does more than 300dmg or something.

Again, if you don't understand what I'm saying here, you will in time.

How To Use Esma: Use Estin/Estun/Eske then Esma. Very simple. You can use Estin/Estun/Eske on ONE monster and use Esma on another monster entirely. So if you want to prevent agro you can use your pre skill on a plant then cast it on a near by monster that doesn't have cast sensor. It can help ease leveling or help with taking care of tricky mob situations.

How Kaupe, Kaahi, and Kaite work together: Kaupe gets used and then Kaite is used up afterwards if a spell is used that is harmful. If a heal spell is used then Kapue isn't used but Kaite is used up. Kaahi is used anytime a melee type attack is done to you, even if you take no actual damage, as long as your HP is below full, even if it is 1 hp below full hp.

Note On Kaite: The damage one would have received from the magic attack is the damage that is reflected. So if you are lexed and Kaite'd and someone casts a spell on you and is reflected back - the damage WILL be double.

Note On Kaupe: Skills that say "ignore flee" can be dodged by Kaupe since it's not a flee thing at all. Some skills can actually ignore Kaupe such as a Paladin's Gloria Domini.

Note On Kaahi: If you dodge a melee hit from a monster with Kaahi on, such as due to flee or perfect dodge, you will heal with Kaahi, however, if you are at full hp and you dodge the attack Kaahi will not activate and no sp will be used.

Note On Happy Break: This skill is pretty nice for SLs who want to do PVP with another TK type class around. You can get happy break, and then have between a 90-99% chance of using a earth scroll and NOT have the scroll used while in happy break. Happy break is established by using /doridori next to another TK type job. A gloria looking icon will appear on your screen. The chance starts at 90% and reduces the higher the level of happy break by 1% per level.

Note On Kaina: This skill is probably the best offered skill for a soul linker and can in many cases double or triple your exp/hr. since you won't be sitting anywhere near as much.

The skill reduces the cost of Esma by a percent which is also based on the skill level, and base level. In your 90s at level 7 it can reduce the cost of Estin/Estun/Esma by near 50%!!! For more detailed information about this skill please refer to the Doddler skill page link I included (or click here) for exact percentages and so forth.

Note On Eswoo: Personally I don't have much interest in trying to include this skill in my Esma build. I feel that a fast cast time can negate any real advantage of sacrificing the skill points to get this to a decent level. However, I have heard from many soul linkers that it's something that they couldn't really live without. So consider carefully the benefit behind it and if you would be interested in getting it for yourself. If you are not too familiar the skill basically shrinks the enemy sprite to a smaller looking size (the size of the monster in terms of stats and so forth does not change, only appearance) it also decreases the walking speed by a ton.

I can only really see this being useful against monsters like Bloody Knight and other very over powered monsters.

This skill also works on MVPs so it might be an option for something like that, but lasts less time against an MVP.

If you're interested in learning more in depth information about this skill please check the Doddler skill link provided above. (or click here)

Section V: Stats

Str: Consider getting 20 for weight and early leveling purposes. However, in the end it probably isn't worth it.
Agi: Leave at 1 and get Luk 9 or get this to 9 and leave Luk at 1.
Int: I'd highly suggest getting this stat to 99. No matter WHAT build (other than the ignored melee build of course). The sp regen bonus makes it absolutely important without any doubt. (Consider the fact that you will not be able to get every link to level 5 and some will cost you 460sp @_@ - and in WoE usually monks and other jobs are watched out for to get SP before linker)
Dex: Get at least 30 Dex regardless of build, if Esma, consider at least getting 50 Dex. Some go very high Dex and rest shared between int and Vit.
Vit: I'd suggest getting as much as you can balance into your build to help avoid stun. It's not like you can kaupe, Kaite or anything if you're just stunned being poked to death really fast by something.
Luk: Leave at 1 and get Agi 9 or get this to 9 and leave Agi at 1.

Best way to raise stats for Esma linker: 20 Str, 20 Dex, 20 Vit (if you WANT! consider the fact that leveling will be slower for longer since you need 99 int asap if use Esma to level), 30 Dex, 99 int, finish Dex and Vit anyway you want. I'd suggest getting Dex first but Vit may be more important to you depending on your build (to prevent stun in woe).

Section VI: Equips

This shouldn't be too hard to know. Get common mage type WoE equips (Unfrozen Silk, Immune, and Cranial Valk).

Basically get what you would if you were playing a mage job.

I would highly suggest focusing leveling equipment around what will give you the best SP Regeneration rate if you are someone who plans to solo.
I would also suggest getting an Ayam and possibly an Eggyra Card to accomplish this.

Also, I'd highly suggest getting a Marduk card or Stalactic Golem card because Kaupe spamming is your #1 means of surviving during WoE.

Section VII: Tricks Of The Trade

How To Link Other people efficiently during WoE:
During WoE casting a link is followed by a motion lock. You sort of can't move around normally it's weird and hard to explain. You'll know what I mean when you experience it. Instead of moving around to be back to normal, it's easy to just simply cast Kaupe on yourself or sight so you can quickly be back to normal.

Surviving during WoE on your own:
Kaupe, Kaite, Kaahi. You WILL die if you take on more than one person versus yourself. UNLESS you sprint, leap and get the hell away from them... which is luckily not that hard but can take some practice. So practice leaping, sprinting and avoiding people. Kaupe spam is essential 1vs1. Just Kaupe spam, and if you can't keep up, run. Very simple. You're not PVP, you're support and/or PVM. You CAN get some skill and waste Zeny using scrolls but I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a VERY high level to pull it off at all.

Dispell Proof: Soul Linkers are naturally immune to status canceling skills such as Dispell, Hermode's Rod, and Flying Kick.

Kaite Vs. Assumptio: Casting Kaite on someone with Assumptio even if you are not linked will remove their Assumptio! Just keep in mind that this is considered against the rules if it is casted on someone and they specifically said not to cast that. It's sorta iffy even if they didn't say not to so it's usually best NOT to do this, especially during WoE.

Best Matk/Sp Regen Trick: If you're an esma linker with you might want to consider around level 90 what your total int and matk will be if using a non slotted earring and a phen earring instead of a phen and the sign. If you have 120 int you'll get at least 4 more sp per tick, and that's before sp regen cards/equipment take their effect on the total. In my mid 90s I was able to swap the sign for a non slotted earring and have more matk, and faster sp regen since I hit 99+21 INT that way. Also with the help of some other gears as well, such as Ayam, Memory Book, and Evil Bone Wand.

Easier Sp Regen Trick: To reach 120 int without having to sacrifice the gears you use usually to level with, consider just bringing along equipment that's just int related and wearing that to hit your 120 int while resting. It can boost sp regen around... 4-6sp a tick int or so. (Can depend on your build and total int)

Food: After the release of the Valk Shield I wanted to ditch the memory book and get a Valk Shield instead to help me out more. This of course messed up my 120 int and I resorted to using +1 or +2 int food. I would highly suggest considering using food if you have the money and interest to attempt it.

Section VIII: WoE Strategies

Links: Soul Linkers need, links, end of story. Wizards, especially high wizards, will more than likely need links - as well as most wizards actually if they want to survive a rush with crystal fragments. Priests (especially ME priests) CAN pwn with link, but usually don't take advantage of their link due to their vital role in WoE.

THE MUST rule of thumb: Not every guild has enough soul linkers to link each other, or near each other or are simply too busy to. If you see a soul linker not linked, link them - unless you KNOW they, for some reason, cannot make any use of being linked.

Kaupe: SPAM KAUPE! It's can be a VERY underestimated skill! I prefer to spam it on a CP team or highest leveled/ highest damage / most important wizard otherwise or switch back and forth. Don't forget to keep yourself Kaupe'd at ALL times! ... if you get Kaupe level 3 at all that is.

Kaahi: Try to convince Scholars that Kaahi is more helpful than hurtful to them. If they do not want Kaahi, then respect that. Once they do, you should Kaahi them probably like, level 3-7. Even level 1 Kaahi would be incredible for them I believe. Same goes towards priests if they have a LOT of Dex to spam mag and keep their sp up... I don't think I'd really recommended it on priests in every situation though so be warned, make sure YOU understand if it is a good idea or not, most of the time, probably not the best idea. ALSO! ALWAYS ASK BEFORE USING KAAHI ON SOMEONE! If they say no thanks, respect it, and move on. They know their build better than you do, I don't care if you have 8 level 99 of their job, they know their job, they play it, let them not have it if they don't want it.

Kaite: I suggest getting at least level 5 if you want to WoE with your Soul Linker. A guild will appreciate your ability to at least link other soul linkers if you do decide not to get this skill - but it is one of the most powerful skills Soul Linkers can bring to the table during WoE. If you have anything less than level 5 Kaite, then don't bother using it on anyone else. It might not be the worst idea to do so, but it's not that great of an idea to bother really. DO NOT USE KAITE ON PRIESTS, SADERS/PALADINS, SCHOLARS, OR MONKS! Unless they ask you to, or unless you're ordered to do so by a leader, I'd highly suggest questioning a decision to use it on a priest, a scholar might not have soul exhale or whatever yet so there's some level of understanding in that and not a lot of monks heal themselves either really.
Usually it's okay to Kaite EVERYONE right before rushing a pre-cast but when defending, or in most other situations, it's usually a bad idea.

Bard Dancer Link: Be very careful upon using this link. For instance if you use this link on a CP team member and they use CP they will NOT be able to use longing for freedom because the CP will have effect on the team due to the Link. So make sure to ask before linking if you're ever unsure.

Section IX: Leveling Locations

1-8: Novice fields until you get enough job levels to use storage.

8-12: Rockers south then west of Prontera with a +9 Main Gauche[3] or some better weapon. If you don't have something like that, consider either staying at novice grounds, or leveling at some place simple like west of Geffen, or if you have the zeny for some healing items (a pupa equip wouldn't hurt either) check out Payon level 1.

12-24: Payon Dungeon level 1. Consider getting some dex or maxing the str you want in your build (like 20 tops) and work on getting sprint to level 10, and tumbling. Around level 24 you should be ready for the next stage.

24-50: Go ahead and go north of LH or to some metaling map and level off metalings until base 50. Be prepared to spam reds like crazy, it'll pay off the most this way. If you're poor I'd consider staying at Payon 1 until 34 or even 40. Somewhere between 34-40 you might want to consider doing smokies though.

40/50 - Job Change: Lou Yang
Info: Party with someone, hit the monster and keep your distance allowing someone else to kill the monster with the ability to do so. You could also stick at metalings if you manage to level off a highly populated metaling map. Sometimes the exp from metalings is actually faster than lou yang depending on who you're running mi gaos for.

Job Change - Esma 10: Get Kaahi 1 (if you plan to get it) and fight something like mantis or metalings and get your job levels up a lil bit on your own, or simply continue fighting with other people in lou yang - either way expect to be in Lou Yang or metalings a little longer until you get Esma 10 or at least at level 5... sorry.

Esma 5/ Esma 10 - 75-78: Geographers... fun! (Not really) Once you get Esma 10, IF you get Kaahi and tumbling - you can consider going to Kun Lun level 1 dungeon which isn't bad for a change of scenery, Goats are awesome if you have the Kaahi for it and Esma 10 of course, the ones directly south 2 of Juno/Yuno are great. Prison isn't too bad either once you get the Kaahi, and Esma 10 for it - keep those leveling locations in mind when you're bored and need a change of place. They might not be that great but they aren't awful either.

75-78: The Sign Quest. As soon as you can do the sign quest basically. The sign quest will GREATLY help you level if you use Esma skill. Even if you don't use Esma, this quest gives great exp so consider doing it.
Also, I'd like to note that quests are your best friend if they are not level based at this point so I would highly recommend doing as many as you can.

The Sign Quest - 90: Continue wherever you've been leveling a lot, Geos, wherever. If you have Kaahi and Esma 10 and have the stats and mental skill for it; consider doing TI1. The exp is great, but might not be as great as Geographers! DUM DUM DUM!

90-94: You might want to consider checking out chiv 2 and kill rays and khals. Avoid everything else unless you're feeling very brave. Compare the exp you get here with other places and decide if it is best for you or not. Geographers is usually a great fall back place to level at.
94 to 95: This is the level, the level you hope to get, level 95. Work on getting all the quests that give exp based on your level out of the way and done to push you forward to getting this level. You don't have to, but it is probably in your best interest to do so You can continue leveling at whichever place you deem to find best otherwise or as well.

95-99: Stay strong! These levels are very slow and can be very painful if you are soloing. Check out some advice in the Section XI about best leveling method(s) for more information.

Monster Races: Usually I end up making 100k-400k an hour leveling solo... medals give 65k per. A singles monster race win is 65kx4 260k

So if you do monster races for an hour and bet on the SAME monster no matter what. You can get usually at least, 1 win per hour. Which can sometimes make it actually faster than leveling a soul linker with Esma.

If you win twice within an hour, you just reached or doubled your leveling speed for the hour.

Doing monster races and betting on the doubles and singles races can greatly increase the number of medals you obtain so if you plan to do racing for your exp, focus on doing the doubles races while doing singles only if you know you can do them before the next doubles race starts.

Most people can get 50-100 medals a day, by simply betting on the same pair of monsters at doubles races.

Monster races don't really offer the same sort of reward such as drops but can be a nice change. Think of it as a leveling location and try to disregard the fact that you could be incredibly rich by saving those medals. If you need money, then may I suggest saving them medals to 1,000 and getting elemental armor to sell off. Either way it's win-win for you, it just depends on what you want to focus your time to, leveling or money.

Section X: Bad Places to Level

Stings, the exp from mentioned places are going to be twice as fast in most cases...
However, many people claim that this place can be a great place to level if you have eswoo or just because they claim it to be so.
Personally, I found Stings to be slower than some of the slowests places I have leveled at.

Prison is also NOT the fastest place to level either, but not the worst.

ALSO Never focus too much on leveling at one spot at a time, depending on your build you might be getting less exp than you could if you traveled around a little.

For instance, sometimes Goats would give me more exp per hour than geos and other times geos would give me more exp per hour based on my stats and levels.

Example: Geos would heal too quickly but goats wouldn't heal each other even though they take slightly longer to kill than a geo 1vs1.

In the end though, please test places to level with Esma for yourself to see what would work best with you, especially at whichever level you are at since it can really make a huge difference in leveling speed.

Section XI: The BEST Leveling Method(s)

Level with a priest: Mag and bless and esma will, and can double, or even quadrupedal your exp per hour. At level 95 at Ice Dungeon level 3 with a High Priest I was making over 1.5mil an hour being slaved to help him collect glacial hearts, on share that amount of exp would still be wonderful for both people in my opinion. Check out other places with a priest and let the exp fly!

Parties: Parties would probably also be incredible as well. Time will tell if SLs will finally be noticed enough for their potential to help exp go faster, and be given more party invites.

Section XII: The Alternative Leveling Guide

Get Leeched: ... lucky! D<


Section XIII: Credits and Copyright

Biri ( ) - Author, editor, myself.

Doddler skill page provided by Doddler ( )

ALSO! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, or SUGGESTIONS to what to add... you can contact me on iRO Chaos under the name ~Biri~ or attempt to find some form of contact page on
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Posted 12 April 2011 - 05:32 PM

Thanks for the advice. I've been quite frustrated since my Vit Esma SL needs to be around job 23-27 to get the best usage of Esma. I've only got enough job lvls for lvl 1 Esma right now, and finding places to earn job exp is proving to be tricky. As for Louyang, I'll try reconsidering it.
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