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Goodbye RO

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#1 Zayik


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Posted 13 August 2011 - 03:46 PM

After playing on and off since beta, I think its finally time to leave RO. I remember the good old days, running around on novices, freaking out because a rocker hit you for half your life, then proceeding to run for your life, and being splattered on the ground like what happened to me one too many times.

I remember the community that once existed on RO, lending out a hand to noobies without worrying about leveling, or time. The first time somebody taught me how to vertical firewall took him 20 minutes too. (I didn't realize he meant click one cell to the right/left of character) Haha, good old communication errors. I've met a lot of wonderful people, of all different ages and backgrounds. I even have an awesome online buddy from Texas that I met through RO and we talk all the time.

I always loved how RO felt. It was such a unique world, and there were always new ventures to explore with skill builds. There was no "best" skill build as it seems nowadays. Wizards would get agility, novices would. . . well stay novices. And the great part about that was somebody would see the little novie taking on a "big baddy monster", like a mi gao and everyone would rush to him and buff him. I remember the first time ninjas came out. I was a ninja fanatic and just a had a blast using exploding dragon and freezing spear on anything in sight. *Mantis running towards little mage using firebolt* "I think not!!!" *Freezing spear spams mantis* -Go NIANJA!!- I missed the feeling that every class on RO was important, no matter what its build, who who played it. I remember in WoE, even though my ninja was one shotted by every single sin X on the block, I still felt useful. Blaze Shield precast really made a difference and I could pester a lot of players with freezing spear. I didn't just play ninjas though. I tried all of the classes. I have played every class pre-trans, and really enjoyed them all. Although, I do have to say acolyte was a pain before they implemented sp clicks. But even then, I remember forming huge acolyte parties and running down into GH. We couldn't even share but everyone had a blast. 10 acos spamming heal on evil druids and wraiths. It was hilarious when a mimic would come, because acos would scatter everywhere, trying to live. The best part though was when one aco could tank the mimic, then all I'd see were a whole bunch of holy light cast bars. It was exciting and scary at the same time, in a sense of "/omg We just killed a mimic."

RO has been a great game ,and I hope it will be again. I do not feel the same spark that once drove me to play RO. I went into pvp on my ninja, fully geared for matk(+9 CoD w/ Katheryn Card, +8 Bazerald, and int gear, and was dealing 1 damage to every single character with freezing spear. I was lucky to do 500 with exploding dragon. I know I speak of ninjas a lot, and in reality, they were ditched and left to die a long time ago along with gunslingers. But, anyone can realize the impact that RO has taken from renewal and a variety of changes that I honestly find have ruined RO. Pre-renewal my ninja did at least 400 per lvl 3 freezing spear to most people, and that was with a +4 bazerald, and the dark knight set. It wasn't bad, but at least I could still do something. I used to go into pvp and just mess around, and if something seemed a little off regarding skill damage and how powerful/underpowered something was, people would agree/disagree and speak there mind. The communities changed though. Whenever I go into pvp, people just instantly kill me regardless of what class I played. You would not believe how many Suras have simply told me that x class sucks and that I shouldn't even play it. I've been told that same message by various people while playing my ninja, gunslinger, High wizard, Ranger, Two-Hand Sword Rune Knight, and Chaser(non-trap and not full support). I know I'm not the best player, but I can recognize when something seems a little off in a game.

I've never seen so many God Items made in one day as well. It seriously seems like God Items are being handed out. Half the server has a set of god items it seems. Kind of funny if you ask me though.

I know, its a long post, but I just wanted to recollect some great times I had to the RO community along with some of my worries about the direction that RO, regardless of their efforts, not only seems to be taking, but is going. I hope one day RO, along with the community will be able to resolve the issues RO faces today, and return it to the once vibrant world that we all grew to love. Thank you for your time.


Zayik/Ryzou/Sir Gawayne


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#2 Psychogenik


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Posted 13 August 2011 - 03:59 PM

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#3 Anchors


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Posted 13 August 2011 - 05:24 PM

Is that kind of post a significant contributor to your post count, Psych? /hmm

As another player from iRO beta way back when (what, there's a job2 now?), I've kinda been getting the same feeling. I have to say that I'm enjoying the five job3s I've reached so far, but I've only just started each, so I haven't dealt with the real grind yet. Also, I've only ever entered PvP twice and it was purely on request of a friend (but I lagged out each time and didn't go back /swt ). Never participated in iRO WoE, as it started after I left and I've just never made a character I felt qualified for it since I came back.

But since I came back in May my perception of a character who qualifies as an effective WoEer has changed from "a good player" to specific, small number of classes and builds. I know Renewal threw off a lot of the gameplay and we're still in a testing kind of mode for it (thus, all the balance topics/previews/etc), but it just seems so extreme, and, although I know drama is one of those things that spawns invariably from large scale competition, seriously, this place is a regular soap opera.

As for the lack of player interaction in-game, a number of reasons are:
- Bots. Nothing discourages interaction like simply not interacting;
- Zeny spammers. I guess these are also bots, but these things make it difficult for most newbies (who don't know about chatbox manipulation) to meet players in spots that were really meant to facilitate player interaction;
- Better exp soloing. I really like the turn-ins for this reason as it almost necessitates partying, but it's at levels where people have already become used to doing their own thing - and as such a lot of players just bring a high-leveled alt and do the killing on that character instead of joining a party. I've been in only one party since the turn ins after May started where people actually worked together instead of just operating alone near each other in order to get kill count credit. There IS a difference;
- iRO Wiki and similar. Why ask in town (where your questions are thrown off of chatboxes by zeny spammers anyway), where people generally have a moment to answer questions, when you can just check the guide? It's definitely useful for a lot of things, but, like using a walkthrough, is double-edged. Whenever someone DOES ask a question in town, a lot of players just write something akin to, "Check the iRO wiki, it's all there." On top of that, I know at least one of my friends just NEVER reads NPC dialogue while using the quest guides and misses out completely on quest stories. It doesn't help that there's no mentor system or similar encouraging interaction between high- and low-level players in-game;
- friends. There's very little punishment actually meted out to bots, much less skill abusers, KSers, and the like. The conversion to F2P and, as some say, pay-to-win certainly doesn't help, nor does real money trade (RMT) with zeny, god items, and so on such that in-game nice things don't have to be earned in-game (or, in some cases, at all) by the player.

I'm sure there are more reasons I just haven't thought of, but these were the ones most pressing to me.

I know that the GM team has been making efforts on a lot of this; it is truly appreciated, as I have posted elsewhere, and I personally haven't had any issues with other players yet where I thought discipline was necessary (bots aside). But the system is broken, and it seems like nothing our team is allowed to do is going to ever come close to completely curing the problem, possibly aside from hiring a ton of staff to micromanage the community - and that's hardly a sustainable solution in the (current) economy RO is based in.
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