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Sorcerer or AB?

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#1 PhiliaFelice


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Posted 16 August 2011 - 09:47 AM

I'm new to 3rd job and I just want to know what's the most fun class between sorc and AB? I like supporting but I would also like to be a little offensive. Is AB support fun or what?
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#2 Azyrk


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Posted 16 August 2011 - 10:31 AM

It's a too subjective to give a "Blank is funner than blank" answer. Each class can be equally fun, depending on your preference. A Sorcerer is probably going to be easier to level. The priest class relies on parties to level (unless you're a battle priest) while a Sage has an easier time soloing.
If you like being supportive and offensive, a Sorcerer might be a good choice. Everyone loves the Soul exhale move (gives/takes away SP). They can also endow peoples' weapons with an element.
I wish I could give you a more in depth analysis of a Sorcerer, but I went Warlock so I don't know much about them :handshake:
Main point is, if you go AB you will basically rely on parties for the majority of your leveling. The offensive AB skills (Judex, ME, ect) have crap damage, so it's not like you can keep hopping around demon/undead maps. A sorcerer can level pretty easily in mobby maps if it has a Soul linker slave.
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#3 PhiliaFelice


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Posted 16 August 2011 - 10:46 AM

I'm playing with friends so playing with parties wont be a problem much I'm just wondering about the end game and gameplay.
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#4 Quazera


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Posted 16 August 2011 - 11:12 AM

LOLOLOLOLOL~ personally, my experiences of playing sorc is about zero but I have many friends who do play sorc and they all say it's a very fun class to play~ Personally, I main a 150/50 FS AB so you can trust me on AB things~

So here are my opinions of my class first:

If you have a nice and active set of friends around your lvl, a guild that's nicely active or just overall good at making friends on the spot, then FS AB's are good for you. You will LOVE any sort of event especially the daily turn in events. If you aren't VIP you might like it less, but you'll still like it because you are always needed. Outside of events, because of everyones solo-ability, it might be hard to find parties by yourself because after Nogg Road, evenyone seems to solo.

Your usefullness is job level oriented but your survivability is purely base level oriented. So if you are VIP and have the option to pool your reward choose carefully.

As a FS AB you are purely party oriented to level which is why events are important. VIP makes things very much easier for you to level as well. At times, AB will seem very slow and repetitive especially at the mid levels 115-130 where you will most likely finish your BP pre reqs for secrement. When you get it tho YOU WILL LOVE THIS SKILL AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT<3. Outside of leveling, a FS AB is vital to any ET run which I find is the only think that keeps me on RO once a week. In WoE though, you are negligible...and unless you are godly geared you will die very easily when someones glares at you.

On top of that, battle and exorcism breed are rare.

For battle, you may level anywhere really if you have the right gear, you wont have much mobbing ability and it'll be difficult for you if you dont like soloing all the time. Tho with a battle build you can still have the support skills (canto, clementia, coluseo) but it may be difficult as you wont have as much SP as you would Full Support or Exorcism.
For exorcism, you'll be job level dependant since 15 levels are to obtain max adoramus and 35 levels are to obtain secrement which is VITAL if you want the long cast time of ME to disappear. Yes, you will still be using ME to mob kill level either way even if you are satisfied with your AB offensive skills. BUT because you have high dex and int you will be able to support a party with basic party buffs just as well as a FS AB, you will, however, miss out on nuch of the lauda skills, silentium and clearance if you choose to get max secrement.


For Sorcs, as I've said, I dont have much information on. As a sorc you are usefull in WoE and have decent survivability when soloing PvM. I do believe that there is a set gear setup for you to level but what makes Sorcs "easy to level" is very much based on having either 2 soul linkers or marrying one.
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#5 Anchors


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Posted 16 August 2011 - 01:15 PM

The Soul Link for the Sage class tree is for hindsight, meaning you'll be using melee a lot, which in turn means you'll need good gear. Marrying a SL (or having a SL SL you after that SL has been SLed by another SL - wait what) grants access to Kaahi, which will quick-recover damage as you take it at the cost of SP. (Check out the skill description on the iRO wiki for more details.)

A caster sorc will benefit from Kaahi, but I can tell you that at least early leveling as a sorc does not require it in the least.

I can't really say anything about endgame gameplay since I haven't reached it myself, but I can tell you a few things relevant to each route and to other posts here:
1) Battle types do require good gear, battle Sage types moreso than battle Priests (who come with their own damage prevention and damage recovery skills, just get a bit of Int and Magnificat to support them);
2) Battle ABs will solo every monster, battle Sorcs have the ability to handle some mobbing with AoE spells (from TStorm to HD to the Sorc spells) and meleeing a primary target while Free Casting/Hindsighting/Spell Fisting;
3) Caster ABs will not experience much of a change upon switching to job3 except in the massively-hiked SP costs of new spells and (hopefully) a little extra time to spam non-buffs, possibly requiring a bit better time/resources management;
4) Sorcs most likely will experience a huge change in leveling method (from single-target Double Bolting to AoE spells) unless you were already an AoE caster and went AoE (with TStorm, FW, and HD). Battle will gain Spell Fist and/or Summons/Insignias/Striking which will give the battle Sorc a lot more options. Even a FS Scholar will probably change to either AoE Sorc since the Endow spells apparently have a large effect on the AoE of corresponding element (I haven't seen this for myself, however, since I started job3 with level 5 in all the Endows but Fire which has no specific corresponding AoE Sorc spell), or remain FS but gaining Summons, Insignias, Striking, and/or Extreme Vacuum.

TL;DR (for most of this) - One consideration is that there's usually a huge change in moving from job2 to job3 on a Sorc and not so much on an AB, so keep that in mind if you tend to become stuck in your ways.
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