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Die Gilde - always looking for new faces -

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 01:08 AM

Run for your life because the Germans are coming!

Stop, wait!

Forget about it, because we are already here!!!

The Lifeform:

Stupid, crazy, totally nuts but very friendly.
Just ... German... I guess.

Why are we here?:

Why not?!

After playing on German Drago for over 2 years now and seing about everything possible in game and making a lot of friends overthere we wanted to try something new.
New Origins is new, so we are here.

Funfacts about us:

- Our guild on here is guild level 2, thanks to our soloing guild master LoopyLoop
- Our guild has 3 members in total, all three are Germans and all three play the same class they do in Germany
- We are pure PVE, we always were and always will be
- Should you ever see us in the PVP area we are doing daily quests in the way of one dancing and all others attacking
- should you encounter a flash mob dancing somewhere in game, we most likely started it
- leveling with us is like a whole new experience
- having a member of our guild in your party is like........no, you don't want to know
- our guild is growing, there are more Germans in starting position, just ready to infiltra....I mean....join your server
- the guild langugage is either German or English, or both
- we don't like/want bad language or insultings of any kind
- because of the fact we are sitting in Europe we are about 7 to 10 hours of time ahead of your time (GMT+1)

- we are totally nuts

A free cookie goes to all the ones that can read and understand our Guild name.

If you should find yourself brave or crazy enough to join our lifeform, please feel free to. We are always looking for new faces in game.
And don't be scared, we don't bite.
Okay okay.....just sometimes.

What we are looking for:

- European players
- German players
- aaand just you, if you don't mind the time difference

Any active new face level 20 or above is very welcome to find a new home in our guild. We don't mind it if you speak only english, but every German languaged player on here is very welcome to join the family too.

So if you are still sure you want to join just whisper either LoopyLoop (guild master) or Corima (second master) in game. One of us will hear your voice and let you in.
If you can't find one of us online it's maybe because of the huge time difference between our countries, we are about 7 to 10 hours ahead of you. We usually play in afternoon to early night German time (GMT+1) this means it is either morning or early afternoon/afternoon in your timezone, except you are playing from Europe too. So please keep that in mind when you want to join.
If the time difference is no problem to you, we are very happy to welcome you.

Thank you very much.
Vielen Dank.

Die Gilde
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