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Avenger General.

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Posted 12 September 2011 - 04:01 PM

Moving over my Avenger guide since I can't seem to link the original here.


Hunter skills.

High Concentration: 1
Filler point for Sniper's Coolness and Weapon Upgrade. Still keep it on macro, couldn't hurt to put on.

Sniper's Coolness: 9
Ranger and Avenger both only need 9 points in this skill to get 1.0 attack speed minimum with 65 gloves. Don't make a beginners mistake and go for 10 points!

Weapon Upgrade: 10
Nice extra 11% physical critical buff for your regular attacks.

Escaping: 9 (*10 Inducing Honey Bee / Guided trap 9)
Amazing skill, our 25/30m dash! On Avenger I only keep 9 points in it, this may change in the future though.

Uppercut: 7
Our stun skill, a life saver. Before escaping from a close range enemy try to hit them with this first, it'll give you more time to make your escape after dashing away.

Explosion Trap: 1

Filler point for guided, not the brightest crayon in the box.

Guided Trap: 1/10 (*9 if you choose this over IHB and want 10 escaping.)
Guided trap is a very nice single target trap, it'll be your decision to take either this or Inducing Honey Bee later on. I personally prefer IHB over this. I'll explain why when we get to that skill.

Capturing Low Level Monster: 1
Filler point for later goodies~

Avenger skills.

Inducing Honey Bee: 0/10 (*9 for max escaping)
Most avengers I've seen don't take this skill at all, let alone to max. Maybe I'm just crazy but I really adore this skill. The AoE is really nice decent damage as well as DOT which will help you max faster in PvP. Effects 8 targets no matter what skill level so you can play around with how many points you want to invest in this skill. I'm probably overindulging with it a bit.

Spreading Chill: 10
Very nice long and short range defense down to leave enemies up for your pets to destroy, as well as your own damage or party members.

Defense Up: 7 + 6 DNA
Great long and short range defense bonus. Adds really nice survivability to even the most ill-equipped Xenoa. DNA Gets it's biggest boost at 6, so stop there.

Detecting trap: 0
I don't see much point in this skill as what it's used as a filler for is just as useless essentially. More on that soon.

Paralysis trap: 10 + 8 DNA
The crème de la crème of traps, 6 second paralysis and damage to up to 6 targets with DNA and has a very large range. The only down side is the fact that it's got an 80% success rate, meaning sometimes the trap fails to set at all. Try to leave yourself some room for error in case this trap doesn't set. As it's a deal breaker if you're counting on it to save your life and it flops.

Capturing Middle Level Monster:

Filler point for Capturing High Level Monster, though this skill taken with DNA will allow capture of Jacob's Shrine mobs at level 68 if you're so inclined.

Chemical Bomb Firing: 7
Even more defense down for your companions to tear into a mob with. It also lowers your targets evasion. Great skill.

Eliminating trap: 0

This skill would be great if it could be used to disable raid boss traps, but it can't, so it's really pretty worthless in my opinion.

Bomb Trap: 7 + 7 DNA
Your coup de grâce, it'll really take a chunk out of your targets HP. The DNA makes the recast only 10 seconds long so you'll be able to drop bombs on your enemies like it's WW2!

Capturing High Level Monster: 4 + 4 DNA
The skill that turns Avengers into unstoppable... cowards. It gives the job some of the best soloing potential in the game.


Gear and information:
Avenger benefits most from Skill Critical %, which is what affects your traps. The FoC Schutils will be your best friend for a while to come. As for Jewelery Avenger has a wider range of choices than most jobs because you don't need to focus on physical damage jewelery so much. (You can, if you want to depend more on your Launcher but if that's the case you should go make a Ranger instead) Focus on getting your skill crit. up and possibly stacking SCAD / Mind and or Light Magic Damage, as they all effect trap damage. Don't be too shy to use knuckles, they add great stats for Avenger, (even better than most, if any, of the guns do) and you can pack quite a punch with them damage wise.

Please feel free to post if you have any alternate builds or changes to help others with.

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#2 Shottator


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Posted 13 September 2011 - 11:00 AM

Max defence and guided trap. Drop 5 dna defence.in guided recast. Whit devastation set you can cap def. Knukle is not good for avenger staff is better,only tb knukle are better than tb staff.

And for the debuff or 1 point each andmax explsive trap (PvP) or 1 the first and 7 the second (raid support)

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