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Mechanic Typos

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Posted 28 August 2010 - 03:36 PM

All of the magic gear skills refer to the armor as â??Madogearâ? Unsure if Magic Gear or Madogear is correct. Most of the skills have engrish including saying â??Consumeâ? instead of â??Consumesâ? when referring to reagent use to cast.

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New Suggested Descriptions

Remodel Mainframe
Remodel Madogear's main frame to increase it's defense and over heat limit. If Madogear takes damage too often it will become overheated and begins to take damage.

Suicidal Destruction
Makes Madogear self destructs causing huge damage in an area around it. Caster will lose Madogear and all SP will be drained. Required to have or equiped [Suicide Device]

Infrared Scan
Scan a 15x15 cell area around the caster and find hidden enemies. Decrease all enemies' flee rate by 30% if they are within skill range. (Chance of success is 50%)

Nuckle Boost (Knucle Boost?)
Trigger rocket punch by Madogear. Damages an enemy up to 11 cells away. ATK increases as caster's DEX gets higher.

Pile Bunker
Deadly drills emerged from the armor and attack enemies. Defense magics currently on the target are removed by chance. Requires [Pile Bunker] to be equipped. ATK increases as caster's STR gets higher.

Vulcan Arm
Shoot a large caliber gun that is equipped on Madogear. Consumes 1 Vulcan Bullet when used. ATK increases as caster's DEX gets higher. Range is 13 cells.

Hover (Skill Currently not working)
Madogear hovers over the ground to escape traps and other magic attacks. Requires [Hovering Booster] to be equipped. Consumes 1 Magic Gear Fuel.

Arm Cannon
Fire the cannon that is equipped on the Madogear to deal damage to the target. Damage decreases as target's size gets bigger. Damage property is changed depending on type of cannon ball used. Consumes 1 Magic Gear Fuel and 1 Cannon Ball.
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