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Guillotine Cross Skills errors/edits

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Posted 28 August 2010 - 04:38 PM

The issues found and suggestions for skill descriptions for attached screenshots.


-There are no ingredients listed for the Level 10 Poison.


-Poison_Kit is mis-labeled as Posison Kit


-â??Your spinning counter is accumulated whenever you spins, andâ?¦â?


-â??If having Antidote, can detoxify Guillotine Crossâ??s poison of the caster and 1 target.â?(Suggestion: When used, detoxifies Guillotine Crossâ??s poison from the target and the caster.)

-Also â??Anti Doteâ? should be one word.


Suggestion: If used while Poisonous Weapon is activated, creates a poisonous smoke within 5x5 cells of the caster. It has 20% chance of poisoning enemies within its range every 2 seconds. The effects of Poisoning Weapon is canceled after this skill is used.


-Suggestion: Caster has a chance of cancelling enemyâ??s melee attack when activated. When an attack is blocked, the skills Counter Slash and Weapon Crush can be used immediately after. SP is continuously consumed while it is activated. The skill can be toggled on and off by clicking the skill.<br style=""> <br style="">


-Suggestion: Weaken the enemyâ??s resistance against Poison type attacks.


-Suggestion: Divests the targetâ??s weapon. The skill can only be used after an attack is blocked using Weapon Blocking skill. The duration and success rate is increased for higher skill level.


-Suggestion: Deals damage to nearby enemies and poison the target enemy if Poisonous Weapon is activated. Poisonous Weapon effect is canceled after this skill is used.

Skill: Counter Slash

-Suggestion: Deals damage to all enemies within 3x3 cells area of the caster. The skill can only be used after an attack is blocked using Weapon Blocking skill. The damage is determined by the casters AGI stats.

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