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My christmas Event - Tickets Only, N-N-Nexttt

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Posted 30 August 2010 - 09:03 PM

For the past week I've been thinking about a quest that is fun for all, not easy to bot, and fairly easy to implement.
A lot of the nitty gritty details still need to be ironed out so I figure Id best get this stuff down on paper.

The main idea is to do different quest and events to get prize tickets and those tickets can be turned in for prizes ranging from basic/woe supplies, OCA/MCA, and even SpareCards/Orleans Gloves
(those types of items everybody yells they need to put into box events but maybe if your diligent enough you can get ONE of these before the event ends).
I want players to take a trip around the ragnarok universe, go into dungeons that nobody visits anymore, and have fun asking questions and getting help from fellow players.

Prize List
1. Paper Bag Hat
2. Purple Cowboy Hat[1]
3. Select one of the Kafra Girl headgears (will list all of those later)
4. Select one of the Homunculus headgears (even the amistr one)
5. Select one of the elemental endow headgears (ie fish hat/ imp hat)
6. Crown of Deceit[1]
7. Spare Card
8. Magestic Goat[1]
9. Valkyrja's Helm[1]

1. Skull Ring[1]
2. Cursed Hand[1]
3. Orleans's Glove[1]

1. Old Blue Box
2. Old Purple Box
3. Old Card Album
4. Master Card Album

Different categories will have separate NPCs. The higher up items will cost more tickets obviously.
Items like the Orleans Glove will be very expensive, yet still obtainable (just dont expect to be able to farm more than one during the event)

Potion Material Condensing Service
The idea of this is to put all the items needed to pot a certain item all in one box set (in sets of 100, maybe more Im not sure yet)
Items that can be bought from the store will just be charged to the user.
So for example, if you wanted a condensed white potion box, this NPC would take:
1 Ticket, 100 Starsands, and charge a fee (to cover the 1 Medicine Bowl, 1 Empty Test Tube, 1 White Potion)
and give you '1x Condensed White Potion Materials Box', that when used would give you all the items necessary to start potting 100x condensed white potions.

This will be available for all for most of the items an alchemist can create.
The idea of this is so that potters can keep a cleaner storage and hold more supplies, while also being able to pot more efficiently.
Might just get rid of the ticket cost for doing this and just charge a flat rate

Part 1. Basic Kill Count
Various NPCs are scattered throughout town asking you to kill 100 of a Certain monster. These range from low to high level monsters.

Reward X Tickets, X Base, and X Job.

These quest are not repeatable.

With the implementation of turnin quests and whatnot, many players only level on just a few maps and have never made the trek around the ragnarok universe (seriously when was the last time you went down to kill some EvilNymphs/Tengu/Tamurans?)
These turn in quest will range from going to poring island to pop some porings to killing much harder monsters like in new world
Exp reward wont be based on the monsters worth, I want it to be worthwhile doing these kill counts (ya, even the poring one).

Part 2. Quiz Time
A question will be asked and the player will be given a kill count quest for 4 different monsters.
The player will then have to go and kill the monster corresponding to the correct answer.

If the player kills ONLY the correct monster they will recieve X Tickets (and possibly some bonus exp).
lol, maybe if they guess wrong, a bomb poring will be summoned and blow up.

The quest cycles questions based on a 60 minute timer. This is so that people partying can go collect / kill the monster together.
Quest Cooldown will be 18 hours. The player may do the quest again after the 18 hours if they either finish of cancel the previous quest.

Some of the questions will be very easy for even a beginner, while others will make even seasoned players think twice

Part 3. Do as I say!
An annoying NPC will ask you to either kill one annoying monster or collect a "semi-rare" item from a monster.

Return to the NPC after killing that monster or collecting the item to recieve X Tickets (and possibly some bonus exp).

The quest cycles questions based on a 60 minute timer. This is so that people partying can go collect / kill the monster together.
Quest Cooldown will be 18 hours. The player may do the quest again after the 18 hours if they either finish of cancel the previous quest.

So ya, you know those really annoying monsters (like LeafCats,Krabens,Mimic,Anopheles,Novus,etc) Thats the type of monster this npc will ask you to kill.
The items I am thinking of are those semi-rares that are a 10% drop or less (Its the type of item you wouldnt normally sell to the store)
Im thinking maybe the Item collection might be a separate NPC alltogether

It may seem annoying to go all over the world to kill just one monster, but no need to worry.
Warper Acos will be available to various locations that deal with all 3 sections of the quest (most will get you to within a few maps of where you need to go).

Thats my idea as of now, I will add some indepth examples for parts 1-3 at a later time and also a prize list.
I have an additonal idea about mini-bosses of IceTitans, Necro, GoldDragon, Goats etc (where everybody levels these days), but they are the opposite element and do the wrong spells.
For example, an IceTitan mini-boss that is WindClass and does LoV. Since these monsters are killed so much you would expect one to evolve a resistance to their natural predators.
Also, they would give a MVP bonus of a Ticket when killed.
Was also thinking that Antonio would come back but instead of running all the time, he would charge people while spamming useless spells at everybody (AoE StoneCurse stuff like that. just to be annoying)

Ideas suggestions and comments would be helpful

v1.0 - Basic ideas
v1.1 - Added the start of the prize list - Ticket values will be added much later

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