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[Valkyrie] GR>Stealth Force Corp.

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Posted 14 October 2011 - 01:09 AM

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Basic Info:
Stealth Force Corp. is a new guild I created for Assassins/Ninjas/Gunslingers/Rogues. With the exception of one support or random class in each squad. This Guild is made up of 4 Squads with a Captain representing each one. The ranks go from Capt-->Lieut.-->1st seat of Squad(_)--> 2nd seat of Squad(_)--> and so on.

To Overthrow a Capt. or become a higher rank. you either have to have a higher lvl than someone above you or have high devotion to the guild. You can either request higher tax. or Just level up like crazy with low tax. As of now the taxes are set like this. Capt=5% Lieutenant=2% Seats=2% The reason the taxes are low for lower positions is so that they can level up faster to reach a higher lvl next to Capt & Lieutenants. Eventually I will change the tax to Capt=10% Liet.& Seat=5%. If any more rising in tax. It would be discussed later on at a meeting.

For now I'm only looking for loyal, active, and friendly members that will help each other train or fight MVP (pretty much just casual play). Eventually I hope to increase the # of members in this guild to then participate in WOE.

Misc: I do understand that Assassins and Rogues can transcend but, I am only looking for Assassins and Rogues. That way the members within that squad can train together.

-Respect Members
-Don't ask for a certain title for your position
-And just have fun :wacko:

Available Positions

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-2nd Seat of Squad 1
-3rd Seat of Squad 1
*Random Class Pos. Avail.

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-3rd Seat of Squad 2

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-2nd Seat of Squad 3
-3rd Seat of Squad 3
*Random Class Pos. Avail.

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-Captain of Squad 4
-Lieutenant of Squad 4
-1st Seat of Squad 4
-2nd Seat of Squad 4
-3rd Seat of Squad 4
*Random Class Pos. Avail.

If Interested:
Just reply on this forum. or PM on here or my in game character "Jyuno"
In game character name:
*accepting ANYONE whose active and friendly.
so don't be afraid to respond even if you're new

I'll check for response every day around noon pacific time
Thank You :wacko:

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