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about Templars / Radiants.

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#1 Sandyman


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Posted 23 October 2011 - 06:58 PM


so i like to discus the usage of the Templar / Radiant Class at FOC 49 and FOC 65.
to get this clear NOT as Damage - Dealer / build!
for this Discussion pls. focus on the Classic Heal / Supporter Build.

so what Skills could a Templar use to Support/heal there Ally:

Posted Image lesser Heal
a one target Heal Skill with 12 Cool down.

oh ya^^ thats pretty much it...
so you can use this skill one time and better pray that its a Crit heal or the Ally Member wont even notice a big different to a Pot Potion.

so if the Templar Class supposed to be the Main Healer of the Team why dear God
the Battlemage has more Heal skills / abilities then the Templar ?!

lets see the BM got:
Posted Image Wave of Healing
Heals double if targeted on oneself!
that i call a Heal skill!
ok it can`t crit and the CD is even longer then lesser heal with 17 secs.

thats not all
there is a Party HoT:
Posted Image Natural Healing
42/2 ticks /2 if your using the DNA...
with 40 sec CD not much but hey its a Party Heal.

and there is even a dispel debuff skill for the BM
Posted Image Wave of Purification
20 secs. CD

so if you compare Templar with BM
is it just me or looks the BM more like a Healer ?

k thats pretty much it.
So you could say in short if you wanna play a Healer go Foc 65...
and year there is some Point you get as a Radiant 2 more solo Heals
and 2 Party Heals and some nice Party debuff remover.

but let me say.
that can do a Mystic too!
he can clean dots and even Heal the same time with his Healing Totems / Fairy.
and the Protection Totem can Support the Team well too.
Ofc. the Radiant is more efficient i won`t denied that.
But hey...the Mystic got twice or even triple the HP.
not to mention his Blood lust Skill what is pure Awesome for the Mele and Forsaker Classes.
and he can cover himself into Fire Rain / Hellfire against Sins for some time.

so i could play a Radiant at foc 65
but only to get Scuded and Soccer kicked all the time i do a step into?
some will say "hey use Mana Shield" but whats the point if its drain empty easy after 1 crit. shoot of "Explosiv Arrow" from far behind me -.-^

so i feel a bit sad for the Healer in Foc in general
yes there still some Kickass Healers into Foc 65
but over all you see "SR" and "Druidele" and Avengers dominating the scene.

if you ask why?
try play a Healer foc 49 / 65 and tell me if its still enjoyable.
cuz. i doubt that pretty much.
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#2 Chardane


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Posted 24 October 2011 - 05:28 AM

70% of the time at FOC 65, 1 on 1, radiant should defeat sin/sr.

It's all about the buffs you take. Job2 Divine Protection and Survival Instinct should both be me maxed out with DNA.

This is an example of the buffs you should have in order:

  • Divine Protection Maxed + DNA (Total Buffs 1)
  • Mana Shield (Total Buffs 2)
  • BR (Total Buffs 3)
  • Concentration (Total buffs 4)
  • FOC 65 Armour Buffs (Total Buffs 9)
  • 3-4 Buffs Mob Drops (Total Buffs 12-13) example Accuracy, Magic Attack, HP Recovery and CON Buff
  • Other skills you may take include Invigoration, Ion Shield and Divine Protection all at level 1 (Total buffs 15-16)
  • And ofc don't forget to ask for team buffs.
You should have 2 MP pots and HP pots

What happens is as soon as you get attacked wait until 1/3 of MP is left take MP mob pot, then wait until HP starts going down remove Mana Shield and take Eximus MP pot and HP pot accordingly. A long time before you have to do all that you should have woken up, use your 10 second nerfed sleep as soon as you get the chance.

Now in saying all that my advice is drop radiant as FOC 65 toon. Since the major pointless nerfing of radiant, its a pain. I had intended to keep one of my radiants at 65 to farm FOC points but after the update FOC is XXXX for rads. In fact since update I haven't really played on my rad(s), thank you Grav.

Nerf include: Divine Protection CD form 25Sec to 1min 40Sec (ST Must be more fun now), Sleep from 16sec to 10sec, Holy Bolt Slow and to a lesser extent Restoration CD.

Trying to keep Divine Protection as first buff is a pain now, esp when their is another rad in the team. And when people ask you for def buff, you tell them wait most of the time :/
Absolutely pointless nerf. ;)

And remember Skyrim is coming out on the 11/11/11 :)
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