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raid quest and from rag to relic quest - by momosora

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Posted 24 July 2010 - 03:23 AM

This thread is for completing my king&unique list.

12 new uniques are obtainable by the same way, raid quest.
Go to oblivion temple, it is a small pyramid located at el verloon desert. talk to a npc named william there to get inside.
Once you get inside, talk to a npc named bond. she will give u this raid quest if you fulfill the requirements.
1. you need to have party
2. you need to be the party leader
3. you need to have 1 captain ruven's token. each people in party are required to have 1 token, if a person don't meet the requirement, that person will be teleported back to temple B1 right after the quest begin while the rest of party member will .
(how to get captain ruven's token? scroll down a bit if you don't know how to get it)

After you fulfill these requirement, you will need to choose rooms. there are 16 available rooms :
4 easy rooms >> visible within lvl 1 until ?
4 medium rooms >> visible within lvl ?
4 hard rooms >> visible all the time for every lvl range. at 210 mob is blue. at 200 mob is yellow.
4 expert rooms >> visible all the time for every lvl range. at 210 mob is yellow?

What is the difference between 4 easy rooms? No different at all. The place might changed a bit, but the boss is still the same.
What is the difference between easy room, medium room, hard room, expert room? As you can see, they are determined by lvl range, so it would be wise if you choose the lowest opened rooms.

Finally after you choose the room, you and your party will be warped to the quest area. run passing 2 or 3 rooms and you will see a boss.
You can tell that thing is boss because of it is bigger than the others, and it has ton of HP.
Kill that boss and you will see a chest dropped.
It will be either
paraoh's armory crate that contain 1 unique
paraoh's chest of masks that contain 1 mask

1 new unique (dual weapon : crook-flail) is obtainable by doing a quest "FROM RAG TO RELIC" from a npc named jorgus at B1 oblivion temple.
preparation : 6 broken paraoh emblem, 4 broken foreign emblem
preparation : 12 broken paraoh emblem, if you use this method, you will need to die&respawn or relog one time

how to get :
broken paraoh emblem >> function is to warp from B3 northeast to right part of B4 map, drop from stone moongate guardian and stone berserker guardian B2 right part of map
broken foreign emblem >> function is to warp from B3 south to left part of B4 map, drop from hammerhead scavenger (require 6 broken eye emblem to see this mob)
broken eye emblem >> function is to warp from B2 right part of map (go to the big statue) to left part of B3 map, drop from sand golem B3

now time for questing :
1. Go through the northeast B3 wall to get to B4 and find the shovel, Return to Jorgus
2. Go to the northeast part of B1 room, Return to Jorgus
3. Go back to the place of digging and get teleported
4. It's dark, get teleported back and talk to Jorgus
5. for this part you have 2 options :
use 6 more paraoh emblem and go back to B4, Die and respawn in current field or relog to get to right part of B4. Find the Mana Fuel (old cart) and return to Jorgus
use 4 foreign emblem and you will be teleported to right part of B4. Find the Mana Fuel (old cart) and return to Jorgus
6. Go to northeast part of B1 room again. Now you can see the room. Return to Jorgus again
7. He will prompt you to get some relics as proof. Go to the teleporter again back to the room, circling the big statue there and you will get arthificial relic. Return to Jorgus
8. Finally he will give you chest of raj'aj and some lost pirate tokens (you can sell this for 52.777 zulie at npc)

chest of raj'aj itself contain either crook-flail or other items such as wing and accesories.

there are several ways to get it :
1. buy from item mall
2. buy from people ingame (which is not a crime i believe, because you can trade it)

For doing the fate quest, first you will need the whole 5 ancient tablets. they will not be consumed, so you can either borrow friend's tablet for a minute or searching the place where it drop.
The reference for the drop list and how to do the quest would be here
After you got the 5 piece of fate, go back to william, the npc outside oblivion temple, and retrieve a fate. go inside the temple.
You can choose arua side or hebarn side now. talk to npcs which are at left top and left bottom of map (your choice)
You can not change side, so becareful.
After you choose side, now you can do the PVP groundbattle by talking to the npc again. pick the third option.
In PVP ground battle your side will need to kill 100 people of the opposing side first to win. winner get 2 ruven token, while loser get 1 ruven token.

Thx to nemrod guide, i took the quest "from rag to relic" of his and made some modification.
Thx for reading. Feedbacks are welcomed~

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