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#1 MrKisuke


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Posted 04 November 2011 - 03:47 AM

Heimdallr, Oda, and whoever else.

We get given the Super Novice Expansion, but get nothing major.
Ok, yes we go to lvl 150. But, job 50? We get :wub: skills for Melee, apart from buffs.
We need to use 10 Skill Points into Faith to get more HP, because our HP sucks.
Got loads of Wizard skills.

You take away our +2,000HP bonus when we reach 99. And our +10 stats. (Have to use 10 skills points to get +2k HP)
We get +5 hp for every level.
-10 ASPD with shield equipped.
ASPD is low even with 120 agi.
And upon reaching 150... what do we get?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
You give us Bio3 turn in for 135-150. You really think you can level a SN at Bio3? Without dying after ever other kill?
You make a balance patch for all 3rd classes, but nothing to do with SN.
We get not New name. (like Master Novice or something)
We get no new sprite.
We get no new gears.
We can't even equip trans gears with link.
We can't compete with 3rd classes that can deal 10k to 200k damage with 1 skill.
Have up to 70k HP.
Can't even PvP for fun.

I've sent Tickets in, but get no reply apart from 'Thank you for your contribution' or whatever.

Is there any way where you can seriously consider making changes to SNs?
I have a list of ideal changes that are essential to make playing an SN more fun and balanced around 3rd classes.

Thank you.
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#2 DrAzzy


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Posted 09 November 2011 - 12:49 PM

Super novice is and always has been a novelty class, not a practical or powerful class. You don't make a supernovice to be a powerhouse, you make a supernovice for the challenge, and for the novelty...

It does make sense to extend the old 99 bonus to jobchanged 150's though.
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