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Templar build pve for low lvls

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Posted 11 November 2011 - 10:17 AM

At the begining I feel sorry to start again the same thread but it seems that kuxena.com service is unavailable atm. So here comes my question. As I've never reached lvl above 40 coz game gets boring so I'm not willing to do it now either. However I'm asking you to post build for PVE/sologrind build for templar (tempest-to-be). Also please notice that I don't want to cut myself way to become a tempest in future (-_-ty build a mean over 50), but if it's necessary to lvlup alot slower to be more powerful later on - I don't care. I want to lvl up fast - that's priority. : ))
Thanks in advance
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Posted 12 November 2011 - 11:38 AM

1 point in each pewpew skill (elec bolt and charged bolt) 1 in rejuvenation and max lesser heal with siwft dna its all you need. For more defence you could get Devine Protection buff (224 def at lvl 10) Sleep is a great skill also, but i found i rarely used it in low lvls, most mobs died before they reached me. Holy bolt its a good skill, but youll get a better Slow as a tempest so i would skip it.

Important things are gears, make some +10 or better reinforced jewels with magic dmg (reinforced dura at that lvl i guess) and a +10 or better foc armor. Enchant jewels with any skill crit xeon it drops to you also and FOC armor (lvl 35) with defence. Dont waste time with lower lvl armors, youll overwrow them very fast. Also pluss the lvl 25 wand or staff as much as you can (they are easy to +30, they rarely break)

With that you shuold be able to easily solo grind in Ancient Temple and lvl up quite fast. When you become temepst you may want to switch your jewels to ones with more enchant slots and enchant them with ion mine skill crit %. Templars/Tempests are probably the easyest class to lvl, i think i got to lvl 50 in 2-3 days without premium or pet or anything, just by questing till 35 and then grinding in AT till 42-43.

I cant tell you much about tempest builds since i never lasted in that class, but 3 ground AoEs and magic dmg pasives would be your top priority to solo PvE. The buffs are good, but they are for the meles that may join your party, not for you, tempys are a magic aoe class.

Also if you want to keep it cheap till later lvls you could just use foc 25 till 65, same as dura till hope or even dreamers. I know ive done that myself several times :D
Also dont waste time colecting SL jewles, they suck.... badly

And btw... if you are not willing to get past lvl 40 why you want a build anyways?? :(

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