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Sin/Sr or Defi

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#1 Heilbutt


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Posted 24 November 2011 - 02:00 PM

Im thinking about what to play.
I just have no idea. I know defi is better in pve than sin or sr (at least i belive in what ive read already XP)
What about pvp, and what is more fun to play?
And is a Sin really that slow with leveling?
Yeah i know that are some noobie questions but im just new XP.

So tell me your opinion and advices^^

(Btw: Sry my english suck a little :\ )
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#2 Leash


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Posted 24 November 2011 - 02:35 PM

yes Defi is definitely better in pve and also very good in pvp.

Defi is = attacking alot of people at once, but you have to be sneaky - you cant just rush in or you will die rather quickly
Sin is = attacking individuals out of stealth, good to take out one or maybe two people 1 on 1 - not that good vs a group.
SR is = attacking individuals out of stealth from far away with a bow

I dont think theres much difference in leveling speed nowadays, alot of quests and xp events there for you to make. even easier if you spend some cash on a pet and xp scrolls.

In the end both classes can be deadly with high reinforced gear, but you will have to spend money on it since this game has become very item mall dependend, if you want to keep up vs the mallwhores.
Its really up to what you prefer, AoE caster or stealthy melee.
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#3 exilehunter


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Posted 24 November 2011 - 08:11 PM

i like how dominator wasnt even considered. (god please no more pet ppl. or another dami afk farmer. ugh)

defiler have the advantage of being easily partied into grinds/dungeons due to Terms of Service but their skills are very hard to use at low levels if you try to kill mutiple enemeies at once solo. high level defilers (or rather ones with maxed skills) are excellent in pvp. the class is plagued by crap HP however and only serious or extreme cash players ever get their HP armor.

Sins and SRs have a better survivability but somewhat slow in pve. Their strength is in pvp. usually only high lvl srs and sins are used in raids and such.
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#4 Sasuke21


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Posted 25 November 2011 - 12:22 AM

a domi with hp set and some scad can do damn nice too xD
my domi uses shade set 75 staff and scad ball and is freaking op when i send those pets on someone xD i dont even need atack xD
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