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Halloween Idea

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Posted 05 September 2010 - 10:31 AM

NOTICE TO THE Admins: I just noticed Creative Contraptions, if this needs to move there, feel free.

A little something before you read.
I know Halloween's closer than we think. Not sure weather or not if these suggestions have already passed, whatever, I had fun making this. Main thing I wanted to get here is to get the player physically involved with the story line. As you will read in the setup, Prontera is being taken over by probably the two most famous faces in Rune-Midgard, Baphomet and Doppelganger. This will force adventurers elsewhere in the world. (I love Judgment Day ideas) Towards the end is some ideas that I wouldn't mind getting help with, it involves all the classes. From time to time, I'm probably going to update this...many times. I'm trying to make this storyline as well put together as possible with little errors. So if you see any, please message me instead of posting in the thread. Thanks and enjoy!

Monsters (Undead/Shadow/Demon) have begun to rise up and attack Prontera on a large scale. The Priests of the Sanctuary will lead the assault, asking for help from each class' guild.

City Changes:
Prontera will now be infested with monsters. The lighting and overall appearance of the city will be "dark and bleak."
[Spawn rates are that of the same of any leveling map]
Every 4-6 hours, a random Demon/Undead/Shadow MVP will make an appearance to test the skills of those who wish to confront them. Players and Merchants will have to seek refuge indoors or neighboring cities in order to establish groups/stores.
[Great way to get the population to visit other cities and possibly making a temporary "Prontera" for vending/afking]

WoE Changes: (Optional Scenario)
The attack has even affected WoE! Just as the very first WoE, several monsters occupy the castles in hopes of forcing adventurers out.
[At the start of WoE, monsters will be in the castles waiting for those who enter. Not only do players have to run through mob after mob of enemies, but they have to worry about their rival guilds as well. At the Emperium is a random MVP; no monster will be able to drop loot]

At the very beginning, players will see how infested Prontera has become. After talking to a few guards who have stayed to fight there, you hear that most have sought refuge in Izlude. When you travel to Izlude, you are met by the Priests of the Sanctuary.
[To help, player's spawn point will be redirected elsewhere to avoid login issues]
They tell you that they are in dire need of assistance and ask you to speak to your class' guild for help.
After meeting with your class' guild, you are told that they need to start making preparations for the camps that are going to be set up.
[These camps will be stationed at 3 places in Rune-Midgard, assisting those who wish to retaliate]
Thanks to the assistance of the Sage, Wizard, Hunter, Ninja and Alchemist Guilds, a camp has been set up in Glast Heim.

----------Glast Heim---------- http://ro.amesani.or...-info/glast_01/
Glast Heim has been well known as a place of evil, and has been easily around the longest. That's where the warriors of Rune-Midgard decide to start first. Their objective here is to figure out who is behind the attacks, and why. With the help of the Sages, Wizards, and Alchemists, they were able to create a potion that will allow you to transform into a Zombie in order to infiltrate them.
After you drink the potion, the NPC warps you to the inside of the Churchyard. As you edge closer to the center cross, you witness Baphomet and Doppelganger conspiring against the inhabitants of Prontera. Here, you listen to their plans of trying to recruit the Lord of the Dead of Niffleheim and Beelzebub and the army of the dead of Nameless Island. Before you can even head to the door, your transformation fades and the 2 gang up and take you out.
[You're character gets warped back to the camp in GH]
The local scouts were able to recover and revive you. After telling the leaders of the camp site of the MVP's plans to recruit more, they send a messenger to Izlude to warn the Priests of the Sanctuary of an up rise. They recommend that they start setting up a perimeter around Niffleheim and Nameless Island to thwart them of their goal.

An NPC informs you that the attack on you was the first bullet fired in war and that you need to head to Niffleheim.

----------Niffleheim---------- http://ro.amesani.or...-info/niflheim/
As you step into the City of the Dead, you notice there are no more monsters due to the occupation of the Rogue, Assassin, Super Novice, Gunslinger, Taekwon, and Dancer/Bard Guilds. You hear from one of them that Doppelganger and Baphomet were spotted looking for something or someone in the adjacent map.
After inspecting the map you find two members of the Rogue and Dancer Guilds who are in critical condition. They tell you they were attacked by Doppelganger, Baphomet, and the Lord of the Dead. [You give them a Butterfly Wing to get to safety]
You revisit Niffleheim where you find out that the two you saw from the attack did not make it due to their injuries.
After recovering from the situation, you realize that they succeeded in recruiting the Lord of the Dead. You inform everyone there that there's no point in staying in Niffleheim, and to move out as soon as possible.
You recall that a camp has been set up on the outskirts of Nameless Island.

----------Veins Field---------- http://ro.amesani.or...info/ve_fild07/
As you approach the transporting boat to Nameless Island, you see that in fact another camp has been setup but this time by the Priest, Soul Linker, Monk, Crusader, Blacksmith and Knight Guilds.

You notice many fallen comrades around the site and demand that action be done.
[Now, all class representatives and leaders are at this camp site]
[Each class has an NPC to talk to in starting the Kill Count quest to make it more personable]
[I do realize people have to do the long quest to enter Nameless Island, so we can either allow anyone over a certain level in or give them a heads up prior to the event so they are prepared]

Kill Count: Ragged Zombie/Zombie Slaughter x50/x100/or x150
[I think this would be a great place for undead killing classes to shine]

After successfully completing the Kill Count once, you hear the Lord of the Dead, Doppelganger, and Baphomet cursing your name. After celebrating a victory, someone whispers to you to meet them somewhere else on the map.
When you see the person who has summoned you, you realize it was the same Rogue from Niffleheim who had perished. He tells you that he has been aiding the bosses this whole time. That he planned to kill off each representative, starting with the Dancer Guild, to weaken the army.
[Angered at squandering their plans, he knocks you unconscious and drags you to an unknown place]

----------Unknown Map----------
You wake up to the sight of the Rogue, Doppelganger, Baphomet, and the Lord of the Dead hovering over you.
The 3 bosses tell you they plan to kill you, recruit Beelzebub, and kill off anyone who comes across their path.
Just before they kill you, they become stunned by the Dazzler effect. You turn and see the Dancer that was killed has been brought back. Behind her is all the representatives of each class guild including the Priests from the Sanctuary.
[After a long dialogue, they all cast a spell that sends them back to their dungeons and lock them away foreverrrrrrrrrrr]

The Priests of the Sanctuary recognize that the Rogue has been possessed by Baphomet. After successfully exorcising the Rogue, he tells everyone he's sorry for doing what he did, that he had no control over his actions. Knowing the atrocities Beelzebub could inflict on the world of Rune-Midgard, the Priests of the Sanctuary ask if you will help defeat it.
[Choosing yes will allow you to turn in an optional quest that allows more experience points. Choosing no will delay if and when you decide to do it]

The Priests of the Sanctuary thank you for everything you have done and rewards you with choosing one of a class specific lower headgear.

[All lower headgears, 0 defense/account bound, Level 70 requirement]

[These headgears will only have ONE effect, I posted multiple just to get some ideas going, please share if you have any. Just remember, they have to be realistic and can't be anything like + 10 stats, full time endure, invincibility, up up down down left right left right b a, etc etc.

~Knight: [Peco Feather]
-Spear Boomerang will now have chance for the target to receive the Bleeding effect
-Two Hand Quicken adds some attack power

~Wizard: [Icicle]
-Quagmire has a low chance or locking an enemy in place
-Ignore small percentage of MDEF

~Hunter: [Robin's Arrow]
-Improved Concentration's SP consumption will be drastically reduced
-Detect causes a random status upon finding hidden enemies

~Blacksmith: [Elunium Sliver]
-Increase the duration of Adrenaline Rush/Power Thrust/Weapon Perfection
-Increase stats of Crazy Uproar

~Assassin: [Poisonous Leaf]
-Extend the range of Grimtooth
-Skills no longer cost gemstones, costs double the amount of SP

~Priest: [Holy Candle]
-Holy Light is now a "Neutral" attack and the damage is increased
-Allows the use of Awake/Beserk Potions

~Crusader: [Give me a suggestion]

~Sage: [Bookworm's Bookmark]
[Give me a suggestion]

~Bard: [Guitar Pick]
-Unchained Serenade will attack harder and more frequently
-Melody Strike has a chance to cast knockback from ranged distance

~Dancer: [Give me a suggestion]
-Hip Shaker will now drain more SP from enemies
-Slinging Arrow has a chance to cast knockback from ranged distance

~Alchemist: [Give me a suggestion]
-Increase damage of user's Homunculus
-Increase movement speed of Homunculus

~Rogue: [Shank]
-Back stab can lock enemy in place on chance for 5 secs [their back still facing you]
-Increase amount of Zeny stolen by Mug

~Monk: [Give me a suggestion]
-Spiritual Sphere Absorption's skill delay is reduced and costs no SP
-Raging Trifecta Blow's success rate is increased by 10%

~Super Novice [Give me a suggestion]
-Adds _ HP/SP
-Reduces cost of skills

~Taekwon [Give me a suggestion]

~Ninja [Give me a suggestion]

~Gunslinger [Give me a suggestion]

~Soul Linker [Give me a suggestion]

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