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New Skill Request

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 12:17 PM

I think that it should be a Topic about new skill that can fit on the diferent jobs, ff you are agree with me follow the next format:

[Job Class]
Skill name
Skill Data: (Fix-Cast, Variable-Cast, SP, Skill Tree, Etc...)
Skill Information

Why you would like to this skill on the game.

I'll be the first

Mado Gear Rebuild
Pre-requisite: Repair lvl 5, Madogear License lvl 5, Remodeled Main Frame lvl 4.
Max lvl 1
Consume 50% of your current SP
5 Seconds Fix-Cast
5 Seconds Variable-Cast
Cooldown 300 Seconds
Require XXXX Item (Sorry I'm not sure if some loots, or a new Mechanic Acc)

Well Basicly Mechanic that build around Mado Build Sufer of a lot of disavantage, not be able use BS buff or be able to heal. Even more if you are in party or an Instance Dungeon if you die you will become almost useless, so this will make you able to get a new mado.

Note 1: I hope Oda Aprove this Topic
Note 2: Sorry for my bad English
Note 3: Don't post some Random Skill that is just Imbalance, Try to fit your class needs
Note 4: Feedback are wellcome
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