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Quests to get to Mora

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#1 Drizzlegron


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 09:29 PM

I was wondering what series of quests I need to do in order to gain access to Mora and its precious Elven Arrows. People (I've noticed) have been selling them in far more expensive prices than the actual npc itself. Thank you in advance.
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#2 wotmint


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Posted 05 January 2012 - 10:46 PM


- Bifrost Field 01 has been added directly north of Splendide town.
- The new instance dungeon, Forest of Mists, has been added west of Bifrost Field 01.
- Bifrost Field 02 has been added north of Bifrost Field 01, access being granted by an NPC indicated by the blue dot shown on the mini-map.
- The town of Mora is accessible by interacting with any of the three NPCs on Bifrost Field 02 indicated by the mini-map's red dots.
Finding spore items from the instance dungeon and using them will transport the player to Bifrost Field 02.

Taken from wiki. http://ro.doddlercon..._14.1_-_Bifrost

I guessing no quest necessary for entry to mora village. Still figuring it myself.
But for interacting with those NPCs requires Ring of Wise King.

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#3 DrAzzy


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Posted 11 January 2012 - 11:34 AM

Here's how it works:

Mora can be memo'ed. If you get a warp to mora, you can use the tool dealer, quiver maker, storage (it's a vegetable-shaped drawer in the inn (upper left corner - the storage npc is named "drawer", and is up against the lower right corner of the square wall in the middle of the inn), etc.

You can also start the Raffle Researcher quest (if lvl 100+), and can use all the Mora Gear related npcs, without doing anything other than hopping a warp there.

In order to get your own means of getting to Mora, you must complete the Wandering Guardian quest - this requires being lvl 100+, and consists of doing the Hazy Forest instance (have someone who has done it take you through, it's a horrendous maze the first few times, though with practice it becomes pretty easy). You start hte instance, and talk to the person right next to the enterance in first room (first option). Then you go through the maze. Find and kill the wandering purple dragon, and then proceed to room 56 - the large flower with a portal on both edges, but no portal in the middle (if you're in a party, and haven't killed the dragon when you get to 56, just clear the room and stay there - once you go beyond, you can't get back there without going all the way back to room 29 - and wait for the party to kill the dragon). Once the dragon is killed, npcs will appear there, talk to them, then bwing out and make your way to Mora, and talk to them in the upper left of the mora inn, and they will give you the Pendant of Guardian, which gives you the ability to teleport to Mora when wearing it ("Call of Guardian - note that the skill desc is mixed up with Odin's Power - it doesn't actually give that buff).

Be sure to pick some Mysterious Seeds (you get them talking to mysterious flowers on the flower rooms) - when you use them, you are teleported to the upper left of the map outside the enterance to hazy forest, and talking to the shadow there will let you use another seed to teleport to the field outside mora. It's easier to get there by getting a warp, but that's how the first people got to mora.

Once you've done that quest, you can also start Lope and Erudi quest and do the Mora Daily quests.
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