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Sorcerer Skill Build

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#1 senn1n


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Posted 01 January 2012 - 09:28 AM

So this is my first future sorc's planned skill build: (PVE)
sorc build 01 - himeyasha sim

Alternative Build (higher endows, no fiberlock/dragonology)
Alt Build

1) I only based this roughly on what sorcs I see around usually cast (pvm/pvp/woe). I wanted to get Striking but i dont have enough points. Im am not too familiar as to what Insignia is the best but I only got lvl 2 Wind (seeing how I might use Ventus mostly for cast reduction).

2) As for the mage skills, Safety Wall is probably the only thing I will use. I am not even sure about Fire Wall but I maxed it anyways. As for 3 points left over; I don't know where to put them (Frost Diver and Stone Curse seem underused).

3) As for the scholar skills, I need to confirm if Fiber Lock is still worth getting given that I will have Extreme Vacuum (thus save points and max some endows/dragonology for more AoE damage?).

4) Is maxed Magnetic Earth a must? I would like to help out on MvP/WoE/Instances and such.

Basically I would like to know if there are any skills that I missed/excellent or not worth getting/maxing. I will modify my build if I must (trying to waste as little points as possible). Comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated; Thank you in advance. =)

Edit: Is there specialized leveling builds?

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#2 TheSquishy


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 12:05 AM

There are a lot of problem with your skill build and I really don't wanna write paragraphs nit picking your
build apart so, recommendations.

1)Make a scholar, go play it a lot. You need to get a feel of what your skills do so can decide what kinda
sorc you eventually want to be. You skill points are all over the place with a ton of waste. Some more pvm time
will help you focus. And please go read the wikiand learn what skills do. Some of your choices it's obvious you don't know how the skill works.

2)Decide what type of sorc you want to be and what stats you are going to have. You skills should compliment the
stat build you choose. Are you a DPS caster, a disabling supporter, a summoner, a spellfister?
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#3 senn1n


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 01:34 AM

I do play a lot on my scholar mostly as bolter/support. I used to be hindsight sage.

I did read the wiki extensively and observed the skills' usage in game(WoE,PvM,PvP) before making the skill build.
I will be getting rid of the bolts once I get the AoE sorc spells.

Build is mainly INT/DEX/VIT rest to LUK.
I'm leaning towards a DPS caster(+ some support) that can do well in PvE.

Some of the dilemma I'm most concerned basically are:
- fiber lock (since renewal seems to have become underused)
- dragonology 5 (extra 3 int but more points wasted on study (4more)).
- leftover points (may not matter much, but I just want to allocate them on the skills with more worth)
- I see sorcs that do striking+AoE spells, arrulo+AoE spells, and a lot do have summons. I'm just wondering which combinations work the best overall/PvE. I might forget about stiking though and go with arrulo/AoE/summon/support.

I'm just an average/casual player who was used to those "cookie cutter" builds pre-renewal. I guess with the many new 3rd class skills, there's is more variation now? I want to be careful on what skill build I use since I'm not able to afford numerous skill resets later on.
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#4 TheSquishy


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 03:31 PM

For a DPS caster/supporter you stats you want

VIT 100
INT 120
DEX 100

For skills lets start from the ground up, find yourself a mentor on your server that is willing to let you
tag along for things like ET so you can see what a sorc is really capable of.

I'm just going to highlight what to avoid. Sorc skill tree is pretty intense and not really friendly to a casual
player looking to jump into the class.

Skills to Avoid...

Mage 50
Fireball/Firewall-super don't need

Scholar 70
Not maxing complimentary endows. Right now in your skills you aren't matching up endows and skills they boost
properly. You have to pick a secondary AOE and then pick its corresponding endow to max.
Endow Tsunami with Diamond Dust
Endow Tornado for V. Spear
Endow Quake for Earth Grave.
These spells have their damage multiplied by the endow level.
Maxing Increase SP recovery-you can indulge and you aren't going full support.

Sorcerer 50
Firewalk-cuz it's poopy
Electric Walk-also poopy
Call Tera-Useless summon is useless, but Earth insignia is spiffy. sometimes you gotta make hard choices.
Max Spirit Sympathy-does nothing to keep your summons alive longer
Analayze Elementlv2-NPC does it better, just get the pre-req out the way and that is all.
Elemental Action-Useless

There are some skills that are debatable and you'll have to decide what you need.

For your consideration...

Mage 50
Stone curse/Frost Driver-both now with success rates influence by MDef making them now PvP and WoE viable.
It's possible to give up a few levels in safety wall to max both. At a minimum take stone curse.

Scholar 70
Free Cast 10-This really depends on your personal preference. I party a lot and do a lot of casting on the run.
Coupled with the aspd (since my sorc is a fister), It's very practical for me to have Freecast maxed. If you intend to
PvP a lot, you need it maxed to keep them suras from closing the distance since your AOEs aren't as big as a Warlocks.
Foresight The more dex you have in your build, the less you need it.
Double Bolt I still find occasional to double bolt things I have fiberlocked and have opted to keep it.
you may decide to ditch all of your bolt spells in which case you won't need double bolt.
Dragonlogy 5 You get 3 int from it. And sorc spells use int as multiple it their equations.
Fiber Lock Fiber Lock makes you win in a lot of situations but some find the big skill point investment not worth it.
Soul Siphon This skill is a lot of fun, but it's for those serious into the pvp situation.
Mind Breaker Another skill that many find not worth the point investment.

Sorcerer 50
Extreme Vacuum If you WoE a lot get it, other wise don't bother.
Sriking Really need endows behind it to make the most of it.
Call Agni/Aqua Both are useful for casters for their elemental pwave alone.
Aurullo not 100% chance anymore, but still useful for the woE crowd.
Insignias Great for pvp/mvp but require a signifigant investment in skill points.
Killing cloud Useful for its element primarily against the WoE crowd, but I do know people
than MvP assist with it.

Decide what you want to be good at, and stick with it.

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#5 Anko


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 05:56 PM

I think you had a build and then adjusted it by getting rid of some kills but you did not remove the pre-reqs eg. hindsight 1 and freecast are in your build.

Also i would prefer to make a levelling build and then reset to a final build after so you can focus.

For woe/pvp and serious mvping dispell should be maxed.

For levelling i would get spirit cure.

You also seem to want to do everything eg. getting hd 5 only to get killing cloud 1. Seems like a waste to me.
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#6 senn1n


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 04:56 AM

Thank you very much for the comments.
And so, I remade my build:
reworked sorc build

The main skills would be:

- Safety Wall 10, Frost Diver 10, Stone Curse 8 (reason I maxed FD over SC is because of 65% base success compared to SC 10 at 60%)

- Indulge 5 (will try to solo Kaahi from time to time besides the turn-in quests)
- Dragonology 5
- Support Skills (Endows, Soul Exhale, Magnetic Earth)
- Blinding Mist (+ SW)
- Spell Break and Dispell

- The AoE spells I choose to specialize are: Psychic Wave, Diamond Dust, and Earth Grave - also maxed their respective Endows
- Agni (for fire PW)
- Aqua (for MAtk)
- Ventus (for cast time reduc) - I heard Sorcs can reach "instant" cast? I will just have around 100 base DEX though so not sure if I could even reach "fast" casts
- Spirit Cure (for leveling)
- Wind Insignia (+ Ventus on Wind Curtain)
- Arullo/Extreme Vacuum as disables (WoE/PvP)

I still have Foresight since I'm not sure if DEX alone can produce satisfying cast times (average player like me = average gear). If I do remove it later on (also remove Hindsight 1 prereq), I'm just thinking of maxing Magnetic Earth (does the area size really matter?). I will be using Arullo/EV instead of Fiber Lock (so I can max Dragonology). I'm fine with Freecast 5 at the moment and for Dispell 2, can't I just recast it if it fails? If I ever go MvP/WoE I would always be alongside my mates/avoid attention/stay behind so I can recast support skills if they do fail.

Again, thank you very much! I hope my build improved a lot and got rid of some discrepancies.

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#7 TheSquishy


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 12:00 PM

I think this will definitely give you the performance you want from your sorcerer.

Kaahi leveling on a sorc is very easy once you get the hang of it.
Even easier if you have a linker sturdier enough to auto-follow you.

Well, I hope it works out for you and try to pick up a staff of bordeaux if you don't already have a TSoD,etc.
It's a great budget staff.
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#8 senn1n


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 01:35 PM

Thanks Squishy and Anko! You greatly helped. /no1
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#9 Anko


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Posted 05 January 2012 - 06:08 AM

You're welcome. I'd also agree with squishy on the staff of bordeaux, i 150'd with mine.

If you are casting dispell, it is probably urgent. In all the years i've never skimped on that. But it is something you can worry about when you are 150.
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