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Another solution for the Jugger problem

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Posted 04 January 2012 - 03:56 AM

Some of the ideas i saw until now are:

-Make Secret Temple to be instanced.
-Make one or a few instances inside the Secret Temple, in which Jugger spawns.
-Make an extra Jugger to spawn in the Treassure Dungeon (like Robot Guard and Plugger in S1).

My new idea is to make Selena (the Ioxenic Researcher npc at the entrance of Secret Temple) give a new repeteable quest (could be daily) that ask to kill a few mobs and give a key as reward. This key would let the players to summon Jugger at a special altar inside Secret Temple. This altar would be located in many places inside Secret Temple, to lower the risk of people camping those places to ks the boss when is summoned. The current Juggers would still spawn normally as they do now.

The quest could said something like: "I hear you were searching for the ruller of the Temple. Its hard to find but i hear from other researchers that if you offer the hearts of xx mobs, Jugger will come to eat them and you will be able to fight it."

This idea could help a lot with the respawn problem, since add more juggers or reduce the respawn time wouldnt really solve the problem, bcs the people that farm it, would farm it even more, and they have the adventage of know when it died the last time. This idea also would promote people to go in bigger parties, since each party member would have 1 key.
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