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Pot Help?

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#1 MajinHank


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Posted 06 January 2012 - 04:28 PM

I don't know why this happens, but sometimes when I really need to spam novice pot to train my merchant. It doesn't spam fast enough and the Poison Spores end up butt-raping me until I'm on the grass with my ass bleeding. Sometimes it goes fast, other times it doesn't. Is this lag or some type of bug? I can spam even when I have three tabs open on Google Chrome, and sometimes I can't spam fast enough even though my browser isn't even open.
Now for the second question, is there a type of pot that is affordable. My assassin grew out of novice pots and I need a new type of potion. Yellows and Whites are definitely out since my budget is barely 80k. What do I use?

Thanks to all those who help,
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#2 Rozelle


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Posted 07 January 2012 - 08:44 AM

I've found that it depends on how you hit the key. There's a certain pattern and certain timing to spamming the potions that makes it go really fast, you just have to figure it out and master it.
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#3 morphine


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Posted 07 January 2012 - 04:39 PM

The metaphor was pretty unnecessary... xP

Sometimes lag can affect potion-usage, not necessarily the computer, but the connection.

Ah, I'm sure there used to be a page for healing vs. cost comparisons but I can't seem to find it now. Meat or something should be alright for low levels, though using as few potions as you can helps when the budget is tight. I'd recommend getting equipment that drops recovery items, but that should probably wait until you've made... well, more than 80k. For now, try to level in places where things can't hit you as much. The ideal "10 levels above you" sweet spot can sometimes be draining on supplies. Also try to level in places where the monsters drop lots of recovery items or loot that sells for enough to cover expenses. Obviously maps with passive enemies will mean you can sit and rest and you won't get mobbed and have to spam pots. Have you tried somewhere like Toy Factory?
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#4 KataiKou


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Posted 09 January 2012 - 09:57 AM

I sort of get this same problem, so it's not you. It makes potting kind of unreliable as a safety mechanism. You basically have to stop potting for a second, then start up again, and there's a chance it'll go fast.
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#5 DrAzzy


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Posted 11 January 2012 - 11:06 AM

There are two speeds you can pot at - fast, and slow. It's just reflexes and practice to get the good potting speed (and we all screw up occasionally*) - generally, you shouldn't be in a position where you need to get the good potting speed in order to survive. On low level characters, it's inevitable, especially with novice pots. But that's only a temporary thing.

If you've only got 80k, I suspect you are selling things to the npc that you should be selling to other players. Have you looked around at buy shops? Are you checking common drops on ragial? A lot of stuff that sounds really boring and drops alot can be sold to players for 5 times as much (or more) to other players. Skel bones? Those go for 1k each, cause there's a genetic skill that lets you brew alcohol with them**. Food ingredients? double digit thousands. Elu, Ori, and the rough versions of both are worth something (exactly how much depends on the server - Ori is 30-40k on Valk, 175k on Ymir, etc). And so on.

ragial.com to check prices, db.irowiki.org to look up what drops what.

As for the efficient potions...

Reds heal as much as 2 novice potions. Meat is cheaper, but heavier, than red potions. Orange pots are also a good bargain, in terms of price/heal, if you need to carry more healing, and get healed for more per keypress than oranges. Yellows are never a good deal (the cost/heal is almost as high as whites, but they're almost the same weight). When the weight of orange pots gets too much, if the heal/keypress is still okay, switch to Fresh Fish, which aren't much more expensive per heal than orange potions, but have a heal/weight better than whites. The Bifrosts sold in mora are notable too - good heal/weight and heal/zeny (not as good as fresh fish), but they're not as tiny as fish, so you can pot faster with them.
Of course, you can't really use fresh fish or other bargain heals forever - eventually you need to heal more per keypress, and switch to whites, and from there to ranked slim whites (or, since you'll be over lvl 100 by then, the new Raffle Saps - which are lvl 100+ only healing items that heal a lot of hp, fairly cheaply, but have a 1-3 second cooldown on them)

* Hell, last night I dropped during a Hazy instance because I got stuck in slow potting mode when it did EQ - I forgot my ghost armor, so it did about 63k damage, in 3 hits about 1/2 or 1/3rd of a second apart, and I only have 49k max hp - I can live it (with black hp bar) if I get the fast potting speed. But I didn't - cost me 10 kafra points (for a seigfried token), which is entirely more than the single measly OPB I got out of it was worth.

** You say it doesn't make sense? To brew alcohol from skel bones and orc vouchers? Why don't you go down into the morroc desert, and ask the giant, frying pan wielding, sunny-side-up fried eggs called "magnolias" about this game making sense....
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