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[Ymir] Participants needed to help me kill Fallen Bishop

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Posted 09 September 2010 - 05:05 PM

Hello, I'm looking for members to help me attempt the feat of killing the Fallen Bishop MVP alone. I plan to use the Summoner Event to summon the MVP, and I'd like to do it sometime this Saturday 11th. I will determine the time slot based on availability of the volunteers.

Oh, if there's also someone willing to make a video recording of this feat, I'll fork out zeny as thanks too. :)

FALLEN BISHOP HIBRAM MVP - the Mastersmith Method

A short summary, about two years ago I came across a YouTube video of a Mastersmith successfully MVPing the Fallen Bishop (WITHOUT god items, btw). Ever since then, I've always been interested in attempting that feat. I once gave it a trial run during the last Summoner Event, but we had several mishaps and ultimately ended in failure because of time limit. But that run DID prove that the method I saw in the YT video to be feasible.

But this time the Summoner Event has longer time limit (9 minutes), I want to give it another run. So I'm looking for some players willing to help me accoplish the feat. Of course, there's going to be some significant expenses inccured so I intend to distribute hp/sp recovery items for those participating so they won't waste theirs. I've got plently of Kmastela fruits, slims, SP items to distribute to those willing to help me.

I'm looking for the following members to assist me:

2 High Priests - One to keep the Pally alive at all costs, and other HP to keep everybody else buffed and healed.

1 Paladin with Sacrifice - for Sacrifice skill. :)

1 Scholar - Magnetic Earth and ...SP SP SP SP SP SP!

1 Linker - with Blacksmith link (MUST)

I'm not sure, but a stringing minstrel may help the supporting party. I won't object to having a third HP if necessary to reduce the workload of everybody.

Originally, in the video, there was only one HP, one Scholar, and one Paladin with the MS, but I figured that having a 2nd HP will help reduce the main HP's workload, while a linker with AAR will help boost MS's aspd since he will be using Excoriser.

Set up is VERY important...

When just before the MS confronts the Bishop, ME must be cast under them to prevent area spells such as Grand Cross and Dark Cross. Everyone else should be outside ME, in Pneu to block Bishiop's other area effect skills. The MS must be sac'd, as Bishop apparently inflicts critical wounds; this will make it easier for HP to heal the Paladin (instead of the MS). Although Hell's Judgment can still inflict damage on the MS so he'll need to be healed as well. Everyone must have assu on (as Bishop HURTS a lot, as well as Banshees), and Smith must be endowed with Asperio (as it increases damage a LOT on the Bishop).

From the start, the Mastersmith will be using HSCR all the way to deal just over 9k damage per hit. The scholar will need to constantly refill his sp due to the fact that it consumes a lot of SP. Weapon Perfection will have to be recast frequently, along with Cart Boost. When the Bishop inflicts curse via HJ, the damage will drop to 7.5k-ish so don't freak out if happens. I'll bring plently of green pots to take care of that.

In the meanwhile, the Paladin must keep the sac going, soaking up the damage MS recieves.

THe first HP keeps the Paladin alive (if he/she is good enough, he/she may help reduce the 2nd HP's workload) while the second HP keeps everybody alive and keep buffs up. Keep Pneu going (otherwise Hell's Judgement will hurt), and reapply Assu whenever necessary. If MS's asperio runs out, reapply it please.

The scholar just keeps filling everybody's SP, naturally. :o

For those interested, the gear my Mastersmith will be using will be:
Bathory Armor (to block dark attacks from Banshee and Bishop)
Kahli shield
Excoriser (pierces def of demon monsters)
Immune Nyd
Bloodied Shackle Ball + Shackle combo, with the free accessory slot using MoH.
(if you have any recommendations gear-wise, let me know)

If things going well, my MS should be able to kill the Bishop in about 3-4 minutes.

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering... it'll probably cost me around 600-700k to kill the Bishop. LOL.
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