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Probably repetitive question... (Scout)

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#1 Drewbee


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Posted 24 July 2010 - 08:08 PM

Hey everyone I just got back from a long break and currently I have a level 160 scout... I was wondering what main things I should work on, and what I should mainly focus on i.e Attack power, Dodge, Accuracy... Stuff like that and also what kind of jewelry and gem set I should get for pvp... Im also wondering if scouts are worthwhile in pvp, thanks!
(Also I heard sense and crit arent very useful right now, is this true?)
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#2 idiopathic


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Posted 25 July 2010 - 12:26 PM

1.) You'll probably want Accuracy and Attack Power most. Then dodge, but only since a decent amount of it with the DEX you use for attack power (+Quick Reflexes skill).
2.) You'll be getting attack power from DEX and CON so you might want to focus on those 2 to get your power and accuracy up.
3.) In the current system, scouts have some very good skills:
<a.> a Long-ranged Stun (a stun is very powerful in the current PvP system)
- Stun Arrow as a Hawker
- Impact Arrow as a Scout, when you've got enough SPs
<b.> a strong Long-ranged Poison skill (also good in PvP now), Poison Arrow
<c.> a Long-ranged Mspd down+Dodge down skill: Entangling Arrow (it has less prerequisites now, it only requires a certain level of Adv. Bow Mastery)
<d.> a Long-ranged Reliable Magic Attack: Phoenix Arrow (also has less pre-reqs now.)
- Range is always helpful
- Reliable attacks will ensure that you damage your target even if they dodge the shot (for less damage if it's dodged)
- Most targets will usually have lower Mdef than Def
<e.> Cammouflage, which is useful for removing de-buffs, running away, and MAYBE doing ambushes
<f.> a Long-ranged Reliable weapon attack (Aimed Triple Arrow), and a Short-ranged Reliable Weapon attack (Point Blank Arrow)
<g.> a good skill for running away (Rapid Twitch)
<h.> a detect skill (Second Sight)
4.) Note that all that i've mentioned so far adds up to you being good at one thing: hit-and-run tactics aka fighting-like-a-coward. This may be bad for those duel-type 1-on-1 Training Ground PvPs where players try to enforce some kind of honor system/guidelines/rules. But it is very useful for union wars, PvP world areas (DoD, Forgotten Temple, Ruins), and possibly clan wars if re-implemented.
Some other character classes have multiple stun skills, and others use a lethal combo of poison, burn and sleep skills, so most players probably won't mind a scout using "hit-and-run tactics."
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#3 Drewbee


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Posted 25 July 2010 - 04:27 PM

COOL! This was incredibly helpful, I was wondering what about attack speed? Should i use attack power over attack speed?
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#4 Voodoo


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Posted 25 July 2010 - 06:02 PM

Since they changed the attack speed states to a percentage the attack speed build kind of went kaput in my opinion.
Maybe if you get full P7 gear it might be viable.
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