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Gun Bourgeois skills help needed ^^

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#1 FistukZ


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Posted 13 March 2012 - 06:54 AM

Hi guys,

I am a new Bourgeois, using Gun build with dex and con.

I need some help with some skills i am not sure about, I will write them with my question for each, and hopefully anyone could help me out :)

Summon Dread Knight : well, the 2x hunters seems like great DPS, is this guy good for bosses or anything? why should i lvl up it?

Sniping - most of the gun bourg skills requires sniping lvl 9.. i guess its a mmust but what u think? and if i lvl it up, will it be usefull at lvl 100+ too?

Zullie Storm, Zullie Bolt, Zullie Stun, Toxic Shot - I have no idea about any of them.. need help about uses for each, levels, and if i should skip any.

Reflect Aura - seems kinda useless to me, but i might be wrong.. what you guys think?

the rest is easy to handle..

I do need some help about what skills i should lvl up first and what should i focus more... i got like 15 SP left after lvling my dodge and atk power buffs..

- what will be my main atk skills?
- is the aoe usefull (Zullie Storm)?
- what should i leave for later levels and what should i rush for now at the begining of lvl 100?
- about the Merchendizing, how importent is it if im not crafting yet? lvl it up later? or now?

Yeah i know its alot of mess and questions.. but this is my first character here, and i do wanna make it good as much as possible, need someone who can make some order in my head, and seems the people in the game are too busy to help most of the time :(

Thank you!
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#2 Graziano


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Posted 13 March 2012 - 08:00 AM


well first ppl prefer battle arti over gunbourg since a battle arti has more passives over a gunbourg.

For ur questions.
Dread knight - Over time this summon will be more succesfull in suppoting u in battles cause the hunters will die to easaly. This summon auto aoe when he is under attack by 2 or more mobs.
Sniping - The skill itself will lose power when u get higher lvl but its a skill u have to learn to get better skills.
Zulie storm - aoe that requires zullie, helpfull in supporting in aoe. For pvp it has a nice accu down if im right about that.
Zulie bolt - not very special, a skill which requires zulie to use without any side effects
Zulie stun - good for stunning ur opponant. Nice for pvp
Toxic shot - poisoning ur enemies, usefull when fighting bosses and for pvp.
Reflect aura - reflects some of the dmg u get from ur opponants. Nice for pvp.

- what will be my main atk skills?
Toxic shot and zulie stun will be the 2 most important for pvp
- is the aoe usefull (Zullie Storm)?
Usefull supporting ur pt or allies.
- what should i leave for later levels and what should i rush for now at the begining of lvl 100?
Zulie storm, toxic shot are nice skills to either fight bosses (poisoning the boss) or when u go lvl with a pt (zullie storm for aoe)
- about the Merchendizing, how importent is it if im not crafting yet? lvl it up later? or now?
Some skills give a minor advantage over ur stats, sen for crit, con for accu, ap and (low) crit. U wont notice much difference so u can leave those skills for later.
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#3 Oerba


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Posted 13 March 2012 - 08:52 AM

Personally I much prefer a Gun bourg over a battle artisan for the pure fact that it is capable of farming more efficiently when levelling up or not.

As a first class to have, I feel that it is a suitable choice to generate funds.

My view on the Gun bourgeois is different than Graziano's suggestion, which makes the game having more of a variety.

Summon Dread Knight: Personally I think you should avoid this until after you have levelled up the skills that are beneficial to your class.

Sniping: The skills is a pre-requisite to access the more advanced skills for the Gun bourgeois.

Zulie Bolt: From my point of view, the skill in itself isn't that great in general, however it does do sufficient damage against low defence class players and it is reliable. (So it's also effective against High Dodge opponents)

Zulie Storm: The skill is more of a backup AoE, although it may hit hard, the Gun Bourg only has this AoE which has a long cooldown. If you're farming low level areas with a medal, this skill is particularly useful.

Zulie Stun: The only Stun skill that the class has (aside from the grenade), this is required if you're going to PvP scenarios such as Union War.

Toxic Shot: A very helpful skill as this will constantly drain the target's HP, effective in the long run in particular with boss classes. In PvP scenarios it is helpful as a supporting skill.

Reflect Aura: The skill in my opinion is very useful in PvP situations, however it does require timing to use it efficiently as the duration is about 60 seconds. The only downside is a bourgeois in general have a low damage threshold, so the damage reflected is only proportional.

Merchandising: One of the two skills that make the Bourgeois at present, it increases what you sell to the NPC by 30% more. (e.g if you sell something to an NPC which totals 10m on one character, the bourg will get 13m total).

Stockpile: This is the reason why the bourgeois is how it is. The skill effectively adds +1 drop to drops that are stackable (weapons, dirties, armors are always 1), so the items which are possible you will never get a +1 drop and will max at (10) instead of the usual (9). For example if you kill and receive an Aplysia Medallion, you are guaranteed to get (2) minimum.
Not saying that you will but there is always a chance to get very nice (10) drops. It is possible to get for example Lisent Au (10), although the odds are slim, it's only possible with the Bourgeois.

Attacking Skills: They are generally Toxic Shot, Sniping, Zulie Stun, Concussion Grenade, possibly Zulie Bolt and Zulie Storm. The other damage comes from regular attacks from range.

Levelling Up:

When levelling up to 100 the skills to get are:

Salesman Gait (required to get offensive buffs)
Intensify Weapon
Backpack Mastery
Discount (you can get this later if you would like to save skill points early on)

Sub-Item Research (you can get this much much later, even after 200 as it is only required to get access to +30 Movement Speed)
Alchemy Research (only get this and Alchemy Craft if you want to craft your own grenades)
Alchemy Craft

Tough Gunner
Trigger Finger
Weapon Expertise
Light Step (optional, leave it unless you want to get Illusion or Wind Step)

After that just save your skill points until you have access to the Bourgeois tree.
Keep in mind it's best to max out your weapon mastery first before skills as the melee damage outputs more efficiently than skilling.


Ace Gunner
Veteran Sniper
Merchandising (Can get this later on)
Stockpile (Get this early on to have access to a better amount of drops)
Zulie Bolt
Zulie Stun
Zulie Storm
Toxic Shot
Reflect Aura
Third Eye (+1 minimum, maxing this is your choice)
Illusion (optional)
Wind Step (optional)
Weapon Argument (optional)

The optional skills are due to the reason that if you are playing with a cleric, their buffs are much more efficient.
If that is the case, it is possible to get the summon skills as an alternative.


This is a very difficult part to discuss.
The only choices available are either CON, DEX, SEN, being CON the most important to SEN being the least in terms of raw damage output.

As a Dealer the main stat is CON, so it generates the most attack power (and accuracy) but in all the stats depends on how you play.

If you focus on more skill power, then CON, DEX, SEN in that ratio of 3:2:1 to 3:2 for pure skill power damage as a guide.

For more raw melee damage then CON, SEN and possible no DEX or little, again in a ratio of 3:2:1 to 3:2:0 depending what suits your style.
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#4 FistukZ


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Posted 13 March 2012 - 09:58 PM

Thanks alot for the help and the time guys, The answers where even better and faster than i expected and was really hard to find a good guide for Gun bourg thats not from 2008 hehe..

Oerba, me and my gf that using Scout were asking for help with the same user here yesterday, and you posted 2 great guides for each of us, thanks alot and keep that way :)
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#5 Oerba


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Posted 14 March 2012 - 05:27 AM

That's absolutely fine.
If you want further information or there are things you are not sure upon, do ask.

Just keep in mind that at times the guides get out-dated rather quickly when new content approaches.
Gun Bourgeois in general, well Bourgeois' in general have been on a serious decline, because they do lack the overall skills/power to even compete with other classes.
Which could be the reason why the guides for the class haven't been said as much.
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